Candace Parker at age 20 | Before They Were Superstars

Candace Parker at age 20 | Before They Were Superstars

LOCATION: KNOXVILLE, USA) This is the American city
of Knoxville, home to the
University of Tennessee. Back in 2007,
Candace was playing for their women’s basketball team. I’ve grown up around
basketball. Ever since I was born, I’ve
had a basketball in my crib. The Tennessee team were
then coached by the late, great Pat Summitt, a legendary figure in
American basketball. I love what I do
so that’s my motivation. (PAT SUMMITT, COACH) My motivation is
working with young people. I love working with
these young women, and helping them strive
to be the best they can be. Candace was in her second year
playing for Tennessee, and Coach Summitt knew
that she had on her hands a very special talent. First of all, she’s
multi-dimensional, offensively. She has a post-up game,
she has a face-up game, she can play off the dribble. She can dunk the basketball. She can block shots, defend
with the likes of a guard, so that allows her to play
a lot of positions and a lot of roles for us, and how good can
Candace Parker be? She can be the best to ever
play the game. Hailing from Illinois, Candace began playing
competitively aged six. She became the first person
to win the prestigious Naismith High School
Player Of The Year award twice. Fendi, come here. Look! Look, Fendi. She doesn’t listen. Come here! I feel like basketball’s
been in my blood. My dad played basketball
at the University of Iowa, ’72 through ’76. My brother played, my oldest brother played
at Bradley University. Then he went on to
play in the NBA, and then he went overseas,
and now he’s back in the NBA playing for the
Toronto Raptors. There had been an intense
recruiting battle amongst numerous US
colleges to sign Candace, but there was only one place
she wanted to go. The University of Tennessee is just a great historical
programme. Pat Summitt has brought it, you
know, to where it is right now, and just the fan support,
obviously, the tradition, that’s what made me come here. With Candace on their roster, the Lady Vols were
attracting huge crowds. For their last game of the
2007 regular season, 24,000 fans were in attendance. They were hoping to see
Tennessee end their
Southeastern Conference season without losing a single match. Go hard. Go to the paint.
Go inside. Now, you’ve got a chance
to do something you haven’t done in a while. What’s that? Go undefeated
in this conference. Undefeated in this conference. And you do that,
you make a big statement, and you obviously lock up
your number one seed, which is a goal of ours…
has been. And we’re 40 minutes away. All right?
Hopefully, not 45! Let’s go! Let’s go, Lady Vols. Like many Tennessee matches
that season, the game turned into
the Candace Parker show. The Lady Vols cruised
to yet another victory. Here in Tennessee, they expect a National Championship every
year, and if you don’t win it, then it’s kind of like
a failure. So I feel like we have
the right parts to do it, and we just need
to put it all together and just accomplish that goal. Candace and the Lady Vols went on to win the 2007
National title, and then they repeated
the feat in the following year. Candace then turned
professional, and went on to star in
the WNBA. She helped Team USA
to win gold at both the 2008 and 2012
Olympic Games.

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