Castro & Cortes Win Equestrian Jumping Gold At Wembley- London 1948 Olympics

Castro & Cortes Win Equestrian Jumping Gold At Wembley- London 1948 Olympics

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  1. Wow how different from today's jumping! I'm an equestrian and theses people look kinda sloppy compared to today's standards! More equestrian videos please!:)

  2. México es un gran país del cual estoy más que orgulloso…
    Pensé que jamás saldríamos en estos vídeos pero me alegro de haber fallado y ver a unos compatriotas homenajeados por esta cuenta oficial de los Juegos Olímpicos.

  3. Oh my god! And not in a good way! Those poor horses, I've never seen so many falls in a competition before!

  4. Antes del inicio de la final del torneo olímpico de futbol de Londres 2012 el "televiso" Javier Alarcón se refirió a este evento…"Para México Wembley es un amuleto pues 64 años antes aquí el General Mariles obtuvó para nuestro país la medalla de oro en equitación"… La historia ya se la saben.

  5. Sin palabras al ver dicho video y ojalá exista referencia de en dónde localizar más videos del equipo ecuestre mexicano de ese glorioso 1948,

  6. Efectivamente en ese estadio Mexico a conquistado 3 de las 13 medallas de oro que tiene, 2 ese dia de la clausura de los juegos de 1948, y una por la selección de futbol en los juegos de 2012.

  7. Uncle, General Humberto MARILES Cortes, great grandparents Von Frayndel, and cousins, Sauza of tequila, Jalisco. Later, covered by Life gazine at Madison Square and in Italy, as well as in Finland, 1952.

  8. In memoirs, General Humberto Mariles says of his horse "Arete" was too lazy as he never liked to get hurt therefore, he won each time".

  9. General Humberto Mariles first competed in Berlin Olympics of1936 representing Mexican Calvary and won greatest amount of Gold,Bronze and Silver awards.

  10. I want to know what in the hell was spooking those horses. That's a lot of refusals and falls for Olympic-level equestrian sports.

  11. Umberto Mariles on Arete won gold in team and individual show jumping and bronze in eventing. This even though the stallion was one-eyed. Fascinating! Different times, though, the riders were not as specialized as they are today.

  12. 1-2 in individual jump for Mexican riders, 1st in Prix de Nations, and 3rd in the 3 days event. A memorable achievement that all Mexicans ought to keep in mind.

  13. We would like to know more about the mexican equestrian team… Find us in Facebook General Rubén Uriza Castro.

  14. God. That was some traumatising riding right there. Today, nobody would allow such riders to even enter a ring aha. I can't believe they were so mad to right without any protection.
    One question I always had: how did they travel with their horses? By boat?

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