CGRundertow SAN FRANCISCO RUSH: EXTREME RACING for Nintendo 64 Video Game Review

CGRundertow SAN FRANCISCO RUSH: EXTREME RACING for Nintendo 64 Video Game Review

Arcade racers will always be classic. Just
the lack of realism and the gameplay designed for just a single goal, and that is fun. There
will always be a place in my heart and in my game system for a great arcade racer. And
one of the classic of the genre is San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing. A game that started
its life in the arcade and fully matured in the kind and nurturing care of the Nintendo
64. As stated, San Francisco Rush is an arcade
racer. Racing is all about speed and making it to the next checkpoint before the time
runs out. This incorporates elements of both the arcade version of San Francisco Rush and
the sequel The Rock: Alcatraz Edition. The game starts with six tracks available with
more having to be unlocked. But each track can be run either forward or reverse, which
practically doubles the track count. Each one comes with a difficulty level, either
easy, medium or hard. And each one takes advantage of San Francisco’s unique geography with
tight turns and hills that cause your car to get get some serious air. After you select
your course, you have to choose a car, with those coming with different difficulties,
either beginner, advanced, expert, or extreme, which comes with its own warning. There are three different ways to race, either
practice mode, a single race or a circuit, where you go through a series of tracks. And
all of these can be played with a friend with local multiplayer. The game also has some
creative ways of adding more to the game. There are secret keys hidden in the tracks,
where if you collect them you can unlock new vehicles. The game is very fast and will have
you coming back to try to shave a couple seconds off your saved best time. And all of this plays well with some responsive
controls. There really isn’t much here to learn. You can accelerate, brake and gear
shift. There is a reset button if you get stuck too. But the controls go very well with
the racing. Your car will respond well, allowing you to perform some tight turns with relative
ease. Which is good, because the tracks can be quite challenging, with some very tight
corners and jumps that need to be lined up perfectly. If you are looking for an arcade racer for
your N64 that will be sure to give you a thrill, there are few options better than this. With
tight controls and great tracks, it will be sure to give you the rush you crave.

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  1. While this game is pretty fun and trying to find the alternate routes is sweet the biggest flaw is the horrible turning radius. I have played a lot of racers in my 30+ years gaming and these cars are some of the hardest to turn from what I remember. Also I highly recommend Beetle Adventure Racing for a similar experience.

  2. this is my favourite CAR racing game of all time that just has cars, I LOVE the stunt track and the physics are so awesome, it's like gravity is so low on this game and is so fun to jump and flip around

  3. I still have my cart for this game. What I loved most (as a young teenager) was the freedom to set up elaborate crashes that sent the car flying hundreds of feet flipping in the air with the cockpit view

  4. The Rush games were absolutely a blast to play. I still play Rush 2 now and then just to screw around on the stunt track. The games are seriously challenging and you never race a track the same way twice… ever.

  5. I cant think of any other game that shaped me more into the gamer I am today. People may have their game that totally changed their outlook on gaming during this era, like Mario 64, Zelda OoT, Metal Gear Solid, etc. For me though, this was that game. I was 5 years old when I first played this on the christmas that we got our N64 back in 1997. It was so simple to play, and for 5 year old me who was easily intimidated by video games, this was my gateway drug into gaming. Thank you Rush.

  6. i still have this game and was my first game on n64 with super mario 64 and this game is just awesome and is still fun to me love the music

  7. This game, for me, wasn't about the racing as much as it was for intentional breaking the physics engine and making your car explode in absolutely hilarious ways.

    Anyone remember the killer trees? half of them you could knock down, some you'd just pass through… and then there'd be SOME that would just lift your car off the ground at blow it up in a glitch-tasctical manner

  8. instead of this races in SAN FRANCISCO,you can do the races of san fiero (gta version of SAN FRANCISCO) that cesar gives you in gta san andreas.

  9. @KameronRCT3 if your talking about L.A Rush. it wasn't that good. compare to this. it just another free roaming racing game, with bad music and NPC that can't drive (example: the cops will never catch up no matter the car your in and they can't avoid traffic or buildings, same goes to the NPC racers minus the catch up part).

  10. Farewell N64… You will be missed, along with all of your amazing games that are still better then most of today's.

  11. Midway was awesome… from the Rush series to the Gauntlet series, and everything els in between..

  12. I swear, the textures on some of the cars like the VW Samba (Hippie bus) actually look better on the N64 than they do on the MIDWAY ARCADE TREASURES 3 version of SAN FRANCISCO RUSH: THE ROCK EDITION despite the N64 being one generation "behind". I also kind of like the 3D maps on the N64 selection screens, although, certainly, I'd rather have the draw distance of the MAT3 version (which I play on PS2).

  13. The only thing I never liked about this game is the rubber band AI. It never made sense how you're constantly jockeying for position with a VW Bus when you're driving a Bugatti or McClaren.

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