Can You Make Money Sports Betting?

Can You Make Money Sports Betting?

Hi, my name is Glen. i’m the Odds Coach.
Today we’re gonna be discussing the question: can you make money
sports betting. Being a successful sports bettor is an attainable goal, but it
requires a level of discipline, practice and understanding of the odds and how
sports books work to be successful. So I hope to take you through a spreadsheet
today that illustrates the winning percentages required and the volatility
in you can expect on your pathway to being a successful
sports bettor. Let’s jump to the desktop and I’ll talk you through this example.
What I have here is a spreadsheet that simulates 10,000 bets at a $110 per bet, -110 odds. Essentially straight across the board. This is a the type of odds that you
would get spread betting. Let me just break down how this spreadsheet works.
Down this side we have our 10,000 bets. Across the top we have various winning
percentages. This is the winning percentage that you’re projecting to win
at. I have between fifty and sixty percent any more than that…if anybody
tells you that they’re winning over the long term at a rate higher than that
they’re either trying to get money out of you or they’re deluding themselves. So how this works is with a random
number generator here versus the and the winning percentage that you are
projecting. It calculates out whether You’re either going to win a $100 or you’re going to lose your bet minus $110. Whether you’re gonna lose
a hundred and ten dollars is based on the winning percentage that were we’re
tracking here. Let’s go over to the graph. The first thing that I want to
show you is the expected winnings line. The red line here is a pure
mathematical calculation. There’s no randomness in that. Essentially that is
is showing, in this case, if you win 5,000 of your bets at a hundred dollars
and lost 5,000 of your bets at a hundred and ten dollars the result. You can
see that steady linear progression that’s what you’re gonna
focus on for the potential outcome. The problem is is when we look at the
winnings column, this is the simulation. Now, I can press ctrl-shift-F9 here
and I can run any number of simulations. You can watch that winnings number.
The blue line and the graph jump around and that’s the volatility with
which sports betting operates. The longer… the more bets you place, the
closer to that red line you’re going to get. At 10,000 bets these are sort of
the numbers that you’re looking at. What we see here, particularly in this
in this simulation, the red line and the blue line crossing at a point of 52.4%.
That’s a really important number for sports bettors. When you’re dealing with
a sports book that has a 10-percent vig (juice) The average sportsbook with- 110
odds, 52.4% is the number that you need to win, to break even in sports
betting. That’s your your starting
point as a sports bettor. You have to get to that point. Otherwise, as you can see
from both lines here you could end up losing a
significant amount of money. What this also shows is the the essential
progression as you become a better sports better, as you win at a higher
rate over the course of these 10,000 bets. If you’re going to win as
sixty percent rate the potential outcome there is around a hundred and sixty
thousand dollars. Winning at a sixty percent rate is very difficult and it
takes the discipline and the practice that I’ve mentioned before, but what I
wanted to show really solidly here is that you can make money sports betting
but every single percentage point here makes a difference in your outcome. Every percentage point helps cut down the volatility in the risk in losing money and also
increases your profit in a linear fashion. You have to fight for every
single every single dollar, every single bet that you place, every single odd that
you choose along the way. You’ll be able to download this spreadsheet from
the website, from the links below the video.Feel free to play around with it
once again. Press ctrl-shift F9 and you can run through as many simulations
as you want. Illustrate what you’re looking at should you want to become a long-term
successful sports bettor. Thanks. If you took anything away from this
video please remember to hit like and subscribe to the channel for future
videos. Also remember that each video has an associated article on
where we go into a little more depth and there’s downloadable files. Also on Odds
Coach you’ll find calculators, more in-depth betting articles and sports
book reviews. Thanks again for watching.

18 Replies to “Can You Make Money Sports Betting?”

  1. Making money is definitely possible. Can't be concerned ONLY with the short term millions though. Takes time, effort, patience, and a whole lot of blood, sweat & tears to actually be able to do it.

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  3. You’re going about this all wrong. Reconfigure your calculations except this time use +110 instead of -110. That’s the way I do it. Let Vegas pay YOU the vig and not the other way around on a 50% chance bet!

  4. The start was so promising with cool music and all, and after that you get to look at numbers for 6 min. straight. Yaaaaawn

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  6. that shit sounds complicated 🙁 just invest 3,000+ hours like i did and sacrafice $4000+ dollars to figure shit out the hard way and become obsessed enough to figure this shit out 😉 i have college football and college basketball down aswell as the nba…….plus i figured out how to beat baseball this year. anyways if you suck at betting and dont know shit ill release a bunch of free plays from something ive been working on ;p

  7. also if you dont know shit then just bet the patriots to cover their season win total going over because they do it almost every year……..kinda like alabama crimson tide in college football ect ect ✌

    ….hit em up during preseason football or nfl and if im not busy with the supercontest ill give you a play or something ^.^

  8. Your numbers don’t make sense to me. If you have any edge at all, you should be making money. I don’t understand how you can define the break even point as having a 2.4% edge. That should be a profitable edge, not break even. Makes no sense mathematically.

  9. The short answer is No. The long answer is spend years trying and then realise it is No. Fact is you are not lucky or good enough. The system is loaded and you won't beat it. Spend the time seeking other investment opportunities. I was a very focussed very coll and not unsuccessful gambler for years….I was making damn all. The time spent was not worth it.

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