Can fitness influencers handle a water polo workout from Team Italy? | Hitting the Wall

Can fitness influencers handle a water polo workout from Team Italy? | Hitting the Wall

FOR WATER POLO) – We are in Italy.
– What? And we’re going to
do water polo today. Oh, my gosh. – Hopefully not in here.
– Hopefully not. But I’m very excited
to go meet Mateo. Let’s go get breakfast. (RAPALLO, LIGURIA, ITALY) My name is Matteo Aicardi, and I’m an Italian Olympic
water polo player. I think hitting the wall is
the secret to reach your goals. Because if you don’t
hit the wall every day, every single day,
you won’t ever be able to win a medal
at the Olympics. What’d you have for breakfast? I ate some prosciutto and
melon. Everything is ham. Hi. I am Mateo. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. – Mateo.
– Karina. How much of your training
would you say is in the water versus in a gym setting? We spend most of our time
in the water. We spend just one hour and
a half per day in the gym and then four or five
hours in the water. Wow. I’ve never played
like a water sport. – Me either.
– No. It involves a lot
of cardio, as well. Do you train like
on a treadmill? Just in the water. We swim, like,
2,000, 3,000, 4,000 metres three times per week. And this is our cardio. And if you girls agree, we can
have some training with me. – Yes.
– Let’s do it. Let’s do it. (WATER POLO WARM-UP) Hi, girls. Welcome to my gym. – Hi, coach Mateo.
– Hi. We are ready. This is where I have
practice every day. And I hope to make
you enjoy this gym. – OK?
– Enjoy? Yeah. We’ll see about that. Let’s go. Ready? Go. (PLANK VARIATIONS
10 SETS OF 20 SECONDS) Do we smile while
we’re doing it? So we can raise one hand
and the opposite leg. OK? Like this for five seconds. I’m like, are you kidding me? Good. The other one. Good. This is more difficult.
I’ll show you. Go like this. And then on the other side. Oh, it’s like a kick
through type of thing. – OK.
– You like this? – Yep.
– Yes. I think that’s been
like five minutes. – Good job.
– Yeah. (WATER POLO TRAINING) So, let’s do
the Turkish get-up. Turkish get-up. All right. We have to raise the bell
like this, using all your body. Mm-hmm.
And that’s the first step. And then? Same leg. Planted. Yep. – Push with your glutes.
– Mm-hmm. – And your…
– Arm planted. ..arm. Yes. Then with the glutes
and your hip… ..pull your leg… Back into it now. Back straight. Then come back. Same thing.
So you just reverse your… Tuck that hand,
leg all the way down. Oh! We need pectorals in the water. Do you do a lot of
shoulder work as well? – Yes.
– I would think so. – Deltoids.
– A lot of shoulder. – Have to be so strong.
– Mm-hmm. Push your arm down. Oh, so it’s all delts. That’s all delts. For the shoulder, I’ll show
you what we do usually. – This is a…
– Baseball bat? No. Unfortunately not. It’s a steel club. So we use this like…we make
a turn around the shoulder. I need some deodorant.
I’m just kidding. It’s a good way to check. You stay strong with hips. – Mm-hmm. And glutes tight.
– Glutes. And then pass through the neck. Dip it behind your back. – And then…
– Switch. – Pull.
– Here. We can make it harder. We balance on the fit ball
and do the same exercise with the steel club. Let’s try it with you. Oh! – You’ve got it, Karina.
– OK. You’ve got feel good not
to be drowned in the water. That’s right. – You feel good?
– I’m ready. – OK.
– Yes. Nice. – OK.
– Very good. Oh, I feel this core
strength coming into play. – Yes.
– Very good. I don’t know. I don’t play around
with these too much. This is going to be hard. OK. I feel decent. I don’t know if good
is the right word. You got it, girlfriend. – OK.
– Look at the focus. Oh, yeah. Very good. Oh, let’s see if I can get one.
Oh, Lord. – Very good.
– Yay! I passed. I did one. It’s tough. This part is tough. It’s fun, though. It’s so much
harder than it looks. Oh, way hard.
This part is a lot harder. That’s tough. I knew water polo is like
one of the toughest sports. – Yes. Yes.
– That’s interesting. But now I respect you
so much more. Water polo was first
introduced as an Olympic sport during the second
Olympic games in 1900. Italy’s men’s team
has been favourite, with only Hungary and the US having more medals
to their name. The game is played with
teams of seven that play for four periods. – Hi, girls.
– Hi. This is our training pool. This is Francesco,
our goalie today. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. This is what we
wear in the pool. – Fashionable.
– Yes. It’s a fresh one and
sexy just for you. These are so cute. So let’s jump in the pool. Go. You have to relax like this. This. In a circle. With your hands, the same. When you feel comfortable,
you can raise your hand. – Like this.
– Excuse me? I’m not that comfortable. I don’t think water polo’s
my sport. Let’s see one. Oh, very good. Very good.
Very good. It makes my legs bow. Very good. I’m already tired. This is our ball. OK? So you can learn how
to pass the ball. And you have to stay high. And higher as much as you can. And then, after this,
you can shoot. Like this. I see why you have to keep your
shoulders out of the water, – to get all that power.
– Yep. – Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
– Oh, one hand. First rule,
two hands, it’s fault. I like it. It’s fun. You get distracted by the ball, so you just forget
you’re tired. It just starts to go
on, like, auto-pilot. Girls, here’s the medal
for Hitting The Wall. The challenge is who scores
the most goals to Francesco. OK? You have five shots. – Are you ready?
– Let’s do it. Yeah? Let’s go. (WATER POLO SHOOT-OUT) – Too high.
– Too strong. This is hard, yeah. Last shot? Good job, girls. – Karina, you won…
– Yeah! ..the Hitting The Wall
gold medal. Thank you. I had so much fun. Thank you
so much for teaching us. – Did you enjoy water polo?
– I did. – Yes.
– Huh, Francesco? – Yes.
– Yes. Mateo was fantastic. And I understand now how
hard water polo really is. And I think now Karina and
Carmen knows about water polo. So maybe they add
a little swimming training in their schedule. It reminded me how much
I love sports and performance, and functional training,
training for a purpose. I can’t wait to go back in
and try everything that Mateo taught me. Next time on Hitting The Wall, we’ll be meeting up with
female boxer Marlen. Can we keep up? Let’s find out.

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