CGRundertow FORD RACING for PlayStation Video Game Review

CGRundertow FORD RACING for PlayStation Video Game Review

You know what I love, I love racing games.
The feeling you get when you speed down a track at top speed, putting the pedal to the
metal, trading paint with other cars as you drift through a corner. There is really nothing
like it. And because of having these emotions was I not satisfied with Ford Racing for the
Playstation. With games like Gran Turismo and Need for Speed, games that offer tons
of different cars and brands to race, Ford Racing hopes that the only cars you want to
race are made by Ford. This can feel, because it really is, limited in comparison to other
racing games. But Ford is a solid company with multiple
options to suit your racing needs. Most of the cars need to be unlocked through the career
mode, cars like the Mustang which everyone would want to race. No, patience is a virtue
and you have to learn to master the Ford Fiesta and Escort first, before you are handed the
keys to the more powerful cars. But the limited car selection would really
not be that big of a deal, I mean how upset can you be that there are no Alpha Romeros
in a game called Ford Racing, but that’s if the game’s racing and career mode were fantastic.
And disappointingly, both of those feel very limited. The career mode starts you off with
a weak car, but offers ways to unlock more and even tune and upgrade your cars, making
them more powerful and perform better. But it feels like disjointed races and just doesn’t
really flow well together and the same with the racing itself. Everything just feels very
slippery, your cars don’t really feel like they have any weight. And the speed of the
races, let me tell you how intense it gets when you are flying down the straight-away
topping out at, oh what only 55 mph. I drive faster than that in my Hyundai on my way to
work. I know you can do better than that. Ford Racing is a great idea for a game, racing
with some great American cars against the competition. But the game is held back by
a thin career mode and controls that need some time under-the-hood. I crave intense
speed, and Ford Racing only delivers a push buggy.

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  1. wow i remember back in the day when the ps1 was still being made i paid 3 bucks for this game at a flee market and i couldn't wait to play it but when i got home i thought it was most boring racing game i ever played. no huge jumps, no exotic cars and you couldnt go faster than the normal speed limit you would drive on a real road. i played for 15 minutes and put on my shelf for it to rust

  2. My brother hates Ford. Mainly because they used to make Falcons which were the Holden Commodore's biggest rival in Australia.

  3. What's this, RYAN, showing emotions??? Or at least, attempting to…

    I guess this is a slightly better review than usual ryan.

  4. The racing seemed…slow. Like really slow. The whole point of racing is to go faster then you do on the highway. If I wanted to go under 70mph, I would go to the grocery store.

  5. I have the second Ford Racing, the series really never got better.  Ford Racing 2 was actually the first PS2 game I ever got, I thought it was good at the time, but I've tried playing it now and it is just awful.  The controls are terrible!  I probably only ever thought it was good because it looked prettier then my N64 racing games, though now that I know better my N64 racers are way more fun.
    -Technically Ford Racing 2 wasn't the first game I got because Vice City came with my PS2, but back then I didn't know what GTA was and the game description sounded boring because it wasn't about cars (grand theft "AUTO," I guess I must not have known what that word ment).

  6. 2:16 It sounds like he's trying to not let his voice get too loud. Like he's afraid he's going to upset his parents or something.

  7. Had this game. Played it and traded it. Controls felt awful. Get Crash Team Racing, Ridge Racer Type-4 (with the 60fps demo) or Moto Racer if you want a solid PS1 racer.

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