CGRundertow MARIO ANDRETTI RACING for Sega Genesis Video Game Review

CGRundertow MARIO ANDRETTI RACING for Sega Genesis Video Game Review

When it comes to car racing, the genre has
come a long way from games as far back as Atari to the realistic racers of today that
emulate the F1 and NASCAR experience. Developers have toiled hard to make sure that everything
looks and sounds good, but most of all, feels like the real thing. When developers Stormfront
Studios and EA Sports put themselves into the driver’s seat, they wanted to make sure
they got advice straight from the source. They summoned a certain Italian-American F1
champion to advise them, and thus, Mario Andretti Racing was born. This game deserves respect
not only for the racing giant it’s named for, but because of one particular innovation that
would subsequently help create the NASCAR Racing series that would later be released
onto next gen systems. Mario Andretti Racing allows you to take control of three types
of race cars: indy, stock, and sprint. EA didn’t just allow you to choose three as a
gimmick. Each car handles differently in terms of speed, control, and physics, and might
take some getting used to if you are impatient like me. For example, driving on a dirt track
with a sprint car will require you to have an understanding of turning left, but when
you have to keep your speed up with the other cars, it’s not so easy as it sounds. Driving
around in a circle is probably the sprint mode’s weakness, and if you choose to start
a new career, you’ll be stuck with driving them first, and that is a tough hole to climb
out of, especially because of the sometimes erratic AI that can knock you out of a race.
Indy car racing is probably the most exciting. You will be able to race on tracks that are
modeled after real ones, such as Watkins Glen International, Darlington, and Daytona International
Speedway. Sound in this game is unmistakably 16-bit, which means I love it. Voices from
your headset will tell you when you are low on fuel or when your tires need to be replaced.
The sound of your car accelerating from zero to 180 is thrilling from the green flag
to your exit from a pit stop. Learn to drive
smart and you’ll be an ace on the track in Mario Andretti Racing. It’s definitely not
the greatest racing game ever made, but it certainly ranks up there in terms of Genesis
racers and can provide a fun and challenging racing experience, on dirt or on the tarmac.

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  1. Why complain that Mark already reviewed these games? They're different channels, different editors, entirely different videos! Frankly, I wish CGRUndertow would review some games more than once just so we get multiple different perspectives on the same game.

  2. Ah, what? I always name my driver "Slayer 1" in this game. I always thought I was being really clever and cool but now I realise that everyone does it. 😛

  3. I remember playing this when I was about 10. I kept spinning out whenever I drove the Sprint cars. It wasn't until I read the manual, that I was drifting in each turn (meaning, I would have to turn left then turn immediately right). I was so amazed at how realistic this was, I had to tell my dad (he and his cousins all raced cars on dirt tracks)! lol

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