CGRundertow JET MOTO for PlayStation Video Game Review

CGRundertow JET MOTO for PlayStation Video Game Review

If the mid 90s video games were right, then
car racing is going to be obsolete in the coming years. People are going to continue
to race, but only in new fancy hover vehicles. One of the best examples of the possible future
of racing was Jet Moto, which imagined the future of motocross racing to become something
like hover jet skiing. And if the reality is anything like Jet Moto, it is going to
become even faster, and more violent. Jet Moto took 20 racers, put them on hoverbikes,
and had them race and fight for first place. The game offered plenty of racers to choose
from, including both males and female racers. Each one had their own stats and abilities
and sponsor. It’s nice to know that in the future, even after car racing has fallen to
the side, there is still going to be Mountain Dew and Butterfingers. At least the staples
of my diet are going to make it. The racing in the game was really the best
part. The tracks featured multiple locations, with a variety of surfaces. You will be racing
on a beach and the next thing you know the track would continue on to the water. But
there were also swamps, and mountains. The tracks were also detailed, which affected
your hoverbike. This was really impressive in the early years of the Playstation. I can
remember the graphics being very impressive, with the water effects and biker animations.
It really felt like you were watching a futuristic sport. While the graphics haven’t aged well,
they still have that early 3D charm. What doesn’t have any charm is the difficulty.
I would either be victim to the tracks tricks, or the racers, or just not be fast enough.
It was still fun to race, even though I always lost. But there was also multiplayer, which
was more fun to me. But one thing that was undeniably great was the soundtrack. The surf
rock goes surprisingly well, even though they are from very different times. But one thing that has gone away over the
years is the sense of speed and that is in some degree the fault of other games in the
series. When this was released it felt so fast, but after the two sequels were released,
this one just doesn’t have that same sense anymore. It actually feels kinda slow in comparison. While this started the Jet Moto series with
a bang, the later entries left this game feeling obsolete. It may be worth playing for the
memories, but will not hold your attention like later games.

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  1. I'm really getting sick of people saying the graphics in Saturn, PSONE, and N64 games haven't "Aged Well"

    It's pretty much a big flaming "NO SHIT"

  2. Singletac made both games,also both run on the same engine. one of the swamp levels can be used in twisted metal 2 as a vs cheat.

  3. Ryan, nice job with your pronunciation. You`re skills on the mic have vastly improved since you first started doing reviews!

  4. use your frickin TURBOs and GRAPPLE! On a side note, i remember there being a gameshark code for Twisted Metal 2, that would allow you to play in one of these Jet Moto tracks. You don't see programming like that much these days.

  5. @tripdefect87 there are some games from that era that have aged better than others. They just tend to have good art styles…like the Crash Bandicoot games. They are some of he best looking early 3D games

  6. hello youtubers, i'm the designated troll for this video upload. You shall adhere to my sarcastic nonsense at all times. I do not like this video, nor do i dislike this video. it is simply my duty to make sure that no matter what your opinion is, it's wrong. now if you will proceed to leave your 2 cents below, i will commence my nightly awesome

  7. why havent they made a ps3 version of jet moto? this game was awesome one can only wonder how good this game would be

  8. This game was made by Singletrac, i.e. the same people who created Twisted Metal 1 & 2. So to anyone noticing similarities between these games: you could very well be right.

  9. I remember playing this on my PS One demo CD. It looked amazing for a 12 year old comming out of 16 bit era!!! Never got the game though….

  10. man i love this game. that circle button is there for a reason, though. and for me the graphics are still great.

  11. I just checked out the other two in the series and both look much worse than this. Fast for the sake of it and far less controllable as a result. I will have to track this one down to give it a go I think.

  12. I like old 3D games, that reminds me of when it all begun, they have something special, maybe Nostalgia…

  13. Jet Moto 3 made me want a PS growing up. Didn't get one, but when I did I was sure to snag Jet Moto 3. It was worth the wait.

  14. Them little fagets don't know what they're talking about. They don't know that games are about gameplay first and everything else second.

  15. If people think the graphics in PS1/Saturn/N64 didnt age well…in 20-39 years time this gen will seem like complete shit.

    At least those older games had an art style and still have that 'retro'/'classic' look.

  16. I've just started playing this recently and I'm determined to beat it. I love it but it's extremely frustrating to keep getting dicked over by the psychotic AI.

  17. There is a grapple shot you can use to swing around walls. It's that purple pink beam you see the AI using all the time. If you use it you might find the game gets a whole heck of a lot easier.

  18. There is something called "Turbo" that you can use to get more speed, and don't go in the waves, it will slow you down. Also, when the turns are too sharp, use the grapples to keep you in the track.

  19. I loved this game. I got my first PS1 and this was my first game when i was about 2 years old. Though I imagined the graphics better.

  20. This game series and Twisted Metal are so identical in many ways! Due to them both being made by SingleTrac. This game even has elements that were in Twisted Metal 2. Some of the music tracks and the SAME lit up ground from the New York: The Big Leap level in TM2 at 3:01.

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