CGR Undertow – IHRA DRAG RACING review for PlayStation

CGR Undertow – IHRA DRAG RACING review for PlayStation

Auto racing is such a personal sport. With
there being so many different types of racing, you can truly pick your own unique racing,
from Lamont, to Nascar, to Formula One. Each has its own characteristics and dedicated
fans. One race type that really has its own fans is Drag Racing. Everyone has heard of
Drag Racing, and many has even tried in their own local parking lots, but in terms of professional,
many people are lost. Mainly because, while people complain that Nascar is boring because
all it is is people turning left, Drag Racing doesn’t even have that. It is normally one
on one racing in a straight line. Well, Bethesda Software, yes that Bethesda
Software decided that while they were not presenting giant fantasy lands for you to
live in, they would bring the excitement of IHRA Drag Racing to the Playstation. And the
results speak for themselves. Honestly, I have no idea how well it represents the real
world of drag racing, but as a game, I say it does its job. The game offers a few different modes to race
in. You can enter into a quick race, which randomly selects your car and track and throws
you right into the action. Or you can enter into a single race which opens more options.
But the most time will be spent in the career mode. Here you race through a season of events
against other drivers, winning races and having your name rise up the world rankings. The races are what you would expect. You accelerate
until the finish line. You can boost with turbo but run the risk of exploding your engine.
All risk versus reward. Then before you know it, the race is over and its on to the next
one. The game is focused on the all important cash,
mula, gwap, you know… money. Your money is shared across race types, not being restricted
to just a career mode. Every race that you enter into has an entrance fee. Winning races
will earn you more money, which you can then spend on new chassels, engines, tires, or
transmission. It’s cool how the vehicles are not just one body type, with some being
like souped up cars and others being Top Fuel types. The game does lack in the features, and the
loads times can last longer than the races themselves, which can really grind on you.
But if you have an itch for Drag Racing normal racing games can’t scratch, you will be
sure to find love with this.

24 Replies to “CGR Undertow – IHRA DRAG RACING review for PlayStation”

  1. well, bethesda has quite a history with all kinds of sports games. of course many people know them because of the elder scrolls games and fallout 3 but i think they made over 20 sports games and quite a few shooters, especially around the terminator and of course they also made rage

  2. did you know they have drag racing with fwd cars? it looks funny. the front wheels are big and the rear wheels are small and dinky. funny but interesting.

  3. I use to play this with my best friend when i was growing up. Didn't expect Bethesda to be behind it. Kinda a shock to me really

  4. Published! not developed by Bethesda, there's a difference. Digital Dialect made this it says so in the description.

  5. Never said they developed it. Many games that happen to be published by Bethesda run like ass, especially on ps3 like New Vegas and Doom BFG just to name a few.

  6. I played this game back when I was 10. I used to build an engine that’s over 1000hp…think it was a Chevy manual transmission engine?

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