CGR Undertow – MIDNIGHT CLUB: STREET RACING review for PlayStation 2

CGR Undertow – MIDNIGHT CLUB: STREET RACING review for PlayStation 2

racing has some very different characteristics
from normal track racing. There are more things to racing instead of just crossing the finish
line first. A true street racer has to have their car tweaked to reflect themselves, and
losing a race could be the end because losing will lose points to your reputation, lose
you money, and possibly even lose you your car. Midnight Club understood what made street
racing so unique and delivered a game that matches it. Midnight Club is an open world street racing
title. You start off as a single low life cabbie, stuck in the big city, dreaming of
doing more than just shuttling people around and yelling at other cars in traffic. You
soon learn about the Midnight Club and decide to see how your skills stack up. The game
has two different cities that are yours to explore, both New York City and London. Each
city has their own landmarks and style that make them feel like the real life cities themselves.
You are free to drive around and explore them at your leisure, but the excitement doesn’t
really start until you enter into a race. You will find cars driving around that you
can challenge and also through your cellphone, you can set up races. The races are checkpoint races and really
tense. You will move through the cities at break-neck speeds, weaving in and out of traffic
so that you can be the first across the finish line. You have to be careful because the streets
are filled with other competitors that will do anything to win, other cars that will interfere
causing you to crash, and even the cops that would like nothing more than to put you behind
bars. The racing feels great, with cars handling nicely with tight and responsive controls.
But the game does suffer from the streets feeling empty at times, unimpressive visuals,
and traffic that seems just out to get you. Winning races will unlock more events and
cars, allowing you to further your rise through the ranks of the Midnight Club. The cars are
pretty cool with nice mixes of cabs, lowriders, and performance trucks. Earning a new car
makes you feel like a kid on Christmas. You are also able to make changes to the transmission
and paint color. There are more game modes than just the career.
You can just drive around in a free roam mode or go into the multiplayer with head to head
races, waypoint races and even a game of Capture the Flag. Midnight Club brought street racing to the
PS2 with style fitting for the world it is set in. Games today may make it feel dated,
but don’t take away from its appeal.

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  1. this game was the first game i ever played on the Playstation 2. now i look back on it, and it`s terrible.

  2. Midnight club is so cheap, hate smashing into a bus because I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, but I still love the series 🙂

  3. Best Midnight Club game on PS2 was Midnight Club 3 Remix version, 4 cities, real cars, lots of replay value.

  4. I've only played the third installment of the series (DUB Edition on Xbox/PSP), but this definitely screams Midnight Club.

    And unlike others, I actually like the look of the game. I've always loved how blocky and pixelated cars look in the early PS2 games, as well as all of them in the PS1 games. :B

  5. You should try Midnight Club 2. Much much better than the first one and set the standard for the 3rd Midnight Club game too.

  6. does this game have support to 16:9 wide screen , or only supports 4:3 ?
    Great review .
    Thanx form Brazil .

  7. THis game was gretat at the PS2 Early life, ater this, they released MC 2 and MC2 was great, after this game people did not expexted they can see more at the 3third game and MC3 DUB edition Kick ass Need For Speed MW, MC 3 have more cars, tracks, maps, longers maps, music, content,etc.

  8. does this game remond anyone of midtown madness with cruise,checkpoint races and the handling physics?

  9. wow you can run over people with your car, the 3rd and LA cant make u run over them but they run faster than the car u drive

  10. I think I might have to look into getting this one.  I loved Midnight Club 3, but the other ones (2 and 4) didn't impress me too much, this one actually looks the best in the series after 3.

  11. This game kicked everything off in this street racing big time and over 6 months later you had the first fast and furious movie released then later the need for speed franchise was rebooted to the underground series.

  12. This game was the start of a legacy. It started good, felt good, played good. It was great. Then Midnight Club: LA came along. It didn't feel like you were a street racer any more. It felt like you were some guy driving like a maniac just for the fun of it. I, and always will play Midnight Club: Street Racing. No matter how old it is. "You can shine no matter what you're made out of."-A corrupt company from the movie "Robots".

  13. Just bought this, and I know it will be good. Mostly because I also have Midnight club 3 DUB Edition, which is awesome. (PSP)

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