Can Racing Games Make You Faster in Real Life?

Can Racing Games Make You Faster in Real Life?

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  1. Only just got around to watching this. Amazing work. Really well put together!!! Thank you once again for having me on the channel.

  2. All teams say that they are only used for learning the tracks, anything other than that is bullshit.
    Of coarse people that make sim toys are going to say anything to sell their product.
    The best way will be to take your car to an AutoX event, or do a Track day.
    I have done all the above, and been sim racing for 20 years. Sure sim racing is fun,
    and you can learn driving techniques, and track layouts, but will it make you faster… NO
    It might shorten the beginners learning curve is all.

  3. Actually by driving in Forza through the years, I notice that in a dangerous conditions I was totally focused and never felt panic, I knew what to do and how to do it feeling always in control, meanwhile my two passengers thought we were close to a huge accicent on the highway due a car crashed agains a dog (poor dog btw). Conclution: Yes, you become better driver.

  4. A tool in the toolbox is what sim racing is,and only real sims not games like Forza and Gran Turismo(GT fan since the beginning) 8 year member of iRacing now.Took my C5 out on a track day weekend event,and was able to get my novice solo license on my second out(Barber motor-sports park).My instructor said that my simulator experience showed.I was trail braking in the corners and got the car a little unhappy just once,and i was like whoa.and i said to him yea i been trail braking in the corners he says yea i know but i was doing a good job at it,that he didn't say anything.Point is they said in the drivers meeting at our level we were only to strait line brake.We were allowed to pass in the straits with a hand signal for safety.Slower drivers must not hold up faster drivers.I was able to pass many people with far superior cars to mine.So my opinion is can sim help is yes.Is it real to life NO.Like one of the pro drivers said it can help you learn RACE CRAFT.Trying to learn this in real life could cost you a lot more than hitting the reset button if you get it wrong.Even though i was faster than probably every novice out there i knew in the back of my mind if i run off the track,and hit a wall,it is going to cost me real money,and possibly pain.Sim racing is great but its like asking someone if there scared of heights while your on the ground to only find out later they cant even go 40ft on an extension ladder.Doing 140 MPH in real life is not the same as it is on a sim.

  5. These rigs are meant for professional racing teams, for amateur track enthusiasts nothing can replace the actual circuit experience and they are better off spending their money on track days.

  6. Karting in real life together with Sim Racing on a decent setup will make you much more prepared for the real thing (track days).

  7. Racing games made me love driving and racing cars and if you take it too seriously,yes of course it can help you in real life.

  8. The answer is no… Absolutely not. Like saying playing a boxing game will make you a better boxer… Stupid as hell guys. Stop comparing games to real life lmao

  9. How about normal people save money learning tracks at least. So it may not make you ultimately faster but it makes your faster, faster 😂

  10. No. But it can be a fun way to learn the tracks that you'll be racing. As good racing games and simulators might have become, they're still not even close to the real thing. Not even close.

  11. No they don't.
    Just ask all the best race car drivers from the 1970s and 1980s…
    (when racing was racing)
    Before the internet and PlayStation or Xbox came out. The best advice you've going to get is in a real car.

  12. Even a Arcade-Sim like FM thought me how cars react, what should I if I lose grip (in which way), and most importantly, where my wheels are. Not to mention being waay smoother too. I feel like I became sharper overtime and my experience on Sims carried over to real life and my experience on real life carried over sims.

    Also yeah, FM sucks if you want realism. I'm currently on AC, iRacing is extremely expensive to consider (Turkish currency is a joke).

  13. try real racing 3.
    It really improved my control of steering in real life.
    I am not scared of fast-moving intersections nowadays because of that.

  14. Sure they can, it gives u some experience. Ofc u dont get real feeling but there is no discussion or video needed to know that u can learn the basics or getting a faster race driver. so obvious.

  15. I could say only one thing. Yes Live For Speed, Assetto Corsa or Project Cars with wheel helped me a lot. Drivers license for first try and even at start i would do it.

