CGRundertow NEED FOR SPEED: MOST WANTED for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

CGRundertow NEED FOR SPEED: MOST WANTED for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

Listen, I’m not a gear head. I don’t know
anything about makes or models or engine sounds, and I certainly don’t care about Vin Diesel.
To say I’m outside this game’s core audience would be an understatement, and yet…I couldn’t
stop playing the damn thing. Every race had me at the edge of my seat, every police pursuit
made my knuckles go white…every stupid dubstep track had me “bwow bwow-ing” louder than
an engine spewing pure, unadulterated badass straight into the ozone layer. Want to know how good this game is? It made
me wish my car had nitrous oxide. And I don’t even know what that is. Yeah, Need For Speed: Most Wanted is a racing
game, but it’s also the video game equivalent of a developer strutting around in a robe
while drinking liquidized gold and smacking b*tches with rare comic books. The point is
the team over at Criterion has gotten to the point where they’re just showing off. They’re
like Ric Flair circa 1987. Styling, profiling and making everyone else just plain look bad. Wooo!!! That was actually the first word in the press
release. Dead serious. So if you follow Need For Speed, you know
Most Wanted was originally released in 2005. It may seem odd for a game that’s only seven
years old to be rebooted, but hey, Criterion does what they please. And they have created
something truly special in the process. This is an exceptionally beautiful, seamless and…empowering
racer. And really, that all starts with the setting.
You’re a newcomer to the city of Fairhaven, where street racing is dominated by a group
called the Most Wanted. If you want in, you have to prove yourself…not only by conquering
the Most Wanted, but by conquering the city itself. The place is so massive and sprawling,
it’s almost overwhelming…but it also feels alive. In fact, the city kind of becomes the
game’s primary character. Like this alluring villain you can never escape. Fairhaven sure looks good, too. In fact, the
game is just stunning. There’s so much visual polish and detail, you almost hate speeding
by without stopping to enjoy the scenery. And one of the best things about Most Wanted
is that there are no loading times in Fairhaven. So the entire city is one seamless, completely
open world. It really is this ultimate urban playground
for car racing. And speaking of the cars, you’ll be happy
to know they’re pretty slick, too. The game includes more than 40 vehicles, and they’re
all yours…provided you find them. They’re scattered throughout the city, and with a
quick press of a button, they’re yours to race, paint, upgrade…and destroy. They all
handle differently, but generally speaking, the game’s driving mechanics are absolutely
top-notch. It’s a blast to drive them. In fact, this entire game is a blast to play.
The freedom you’re afforded combined with the focus on connectivity and the sheer amount
of stuff to do…make it really addictive. It’s so easy to get lost in Fairhaven and
play for hours, racing rivals and getting under the cops’ skin. I’m no vagrant street
racer, but even I enjoyed my stay. In Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

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  1. iam going to play it today… if its better than Burnout Paradise (the last GOOD game by criterion but i blame EA for that) than it deserves the praise… if its not… well than fuck this piece of shit

  2. I'm generally not that into racing games. I enjoy the occasional racing game of course, but I really want both this an Forza Horizons for Xbox 360.

  3. This game is like Most Wanted arcade (with no history) + Burnout Paradise

    Graphics is good 4 of 5
    Sound is awesome 5 of 5
    Gameplay (controls) has slow response 2 of 5
    Difficult is fair, its not easy evade the cops at maximun heat 5 of 5
    Multiplayer: I have no change to play yet

    This game should be called Most Wanted Paradise..

  4. I wonder why graphics aren't the exact same good since playstation vita is stronger than ps3 in terms of hardware.

  5. This is an amazing game, Criterion has been trying to bring back the oldschool flair of the NFS games of yesteryear, and still keep it modern with all of the online connectivity. Blackbox was trying to bend genres. Trying to copy the style of a big first person shooter. It wasn't working. This is a game for those who actually take in and enjoy the experience, not rack up XP points…

  6. Looks a lot of fun! Does anyone know if I'm the kind of person that will like this game? I hated burnout paradise because I couldn't find enough racing. It was mostly just smash bill boards and stupid missions like that. It really bored me. But this game looks like it has more racing and policing chasing action.

