Carpet Bocce Indoor Bocce Ball Set

Carpet Bocce Indoor Bocce Ball Set

Carpet diem. Carpet diem. Seize the carpet. Bring the fun indoors
with Carpet Bocce. Bocce is a game enjoyed
throughout the world and Carpet Bocce is a version
designed for inside play. The goal is simple. After three turns, end up with
one of your metal balls closer to the target than
your opponent’s. When you throw your
ball, pinpoint accuracy is definitely an advantage. Oh. What an athlete. However, your opponent
can use his throw to knock your ball
away and steal victory. What an athlete. The winner throws the target
out for the next round and earns bragging rights. You ready for round two? But bear in mind,
it’s just a game. Because I don’t think
you can handle it. I don’t think you’re
ready for my bocce. And I don’t think you’re
ready for my bocce. I’m going back to work. And I don’t think you’re
ready for my bocce. My bocce’s too bootylicious. Each portable kit
includes two sets of three balls, a wooden
target, and a distance gauge. Have a ball with Carpet Bocce. Buy it now at

100 Replies to “Carpet Bocce Indoor Bocce Ball Set”

  1. In France (I'm French but who cares ?) this game is for old people who play it usually on va vacation after a Morito or two?

  2. I just want to say, to anyone who thought that all the balls look the same, they aren't. They have different patterns. I didn't notice them too, until I saw several comments saying it.

  3. This is amazing game no matter
    what you call these game; ball, bowl, boules
    British version > Lawn bowl
    Italian version > Bocce
    French version > Petanque, Boules Lyonnaise, Boules provencal.

    Main rules of these game were quite similar to each other, which is to have your ball closer to the jack (Cochonet, Pollino) than your opponents.

    Once you try these game, it's really hard to stop ; )

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