CGRundertow JAK X: COMBAT RACING for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

CGRundertow JAK X: COMBAT RACING for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

I am beginning to see a trend with Naughty
Dog releases. They made three Crash Bandicoot games then Crash Team Racing, one of the best
kart racers ever. Then they moved on and made three Jak and Daxter games, and then logically,
a Jak racer. But don’t think they are just using the same formula. Oh no, this is completely
different. You see, instead of karts, these are dune buggies and there is an “X” which
means it is extreme. The game takes place after Jak 3, with Jak
and Daxter in Kras City for the reading of the will of Krew. After a toast, it turns
out that even in death Krew has desires. He wants to win a Kras City Grand Championship
and has tricked everyone into drinking poison thatd only after they win the Championship
will they be giving the antidote. So Jak and team have no choice but to race like their
lives depend on it, because frankly, they do. The story mode is where you will spend most
of the time. This is where you continue the story by entering and winning races. As you
progress, you will unlock more buggies, upgrades, and tracks. All this is well and good, and it goes well
with the racing, which is really the most important part. The racing is what you would
expect from a game with the subtext, “combat racing.” It is equal parts fast and brutal,
with focus not just on how quickly you can complete the laps but also how many opponents
you can take out as well. Like most kart racers, there are different things designed to help
you get an edge. First there is the boost, which goes without saying is important. You
can refill your boost by collecting blue items, or performing power-slides and grabbing big
hang-times. But you also have to worry about opponents.
There are weapon power-ups laid throughout the tracks. Picking one up can give anything
from grenades to missiles to machine guns. There are also red powers, that can be more
defensive like mines to block attacks and cause havoc. Knowing when to use items becomes
a major part of the racing. But there is also dark eco, which makes attacks more powerful,
at least until you crash. And the tracks are wonderfully designed, with straightaways for
speed and perilous turns. Crashing is just part of the game here. Naughty Dog knows what they are doing when
it comes to making great racing spin-offs. They did it is Crash Team Racing and Jak X
follows right behind. It doesn’t bring much new to the kart racing genre, but it’s definitely
a great entry.

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  1. There's one thing very important he didn't mention and that is that the AUTOSAVE can corrupt your memory card on some PS2 models … but the game shouldn't be avoided because of that!

  2. I know I'll probably get flamed for this but oh well.
    Naughty Dog racers are better than Mario Kart, and I'm a fan of those games.

  3. I want this on PS3 with online! If you want that then like the page Jak and Daxter Collection Vol.2

    Thumb this up so everybody can see this!

  4. is it me or the game really changed since the jak and daxter,,that game is like prehistoric ruins plus the sages,,but in the jak game it is all advanced and futuristic

  5. Ryan, why couldn't you have reviewed the Jak and Daxter trilogy? Derek didn't say anything about the games, he just bitched and moaned about them for 5 minutes (especially the second one). You're such a better reviewer than Derek.

  6. If Naughty Dog makes three Last of Us games, then we could have Last of Us: Is it really just us?
    Seriously, you would be racing yourself. Uncharted Team Racing sounds a bit better.

  7. It means the AI cheats to catch up to you (in racing games) if you're way ahead and slows down to let you catch up if you're way behind. It's meant to keep the races interesting, but it just makes them feel unfair instead.

  8. Well I don't follow CGRundertow most of the reviewer's on here just annoy me to much, So Unless he has a Chanel of his own that I've missed I wouldn't likely see anything he's done.

  9. I cant remember from where, but i used to have the Demo for this game… and i played it a LOT! So much fun… wonder why i never got the real game.

  10. Instead of a kart racer with just one franchise, it should be PlayStation All Star Kart Racing with all Sony characters 😉

  11. If you want a second collection with Jak X including online mp and Daxter then like the page "Jak and Daxter Collection Vol. 2" on facebook people!

  12. this was the first game i played of the jak series but the couldnt save and i got corrupted data on my memory card that i cant delete.

  13. A review is not only an action of "balls licking", there's a part of criticisme, telling whats wrong and what it could be improved. I played jak x, and it has several flaws, and i found this review to soft with it

  14. I would have enjoyed to share with you some decent gamer arguments, but it seems you have no conversational skill or respect. Either way you must be some kind of troll or frustrated person

  15. I'm neither, Derek did a terrible review and there would be no argument because there's nothing you can say that'll change that fact.

  16. I don't know if it can corrupt your data, but if you use the auto-save feature, it'll most definitely erase all your game data for Jak X Combat Racing. This particular problem can be easily solved by taking the memory card out of the ps2 (wich deactivates de auto-save bugged feature) and only putting it back on the slot when saving is needed.

  17. It's a damn good game but it shipped with a major bug that will leave corrupt save files on your memory card that you won't be able to delete… I've owned 3 different copies of this game and had the same exact problem every time… A word of advice, if you're going to play this game, it's best to just try to beat it all in one sitting with auto-save turned off…

  18. why is this game regarded as bad game? it looks like so much fun. but even Naughty Dog comes across as embarrassed for having made it.

  19. now looking at this game after i looked at mario kart…i relaized that this is very similar to mario kart…mines = turtle shells or bananas, this game is a much more fast paced combat, deadly, plot twisting, and bloody version of mario kart, not including my most favorite characters in the world haha

  20. i had this when i was 11 (sweet and beautiful game to play, though it sucked that the game stopped working), did anyone else feel they were Mad Max when they played this game?

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