CGR Undertow – CUBIX: ROBOTS FOR EVERYONE: RACE ‘N ROBOTS review for PlayStation

CGR Undertow – CUBIX: ROBOTS FOR EVERYONE: RACE ‘N ROBOTS review for PlayStation

This game’s like a fungus. It’s ugly and
weird and gross and it’s probably for the best that you just leave it alone…but after
a while, it kind of grows on you. And it…makes you hallucinate. Either that, or I played this crap way longer
than I should’ve. It’s Cubix: Robots For Everyone: Race ’n
Robots for the PlayStation. So this game’s actually based on an animated
series, called Cubix: Robots For Everyone. It’s about robots, and the future. And to
be honest, that’s all I know about it. I know more about the game, though. It was developed
by Blitz Games. Which explains a lot, that was a pretty lousy studio. They mostly did
crappy licensed games. Er go, Cubix: Robots For Everyone. And by any objective measure, this is a crappy
licensed game. But I don’t know. There’s also something about it that’s…actually
kind of fun. Maybe it’s the simple gameplay, maybe it’s the fungus, but I had a pretty
decent time with Race ’n Robots. Despite all the reasons I shouldn’t have. So obviously, this is a racing game. And it’s
got that old-school, top-down approach, which is a genre that’s kind of hard to screw
up. So much so that, even when you screw it up, it’s still fun to play. Case in point,
Race ’n Robots. You’ve got five robots to race, and you have nine tracks to race
them in. Sounds thin, right? Yeah, not as thin as the camera. Which has lost so much
weight, it’s physically shaking. Kind of sad, but…I’m even sadder for me. I can’t even see what’s happening in my
video game. Actually, that camera is this game’s biggest
problem. There are times when it’s, like…it’s so far away from the course, you literally
can’t even see where you’re going. Like, oh, the camera saw something interesting.
Some kind of roadside antique, or something. Hey, how about doing the job you were made
for, camera? Either show the race, or get into weird Internet videos. And trust me, you don’t want to do that.
That’s a…slippery slope. Camera. Fortunately, once you go Stevie Wonder on
this b*tch and get used to driving blind, there’s actually some fun to be had. And
what I like about it…is how simple it is. All you have to do is steer with the analog
stick, that’s it. No buttons, no complex drifting mechanics. I like that. It’s old-school.
And again, once you get used to the terrible camera…this isn’t a bad top-down racing
game. I mean, it’s not a good one, but…I mean, you can shoot people. The game throws in lots of stuff, to keep
things interesting. There are hazards all over the course. The classics…like oil slicks,
giant holes, things like that. As well as, you know, huge steam-powered hammers. Like
any highway system. And there’s power-ups, too. Rockets, mines…a typical arsenal. So
the game’s got a little bit of that Mario Kart feel, too. Only sometimes, it’s like playing Mario
Kart with the TV off. Freaking camera. Anyway, there’s really not much to this
game. The main story mode only has the nine tracks. And there are modes for individual
races, and things like coin-collecting races…but still, this is a pretty thin game. And even
when it does something cool. Like between races, you can upgrade your robot by purchasing
new parts. But there’s not many to choose from, so eventually, you have them all anyway.
So…cool ideas, but not much content. Especially for a game released in 2001. The bottom line is, this just isn’t a very
good game. The camera is abysmal, the racing is repetitive, there’s not much content
at all…and yet, you can still have some fun with it. It’s probably best suited for
fans of the show, but…even if you just like top-down racers, you
might find something to like about Cubix: Robots For Everyone: Race ’n Robots for
the PlayStation. Thanks to our pal Kris from Jersey City, New
Jersey, for sending it in.

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  1. Ugh… That camera is inducing nausea for me. It's so bad I couldn't finish the video. Is that a problem for anybody else?

  2. Hey cgr can you make a review for Wallace & Gromit in the project zoo for the gamecube. I cant seem to find a review and i really like this game.

  3. Holy crap, I remember really wanting this game! I was kinda disappointed when I got the beat-'em-up Cubix Crash n' Bash for GBA instead, but at least that one was functional.

  4. If I had this game I would destroy it in over 100 ways but I could only do one so leave it on a safe small island run away into a jet and ignite the nuke!

  5. I watched the show as a kid. Then, I played this game on the PS1 in my cousin's house. And, oh boy, it was mediocre and average racing game I have ever seen.

    Great review, Derek! Thanks for the bad memories, game!

  6. OK, wow. That is weird. I suddenly remembered this show yesterday, and looked it up on Wikipedia. Then this review shows up.
    BTW, did you know it was originally a Korean show? Hahaha

  7. this game has a stupid as hell premise. Racing our robots will be exactly the third thing we do with the robots we invent after having sex with them and using them to kill each other.

  8. lmao you were right about driving blind, I got used to it and the game turned out pretty easy. I didn't like this game a lot, but I had some geat time as a kid with it.

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