CGRundertow RETRO RACING for iPhone Video Game Review

CGRundertow RETRO RACING for iPhone Video Game Review

The top-down racing game is a bit of a lost
art form. The genre was born in arcades back in the seventies, and over the next decade,
it would also expand onto consoles before its tires blew out. Which is basically to
say, before people started caring more about polygons than fun games. But fortunately, top-down racers are making
a resurgence as a kind of retro take on racing games, a trend that is reflected in this game’s
very self-explanatory name. This is Retro Racing for the iPhone. What’s interesting is that, while this may
seem like a respectful homage from today’s developers to yesterday’s, that’s not
what Retro Racing is at all. In fact, this game was created by a developer who has been
doing top-down racers since the Amiga…which was this computer thing. So because it’s inspired by arcade games
like Gran Trak 10 and developed by a guy who did top-down racers like Nitro for the freaking
Amiga, Retro Racing feels authentic. That’s one of the things that really struck me about
this game. It doesn’t feel like some watered-down modern throwback. This is the real deal, an
old-school racer that has somehow ended up in the year 2012. I don’t know. This car must’ve had a Flux
Capacitor built in. Either that or an onboard Amiga. I think that’s
what they were for. For time travel. But of course, unlike the games that left
the tire tracks this one is following in, Retro Racing benefits from modern technology.
Specifically, the touch screen of the iPhone. You play Retro Racing with three onscreen
buttons—two steer left and right, and one accelerates. And while some kind of physical
input would be preferable, the touch controls work just fine once you get used to them. Obviously, that took me some time. The gameplay is very fast, and I was surprised
by how smooth and responsive it is. Once you master its controls, Retro Racing is never
hard to actually play. Which is a good thing, because the game is hard as hell. Not content
with simply being retro in design, gameplay and style, Retro Racing also has a retro degree
of challenge. Frankly, that means I don’t stand a f*cking
chance. If you’re into old-school racing games or
even retro games in general, this one is an easy recommendation. You have to learn optimal
routes, master every turn and grab every possible upgrade if you want to win, and while it does
require patience, Retro Racing rewards you with a fantastic old-school racing experience.

10 Replies to “CGRundertow RETRO RACING for iPhone Video Game Review”

  1. The AMIGA.

    The computer that batttled it out with the SNES & Mega-drive (genesis) in the uk./europe

    And most would say it came out on top.

    oh and by the way,this game rocks.

    Great machine,great demo scene,classic games.

  2. "This Computer….thing."???!?!?!?!? "Quick, activate the Amiga!!" Eyes rolls… Oh my. Could have done without the profanity but otherwise decent review. It's a sweet version of Nitro and All Terrain Racing FROM the Amiga. Amiga is making a major come back because it Was the Best. I have this game for my iPad 2, but I prefer it for Windows…I'm able to use an Atari Joystick that way. It's a great game, Mr. Qwak.

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