CGRundertow GRAN TURISMO 5 for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

CGRundertow GRAN TURISMO 5 for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

Since the release of Gran Turismo 4, everyone
was eagerly anticipating the release of Gran Turismo 5 on the Playstation 3. Well with
six years, numerous delays, and even a retail demo released in the meantime, Gran Turismo
5 finally came and brought all greatness people expected. If you are a fan of the series, or know anything
about Gran Turismo then you will know what to expect with the fifth entry in the series.
This is the sim racer for people who want complexity to their driving games. There is
no booting up the game and just jumping into a race. A lot of the fun comes from tweaking
your cars to make them perform better. Everything, and I mean everything about the cars is customizable.
You can buy new engines, exhaust pipes, racing chips, tires and countless more. If you can
imagine a change, you can make the change. But the stars of the game are the cars. There
is seriously over a thousand different cars, from Nissans to Alfa Romeos to even Ferraris
and Mercedes-Benz. If you ever wanted to race it, odds are you can here. And each is presented
in amazing detail. Sitting in the cockpit view really gives you the feeling of actually
being in the car, with every little detail perfectly represented. And the cars all handle
how you would expect. You make a slight change to the steering and you will notice it your
next race. There are many different events for you to
race in. There are simple races and event series, but there is also rally races, endurance
races, and of course the infamous license challenges, that will put your skills and
patience to the test. But the biggest addition comes in the way of online racing. You and
up to sixteen other racers can battle for supremacy online. This is a welcome way to
see how your GT racing skills stack up against the rest. But not everything about the game is perfect.
One of the most noticeable problems is the loading times, which can pretty brutal especially
when just loading up a race. Another issue is the damage system. The cars are broken
into two categories, Standard and Premium, with only the Premium cars capable of showing
damage, which means you will be bumping your way to the front most races. These issues are nothing major but do take
a little away from the overall product. But if you are looking for the premier racing
game for the PS3, look no farther than Gran Turismo 5.

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  1. Still my favourite racing game series since 1998. too bad you didn't show any details. Not a big deal though, Mark already did it long ago.

  2. 1:49……Every little detail? The cockpit is pitch black…..I'm sorry but i've stopped this review half way through, I loved GT4 and GT3….but a lot of what your saying is just false and biased. The car customization isn't as fleshed out as anyone would of liked it, custom decals, paint jobs things like that. Next time go into this review with detailed notes of the competition, comparisons, the pros and cons. This was really just a mess.

  3. Standard cars have damage too. They are just less noticeable (the thing is that it's not pre-rendered damage, it's like Burnout or GTA IV, but here it is a lot more limited and subtle. I guess it could look weird if it was stronger, as it happens a lot in GTA, although more subtle bumps looks incredible).
    And don't say you can customize EVERYTHING in the cars, otherwise Forza fanboys will come here to bitch about vinyls and how they can't put anime drawings on the cars.

  4. I haven't played this game in over a year. I remember having an awesome time with the racing and car collecting, but I eventually stopped playing because the menu design and loading times were just intolerable. It took absolutely forever to get anything done so eventually I just lost interest. I'm not sure if they've changed the interface or load times at all in more recent patches, but from the video, it doesn't look like it. That's a real shame, because most of the game is great.

  5. Im not a real racing fan, but the last sim racing game i played was Forza 1. Should i buy this game specially since the XL version is only 20 bucks…. Yay or Nay?

  6. Pretty sure you guys have already did this review and I'm pretty sure that CGR is getting sadder and sadder with each new reviewer by the day.

  7. I'm pretty disappointed by the game's graphics. Don't get me wrong, the premium cars are the most realistic-looking cars I've ever seen. Unfortunately, that's just it. Pretty-much everything else looks below par. I think it's pretty clear that Polyphony chose quantity over quality, because most of the cars are not premium.

  8. Over a thousand cars in GT5? Yes BUT a lot of those cars are clones or multiple versions of selected models. How many versions of a certain Nissan Sentra do you need?

  9. the only thing gt5 has better than forza is the driving, but only by a small margin. damage is pretty much the same (internal and external). although the patch for gt5 is free, it still didnt do much to the game. graphics and looks? come on!! just based on the fact that the standard cars dont have interiors and exterior max rendering. still waiting for a patch for that??? lulz

  10. "If you can imagine a change, you can make that change?" Really? I can put a K20 in a civic in GT5? I can make any car RWD? Since when did GT5 get cool?

  11. Overall? Customization is nice and all, but I feel the driving is weird, convincing, yes, but not very fun. If you're driving a fast super car or a muscle car it is fun, but not much otherwise. AND it could have more tracks. Gran Turismo 2 had more track variety than Forza.
    Even if multiplayer IS fun, it's on the Xbox and thus you have to pay for it (even if you argue that it's cheap, the fact still is that you don't pay for online on the PS3, or the PC).

    Forza Horizon is badass though.

  12. Even worse than the very weak environments is the separation of "standard" and "premium" cars. The standard cars look like GT4 HD holdovers, which is contemptible. I understand there are a lot of cars to render, but they kept the same standard for all models in GT4. It's as though they ran out of time or something, even though this game took forever to come out.

    Polyphony needs to fix these issues with GT6.

  13. I have every gt from ps1,ps2,psp an ps3 an I have every forza from xbox an 360 gt 4 has 700 cars an 44 tracks 15 real world couses gt5 has 52 courses 20 real world courses an 1067 cars forza 3 has 384 cars not including same car diffrent sponsor an 81 tracks 33 real world courses an forza 4 has 368 cars not including dlc or same cars diffrent sponsor an 70 tracks 34 real world couses the damge is there from start in forza 1,2,3 an 4 but in gt 5 it gets greater the higher your driver level

  14. only 1 problem i have with this review/game. somehow to me, i really never felt like there were 1000 cars in the game. i felt like the dealerships were very small

  15. Here they praise the cockpit view and yet IGN complain about the lack of cockpit view. Are they high?

  16. I really can't tell if this channel is trying to sale me this game or if a fanboy wrote the script… because I've played this and I've got to say, this guy just simply overlooked the negative points of this game unlike the Forza review where he just only pointed out the negatives. And even though I love Gran Turismo 4, GT5 felt like a let down with all the issues even with XL Edition of the game.

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