54 Replies to “Cars: Hotshot Racing – Android/Java Game Trailer”

  1. I miss the game Cars from Nintendo Gamecube.

    It was the best, opened-world, grand-prix races, off-road races, sheriff's missions, custom cars and paint, Mator's honking the tractors mission.

    Anybody ever played that game from Gamecube?

  2. Hey Gameloft you should make a weekly event on cars fast as Lightning called summer car b que based on the game world of cars online's Mack's summer car b que

  3. Please give us a channel for keypad mobile games because those are good for play little games and release some new games.

  4. Я один из русских тут? Мы как раз с ребятами проходим эту игру, кому интересно заходите на мой канал))

  5. I'm not surprised that nobody talks about this app. They mainly talk about Fast as Lightning of the other Cars VGs. I'm going to assume that this app died before Christmas of 2014 or somewhere between there and 2017. But at the bottom line, this is an overlooked Cars game. The looks definitely gives me a World of Cars Online feel to me, but we're just not there yet.

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