  7. Actually I like the review. He did an awesome job, it makes me want to play it, and that's huge considering I don't like games from companies like Electronic Arts, Activision, Microsoft, Rockstar or Ubisoft. I'm more of a Konami, Capcom, SNK, Sony, Namco, Tecmo guy.

  8. I feel, had it not been a NFS: Most Wanted title, this game would've been pretty good. But the fact that it is under the NFS:MW title and releasing this, is a huge disappointment. They took little to nothing from the previous installments, instead, they just took Burnout Paradise and gave it a new look. I liked the burnout series, and I loved the NFS series, But they do not go well together. When i heard Criterion was gonna make the NFS:MW, I just had a bad feeling…

  9. Im tired of people comparing this game to undergroung and the original most wanted.the need for speed franchise does not consist of just those two games! This game is excellent!!!!!

  10. that would be good but I still like the way Derek did it. C'mon man! he's like a freakin journalsit! a really good journalist..

  11. This game is hard! I've never had so much trouble evading the cops in the NFS series in years! It's a good thing you don't get penalized for it!

  12. Nope, just honest and unbiased. But hey, why the fuck do I care about your opinion, you're just another faceless fag on the internet. Good, good. Let the hate flow through you! Someone you do not know has an opinion that isn't the same as yours! OOOooOOOoooOOO Be scared!

  13. Glad you enjoyed it, I feel like this game is just a combination of all the things I didn't like from BO:P and NFS:HP (2010)

  14. Classic fanboy comment right there, Normally I wouldn't dignify that with a response, but lets be fair, horizon is by far the best open world racing game, the fact's it's a 360 owner-only experience means nothing. I mean who doesn't own a 360 these days unless your a child who can only have one or the other, Me? I enjoy every console experience and I can tell you now, Horizon Is an amazing experience with no real competition. The fact you say that shows how immature you are. child.

  15. I have nothing against the game, I am a fan of Forza since I tried it at my friends house. I have been butthurt ever since because I can't save up for an xbox. I have cash, but nowhere to buy the console. Plus, the keyboard feels better than the controller and games for PC cost less. Ignore my hate comments on Forza videos, I am extremely mad abot my gaming situation when it comes to Forza. You see, all the (truly) great driving games are exclusive, but NFS is on all consoles. Not fair

  16. I would say Horizon is a great game & I like it, but wouldn't call it the best open-world racing game because it's hardly open world… If I wanna call an open world racing game, I would say Burnout Paradise, Midnight Club LA & both old & new NFS Most Wanted.. Horizon is a good game in it's own merits, but too far from being open world compared to the other games I mentioned. I would say it's mostly leagued with Hot Pursuit & Test Drive: U, that's about!!!

  17. Well I would still go with any of the previous non-Criterion NFS games. I think Carbon was the last of the breed of good ones.

  18. It is Burnout with licensed cars. Here is why, 1. It has barebones customization 2. You have to take down bosses to take their car 3. It's made by Criterion 4. Well do I even need a fourth reason? It is a good game don't get me wrong but it is missing some things that would qualify it to be a NFS title.

  19. By the general score on the top of the screen you can't see that Derek did this review without playing the game properly. Only 80k. On Mark's review you can see that his score is more than 400k, which means that he played for a considerable amount of time before reviewing the game (I've been playing it for about 4 to 5 hours and my score in 220k). So, yeah, you can see that Mark really played the game before reviewing it and Derek didn't. CGRuntertow should really stop doing that.

  20. I wonder why everyones always bragging boasting about the original most wanted?, 'cause it's one of the suckiest racing games ive ever played.

  21. The police sucked and why the repetitive courses? its an open world game there should be loads more tracks. The same cars have the same events. Meh got bored after a while.

  22. Weak review all you spoke about is how you love the game shocks get a room lol, there was no pro's no con's types of races how long it is etc etc. Thanks bro.

  23. This game is actually a trap to your wallet with DLCs so appealling that you will be fooled for sure.
    But its nothing like the original from ps2.
    Sure the game is gorgeous like hell and its very satisfying to drive.
    But you exchange cars with a click and do paintjobs by crossing gates at full speed, i dont develop any care for the stuff you own, because you actually dont own anything, it feels like you borrowed from a bank that wont change you for nothing…
    So you play and the next day you forget about everything.
    Nothing is memorable in it.

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