Celebrating Action Sports Photography in Copenhagen

Celebrating Action Sports Photography in Copenhagen

Red Bull Illume is the world’s biggest action and adventure photo competition. What we celebrate at Illume is actually more thought through photo. It’s that photo where you’ve thought about a concept, a scene, thought about what equipment you’re going to use. You might even have planned an expedition around it, where you go out and get that photo. So Red Bull Illume is a celebration of the craftsmanship of photography. When you find the right moment, and you press the shutter – it’s just great. Especially afterwards when you look at the picture and think: Yes! I got it. I got the damn photo. The athletes are amazing and they do these amazing stunts, but behind ever athlete is a good photographer. So in a way this is a celebration of the photographer. The people that get into the mountains, carry 40 pounds of equipment, take the extra steps and are never in the limelight. The guys who should really get a lot more recognition and honor than they get. The Red Bull Illume exhibition here in Copenhagen runs from 5 to 11 pm every night from the 9th to the 18th. So bring your kids, your family, and spend some time here – cause it’s important.

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  1. wish I knew how to get into this industry, I mean I shoot skateboarding but its so hard @Red Bull https://500px.com/JoshuaOrmston

  2. Thank you Red Bull for not doing voice-overs in these videos. I enjoy hearing different languages, even if I don't understand much.

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