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  1. Hgghhhgf

  2. I love Cars, but this game is pure sh•t.
    Asphalt is a last good game from Gameloft (Asphalt 8 is pretty bad too). I love that Asphalt that I'm playing on my Sony Ericsson K700. Glad I still can play Asphalt 5, 6, 7 on my Sony Ericsson Xperia™ PLAY, that I bought week ago (yes, I know, it's 2015).

  3. +Gameloft you should make a soundtrack for this game because I love this song and I want it separate from the trailer. So please make a soundtrack from this app if you can, thanks, LOVE this game!

  4. なるんじゃなくて、りはしかあたなはら、わやまつまえのはなかぬゆわさを作りましょうねとして活用?そそそかせけ

  5. voi banido no asphalt 8 isto não vale mesmo assim as pinturas são caras e também os carros você vai ver da próxima vez que no pc vou ficar com 4 milhões só isto

  6. You Know What? If You Re-Do this Game This Game Will be awesome like if you agree #bringbackgameloft

  7. Yo soy ashley soy de australia ahora vivo en guadalajara el video juego de cars ahora ya tambien hay día y noche.

  8. Gameloft what you gonna do in your next update please be carbon racers because max schennel invites the fellow racers to Nurburgring Gearmany to take on the worlds tuffested track

  9. I Hope They Bring It Back With The Carnival Cup Up Date With All World Grand Pre Racers And A Weekly Event Carla Vs Shu The Top Prize Will Be Luis Hamilton And His Carnival Cup Paint Job.

  10. Gameloft คุณปิดตัวเกมดีๆแบบนี้ไปได้ไงผมเติมเงินให้เกมคุณไปเยอะมากเลยนะแล้วคนเล่นเกมนี้ตั้ง 50 ล้าน คนนะคุณบ้าไปแล้วถ้าโดนแฮ็คคุณควรแก้แบบแบนคนแฮ็คไม่ใช่ท้อแท้แล้วปิดตัวเกมสิครับค่ายเกมคุณก็ปิดตัวเกมไปหลายเกมแล้วแรกๆผมชอบค่ายเกมนี้นะตอนนี้คงไม่ล่ะหมดความชื่นชอบล่ะเอะอะปิดตัวเกมตลอด #เอาเกมนี้คืนมา

  11. I hope they do two more updates on cars fast as lightning, the Carbon Fiber Race in Nurburg, Germany & the Carnival Race in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

  12. I want u to update this game, BUT DON’T ADD CARS 3! This game is special for cars 2. (Just saying)

  13. Please, update this game Cars Fast as Lightning. I want that this game were again on Play Store and I want see new characters so a Jackson Storm and new cars from Cars 3, and please add Everyweek stock Dinoco, so in old kind time…

  14. The Neon Racers

    Lightning McQueen
    Francesco Bernoulli
    Carla Veloso
    Shu Todoroki
    Raoul CaRoule
    Max Schnell
    Miguel Camino

  15. I hope they do two more updates on the Cars Fast As Lightning App Game, the Carbon Fiber Race in Nurburg, Germany and the Carnival Race in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

  16. Gameloft even if you don't read keep in mind that this game put smiles on my face every time that I play this could you please update
    This game to cars 3 with Jackson storm,Cruz,smokey,doc Hudson etc

  17. Я один из русских тут? Мы как раз с ребятами проходим эту игру, кому интересно заходите на мой канал))

  18. How the mlp game is alive and this game not anymore? This game was incredible, probably my favourite mobile game.

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