Can You Identify These Countries By Their National Sport? | Ft. Rana Daggubati | Ok Tested

Can You Identify These Countries By Their National Sport? | Ft. Rana Daggubati | Ok Tested

How sporty am I? Whenever you people talk about
sports I become super happy… because I score the maximum in these quizzes. Genuinely I feel in this whole office, whole Delhi, whole India and whole universe..I am the person who watches the
maximum number of sports. The only sport I watch and play now… not play but watch now is Kabaddi. You people should not do sports quizzes. Why do you pick me for sports quizzes? I play all the racquet games and football as well. Guys I feel like I’m on
suddenly while saying this. Kabaddi…
I want to say India. But I have a feeling, this might be a trick question. Is it Nepal? I used to feel Kabaddi was played in Indian only, five years ago, but no.It’s the national sport of which country?
It was… founded in Tamil Nadu, that much I know. ‘Indian Kabaddi League’ this is the name of the tournament, right? Since the time that league has started,
the number of fans of Kabaddi in India has increased. We used to play Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Pithu, Hopscotch in school.Whose national sport is Kabaddi? That’s what. I don’t why I am asking him of all people.Kabaddi is the national sport of Bangladesh. Kabaddi is the national sport of Pakistan. Sorry I don’t know. I’m going to say Pakistan. India. Kabaddi is the national sport of Bangladesh.
I know this because I read it somewhere. Wow that’s pretty fun. I used to play Badminton a lot.
I used to play Badminton all night long. I used to reach home at 12:00 am because I used to play badminton after office hours. But I don’t know which country’s
national sport is badminton. I am good at playing Badminton, I like watching Badminton, I like buying Badminton racquets… and I love killing mosquitoes with a racquet. Saina Nehwal is from the city
I live in, so it’s Badminton around me. Badminton…
South Korea? Why do they call it a shuttle cock dude? Have you ever thought?I don’t know. Is it China, Philippines??
Somewhere in the Asian belt. I think I’ll go with Indonesia. I don’t know. Tell me.
Give me the answer. I don’t know this. I would say Japan. Let’s just go with China. Badminton is the national sort of Denmark. Why do people of Indonesia play Badminton when they have Bali. They can play something there, on the beach. There was this guy named Rikishi in WWE.
Anyone remembers Rikishi? He was a Sumo wrestler. Japanese, right?
We heard it since we were kids. Do I look like I’ve done Sumo wrestling? I don’t know why but each time I hear a
question I feel it is China’s national sport. As soon as I hear Sumo Wrestling all I can recall is how badly Shahrukh Khan
got bashed by that Sumo wrestler in ‘Rab ne bana di jodi’. I guess Japan. Sumo wrestlers are from there only, right? Sumo wrestling, come on, Japan. If I get this wrong that’s damn sad. I think it’s Japan . Sumo wrestling came from Malaysia, I’m sure.
I think it’s from Japan. Because that’s how I’ve always
associated with Sumo Wrestling in my life. Japan. Right?
Seriously? Yes!!! Golf is such an expensive sport that
people usually play this sport… after their retirement because
they can spend all their money on that. The only person I can remember
when I hear Golf is Tiger Woods. It’s definitely the slowest freaking game, in the world. Which country’s national
sport can Golf be, which country is pretentious? Who invented Golf? Golf is the national sport of Argentina.
I’ve no idea about this, I am saying Argentina just like that. Scotland, the highlands. I think it’s either New Zealand or Switzerland because these countries are quite wealthy. I will say Switzerland. Is it America? Let’s go with America because I don’t actually know what’s the national sport of America. And I don’t have to, like if I don’t know about other countries why should I know about America? Oh fu*k Scotland. Volleyball is nice, I’ve played Volleyball it’s pretty good. It’s fun. Did you know you can headbutt in
Volleyball, that’s allowed. Yeah yeah I’m not joking,
yeah yeah. See, suddenly like the whole world is coming to me so there are like hundred countries that play this sport. So Volleyball is another sport that I like playing but I don’t know which country’s national sport it is. Volleyball will be that country’s national sport who will have beaches, otherwise where will they practice. What is it? Sri Lanka. I think it’s Australia. Volleyball is the national sport of Argentina.
Let’s go with Vietnam. Volleyball is the national sport of Trinidad and Tobago. I think I’ll lock Thailand because I think that it started on a beach and it must have come out from Asia. Oh really?? Also some Asian country. Yes. Yeah, see I’m right. It cannot be India’s, Pakistan’s,
Bangladesh’s, Sri Lanka’s national sport. I know it was banned in Russia. Yeah it was banned. Not right now, but earlier.
They thought it was dangerous for people. This is the sixth question and the last question of this quiz and I’ve answered all the questions wrong till now. I’ll try to answer this correctly. Okay, I’ll go for China. If you see these funny Chinese guys
online, you know they are hitting the ball… from 5 km away and the ball is going into the cup, it’s very beautiful. So guys my answer is China. China. Is it China? Yeah it’s China. It’s the same thing right Ping Pong and
Table Tennis is the same, China. Let’s just go with China. Table Tennis is the national sport of China. I’m right. Three right answers, I’m really happy
I don’t care whoever scored the highest… I’m happy. Well I remember the country for the food
and many other things the country has to offer… sports might not be the first thing on my agenda. I think Pavitra is going to win this quiz because he is one of the biggest sports guys… you know he is very into sports. He is always like ‘Akshay did you watch this?’, so I think Pavitra will win this… by a mile and he’ll give all the right answers. He is going to kill the scene. Alright I got everything wrong in this video but please… LIKE this video… COMMENT down below and SUBSCRIBE to… ‘OK TESTED’.

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  1. Watching Pavitra get everything wrong after hearing him say he knows the most about sports was an especially amusing form of entertainment ?

  2. So knowing national sport is your criteria of knowing sports? I don't know how this information helps in understanding the sport better in anyway. This quiz is lost opportunity to do something fun and meaningful with sports. Very unsporting quiz.

  3. Yaar koi tho Mujhe us editor se milvao jo itne badiya subtitles likthe hain
    1:13– especially this ?
    Other Highlights-
    Akshay said kabbaddi 22 times.(Play the video in 0.25x and 2x it's crazy guys.)
    Akshay saying pavithra will win this ?
    Akshay is dam cute man! ??
    Lots of love ❤

  4. Rikishi wwe was not sumo wrestlers. They come from the family of samoans mostly from miami. He was uncle of rock. but the confidence in ppl are crazy. and why is this on my suggestions

  5. Volleyball is also a national sport of Bulgaria, I came to know in one of travels and China doesn't have any official national sport.

  6. Anyone else who clicked on this video just because of Rana in it ??????????????????#dieheartfan #❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????

  7. Thank you so much for the knowledge you guys are sharing on the internet. I love this channel ❤️

    Waiting for more quiz like these.

  8. 4:00 …itna bada bhasan Dene ka Kya jaroorat tha..

    And the way you were saying it…you sounded very jealous of America….. there's no need defame Any country…chill????????

  9. Pavitra: raat me Machar ko badminton se maarna Aalag Ba'ath hai . Even me

    Who think they also do that then give a like ??


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