  16. Ok so I raced KARTS as a younger person did well Got into Stockcars at 14 on dirt did great then the family business burned to the ground after a lighting storm and we just could not afford to continue. Everyone felt like I was pretty good that was in the early 70s
    Move forward to the first sim racing game of NASCAR 1 PAPYRUS and I got hooked been doing it ever since
    Forward to 2017
    Got a ride in a Asphalt Modified at our local track never raced one
    First time out took the pole finished in 3rd
    Second time out took the Pole SET QUICK TIME FOR THE TRACK finished 2nd
    They stopped the Pro series at the track dont have a ride

  17. I've done the VR thing, on a very similar setup; the 4 corner motion and other stuff, and I didn't get motion sick at all. And that was my first time ever doing it, and I'm only 13. I also hope to start drifting as I get my permit an license. At home, I drive on a Logitech G920 setup with the optional shifter, and a custom made wood table for it. I had my dad help me with the table, he made the models for the pieces, and sent them to his workplace's shop, where there is a 3D printer, laser cutter, all that fancy shit, and got it carved out. Then we put it together, tested it, and noticed we needed to add supports as it had a tendency to tip. We had extra wood at home and just quickly cut two pieces and glued them to the side. The seat I use is just a chair from Costco. I sit on a few pillows, as I'm still a bit short, but all in all it's perfect for me

  18. Short answer yes it can I mean f1 drivers that's how they practice alot many many people do it and no it isnt identical that's jot the damn point its learning corners how your supposed to hold your lines things like that the sims are to get the feeling close but of course that wont be the same but the certain things you should pay attention to will def help you out I've seen a sim racer that never drove an f1 car go into a real f1 car and kill it shockingly I mean it does help

  19. My dad have a friend now he is a profesional drifter and he have a 370z with rall cage spoiler and all requierments for drifting …when he was younger used to learn and train with a simulator

  20. A steering wheel is the best simulator game ever its like the dream that I want to do because I’m still a teenager and I cant drive fast as i do in the games…
    What i mean to tell is that games aren’t like real life but steering wheels will 900% it will improve u and its really good for learning and fun!!!❤️❤️❤️

  21. I think it can as my Dad and my mum told me a storie that my day had a BMW m3 and he was drifting it round for some reason on the streets. He said it effected in his driving playing Grand Trismo. Lol

  22. I’ve taught 4 people how to drive stick by using a g29 setup. When they went into real car they were ok to drive manual comfortably within an hour.

  23. I actually learned to drive playing Meet For Speed Underground 2 with a steering wheel control and pedals, said control It was from my cousin Ronnie who lent it to me for a few weeks and during those weeks I played like crazy using the pedals and the steering wheel, the first time I tried to drive a vehicle in real life just repeating what I had learned in the game and in fact it was very simple, so yes I learned to drive thanks to a video game

  24. To me, and some may say it's an oversimplification, I think it helps overall. This was my thought before watching the video, and it turns out it's pretty much what the consensus seems to be. But it's not necessarily backwards compatible in all aspects. It's substantially more beneficial if you go from sims to real world, than from real world, to sims. Because nothing is as good as the real thing obviously, once you step down, you're not getting the same benefits. Great video.

  25. I completely agree. You can understand and get more comfortable in real world from a sim but it doesnt just make you better at driving a certain car.

  26. First time i drove a real car i was only 12yo, my dad let me drove that car for almost half a year before he sold it. I just fell in love with driving and with the idea of having a car but obviously i was way too young to drive on city streets. At 14 he bought me a g920 and i had no idea how to use it, yet after 2 years of practice, 300+ hr just in assetto corsa, ets2 and fh3/fh4 i believe i improved a lot. I love drifting and now i can tandem on almost every track i get some practice on, got my best lap time on the nurburgring, 7:47 with a manual e30 and now im trying to improve on GT3 racing. So yes i think you can improve with just a steering wheel, not really a 35k sim.

  27. I dont have my drivers license yet but I can say sim driving has helped me a lot. I pretty much taught myself how to park a car in city car driving to the point where I can park a car in real life which I hear is a big challenge for new drivers, so I say if you want to dip your toes into driving whether it be every day driving practice or to be the next pikes peak winner sim wheel setups are a great way to start

  28. wohoo … thank you Gt for putting PC/Sim racers in the spotlight …and ofcourse many many other amasing players /drivers/racers … awesome documentary

  29. I'm being in the process of obtaining my license right now and a few days ago I was horrible at shifting, I started playing Forza with manual shifting on. Not because I thought it could help me or something and then I understood more about why you have to shift down/up and I'm actually better at driving now.

  30. Of course they do! They trained me to wreck cars into oblivion whenever i get mad or need to get
    a higher position.

  31. The short answer is yes. I've been a petrolhead since I was a kid. My dad put me in a go-kart the first time when I was 10 years old and tried to teach me how to take corners. What gran turismo and my simulator has taught me is how to take corners, seating position, breaking points etc which has improved the way I drive in real life. I've noticed that when I kept myself away from the simulator for months my driving IRL suffered a bit in terms of reaction speed. As soon as I sit there for a couple of hours it comes back to me. Yes

  32. Obviously sure,even f1 drivers use simulators to train,even if u play with controller n not steeering wheel u are going 2 learn how 2 take the curves

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