Can It Be Done? | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E1

Can It Be Done? | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E1

sup guys raw sadly here athlete adventurer you might remember me from last year from strongman swimming those who don’t know this is when I attempted to swim from Martinique to st. Lucia pulling a hundred pound tree didn’t quite go to plans which is why this year kind of feel I’ve got unfinished business when it comes to all things swimming is this one idea I’ve always wanted to do that you’re gonna like this [Music] I want to become the very first person to swim all the way around the coast of mainland Britain without ever touching land when attempting such a historic swim there are certain rules that must be strictly adhered to the entire swim is only complete when I pass the point that I started out to certify that Great Britain has been successfully circumnavigated and of course I’ll be tracked recorded and measured on GPS throughout the entire swim so how exactly is this soon going to be achieved well worth noting is many people have tried no one has succeeded so there really isn’t a blueprint we think it will be a hundred days of swimming between 30 to 50 kilometres a day now to put that into perspective that’s why swimming the English Channel every single day for a hundred days I’ll be swimming day and night in six hour intervals to work with the powerful tides that exist all around the coast of Great Britain we estimate that my shoulders will endure 2.4 million strokes to complete the entire swim I’ll be consuming over a million calories in reality there’s so many risks and things that could go wrong all around the coast that could bring an abrupt end to the great british swim giant jellyfish don’t feelings can wail all of which might not be friendly and if that’s not enough it’s just been reported that there’s a great white shark surfing in the UK saltwater exposure for a hundred days what that can lead to is Salt mouth where the tongue and the throat swells up and even just abrasions of the skin if we manage to do this we will break multiple world records in the process but before I do anything else I need to go and see some experts ladies and gentlemen this is Harrison and Ross where they treat many elite athletes myself first up tests I don’t think I’m gonna do all that well gentlemen how we doing guys I’m gonna apologize in advance I know you’re gonna test me now and you know I’m gonna be bad so what we’ve got the boats we’ve got tests up first haven’t we [Music] ten seventies is that bad that’s terrible it’s just where you’re at Ross it’s just wait a minute what’s the record what’s the worse for that I think it was Ross that you won right side [Music] what’s happened now gone to town on my back which was two of you and we think obviously you thrice it’s fine extension of the back really really important during summits and we think and ho touchwood that I have more than 10 centimeters of mobility now my thoracic spine is that you are magicians bless you bless you okay so what’s happening right now Darrin behind me to the Oh genius no strength test but on the rotate to come but was it I so country here’s Madhu Anne isokinetic test on you just to see what’s going on internal and external rotation on those shoulders of yours that’s right gonna get strapped in and like I said I don’t I don’t really know but I man any sort strength test I tend to get quite competitive yes again keep going buddy Doki Doki Doki Doki I relax oh okay shoulder strength test done Darren what the scores on the doors how was it interesting some interesting scores so not quite what we expected but that’s why we do these sorts of things oh my jeff actually have it look at the ellipsis Jeff Rossen and total work 30 percent down I’d be interested to have that shoulder treated and do it again this is the part I was not looking forward to I thought I’d got away with it and but I haven’t so gonna go in there now see Jeff who has some henge forearms so I don’t think he’s gonna be oh there he is but this size of his forearms know what eyes are actually watering coupla needles and they move there we go this is numb as well at the moment you said do 20 minutes with Jeff or swim 100 days I’m like where’s my goggles okay I hope that that’s improved my job we’re now gonna go and test it video out Donna’s gonna hook me up to the machine again I’m gonna go hard on this cuz I just to put that into perspective I had a 30 percent deficit my left was 30 percent basically in a weaker and now my left shoulder is actually stronger than my right that’s crazy physio done that was brutal I’m not gonna lie I feel like I’ve been beaten up was really good though I think one thing I’m going to take away from this is the swimming is only a part of it the prehab is going to play such a key role in and even before I get in the water I need to be working on shoulder mobility shoulder strength Darren and Jeff have given me so much homework to do just about to go home go back to HQ and start putting into practice [Music] Wow if I wasn’t nervous before I’m terrified now so much to do and just not much time to do it I need to get back in I need to get pregnant we are well and truly at the business end of things stocks been arriving all week which is why I wanted to do this very quick video just to show you the supplies and stocks that you need just to get started and outside the harbor come take a peek at this okay that is all food like I said not a hundred days worth we might have to restock but this is certainly enough to get me going I’m not gonna lie caffeine is gonna be my best friend four out of these hundred days lots of different kinds of wetsuits you’re not just gonna have warm baths gonna have loads of different pairs I’m not constantly cold and try and like give the body something a little bit different wear so I don’t suffer from shaking so much dry roads probably my best friend when it comes to the combating hypothermia prehab it’s gonna be so important to take care of the body for out the whole swim this is gonna be one on lost long before I get in the water foam roller as well make sure I’m taking care of the deep tissue of muscle therapy and also most importantly these from global telly sack communications to make sure that I’m tracked all the way round the GB Coast and you can track me all around the coast of Great Britain pretty important so there you have it some of the supplies I need just to set sail I’m gonna be at sea for a hundred days and having spoke to any and every expert I can find one thing that’s clear is no one really knows what’s gonna happen which is why I think it’s so important we’ve broadcast the great British film to as many people as possible along with the lessons we learned along the way and what I’m gonna be bringing you weekly vlogs on Red Bulls YouTube channel Instagram Twitter and Facebook so if you got any questions or maybe you’ve got some tips on food hydration coping with the cold or maybe local sea knowledge whether that’s sailing or swimming hit me up in the comments and make sure you like and subscribe ultimately this is gonna be a massive team effort and I can’t do this alone I’m lost Edgley and this is the great British swim

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  1. Episode 2 of The Great British Swim is out now! Watch it here:

  2. Sorry you don’t stand a chance. 30km a day in 6 hours is 90 seconds per 100m – which is aerobic for an Elite junior swimmer in a pool.
    You’re too muscly to be a swimmer.

  3. Good luck Ross! Been following your progress on Instagram, keep up the positivity 😁 inspirationonal! When are we doing the night runs at Chester Zoo!?!?!

  4. All I could think in the last swimming one was where the hell is he going to the loo during these 6-10+ hour swims….?

  5. It’s just that though, he’s not a swimmer. He isn’t built for swimming, he’s built for lifting. It’s impressive that he’s accomplished what he’s accomplished thus far.

  6. How can someone with such a shape do an ridiculouse endurance Challenge? I mean these muscels are Just contra produktive

  7. he must of gotten paid so much for that one sip of redbull
    that stuff is so bad for youre health
    an athlete would never drink it.
    sorry redbull but why you sponsoring athletes.?

  8. If anyone were to do it, i think they would need to be quite skinny, because anyone with this muscle would probably be fatigued way too quickly. That being said, I don't think anyone will do this within the next 200 years.

  9. Haha, no, no he won't make it. No idea who this guy is, but I can already say with 100% certainty he won't make it.

  10. This guy is great. I really enjoy his work,
    as he aims for ambitions things.
    Stay strong, keep on fighting and go beyond your limits! 👍🏻💪🏻

  11. This popped up as an advertisement on my yt feed, but, this is the kind of ad I want to see, props to Red Bull and good luck to Ross!

  12. Thanks for the shout out Ross (7:58) 🙂 We will be eagerly tracking your progress with our SPOT satellite tracker!

  13. Funny scrolling through this pessimistic/sometimes realistic(you would think) comment section after he actually made it back to Margate. Great effort Ross🍻

  14. Funny scrolling through this pessimistic/sometimes realistic(you would think) comment section after he actually made it back to Margate. Great effort Ross🍻

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