Cerro Torre: A Snowball’s Chance in Hell Trailer

Cerro Torre: A Snowball’s Chance in Hell Trailer

Can I climb the Cerro Torre like I do in competition? I wonder what the conditions will be like today. We have no chance of reaching the summit. If David manages to free climb up there, then he will have shown everyone. It was clear to me that I would have to go beyond my limits. I think that was the moment when I stopped being a sport climber and became an alpinist.

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  1. anyone know a place to torrent this movie? And dont even attempt to fucking annoy me with those anti piracy claims. The movie isnt and wasnt on my country, on which the FUCKING MOVIE WAS FILMED ON!

  2. It's an impressive feat of mountaineering but the movie is incredibly boring – way too long for what it is. Don't get me wrong, I recognize and appreciate the effort put into actual filming – it's just that it needs better, much better editing.

  3. Why doesn't David Lama speak English in this film? he speaks it flawlessly without even much of an accent. German isn't the language of the world. and I say that as a proud German. most Germans and Austrians can speak or at least understand english very well, so that couldn't be the reason. I assume that this was a very expensive feature film to make. a film that will be watched by many thousands over time. and would be more successful as a film, if one of it's star personalities spoke english. a language that is by far more accessible to the worlds audiences. makes no sense, imo. nevertheless, I can't wait to see it ; )

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