Carina Vogt on becoming the first female Olympic Ski Jumping champion

Carina Vogt on becoming the first female Olympic Ski Jumping champion

The Sochi 2014 Olympics were the first games that introduced Women’s Ski Jumping. And because of the World Cup season before, Sara Takanashi was the favourite
as she dominated the competition. And just before the competition Daniela Iraschko-Stolz came in form as well having won a few world cup events. I think at this special event everybody was nervous,
I mean you are not necessarily nervous jumping down but that special occasion that we got to experience, made everybody a bit more tense. My Training jump went very well so I started the competition with a good feeling. And I did manage to get a good take-off which I could feel during the flight phase, but back then it was a bit tricky for me when it came to the landing because I had knee problems and never knew how it would react.
But it was a very clean jump. Yeah I didn’t expect at all that it suddenly was about the gold medal and so I thought to myself okay… The other 2 are a bit away from you, and if you can pull off a good second jump,
it may just be enough for a medal. But I didn’t look at any scores or anything like that because it will get into your head. And then Daniela Iraschko-Stolz pulled off a huge jump on her 2nd attempt with 104.5 metres. And before my 2nd attempt I knew that
I was leading at some point, which was a sensation to me as
I have never jumped last before. I tried to see things positively and thought that I haven’t lost ground on the others and just wanted to do a good jump
but I did feel quite nervous. I just tried to focus and blur the others out and that’s why I was so uncertain after the jump if it was enough. I just knew that it was a lot shorter, that I didn’t get off the Ski-Jump as well. I just jumped with the flow,
but it was not a 100% perfect jump And then I was sitting at the bottom, and it felt to me like hours and I couldn’t judge it at all because I saw that it was just above the 95 metre mark. I was certain that at best it was about 3rd or 4th place so I looked at no.3 and no.4 on the scoreboard
where my name should appear. I was still wearing skis because I thought: it should appear any second now, it should appear now. And just when I was getting out of my 2nd ski, my name didn’t appear on 3 or 4 where I was looking at but at the very top. And when I saw the no.1
realising that I had never won a competition and my first one was going to be the Olympics,
it was just overwhelming for me. It was all the more special that the whole team was there to celebrate with me and made the unbelievable happen and pinch me. I was almost as nervous at the medal ceremony than I was during the jump itself. For me it was just the fact that I always came 3rd or 4th in the competitions earlier in the seasons but had never won one, as Sara Takanashi and Daniela Iraschko-Stolz always got the better of me and that’s what was going through my head. And it was incredible to get the gold medal handed over in front of all these people, to finally hear the German National Anthem
and in front of the Olympic flame. I had to pull myself together so that no tears would run down my cheeks. It was definitely the most emotional thing
I have ever experienced.

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