Can Dutch hockey star Ellen Hoog help a team who doesn’t score win? | The Z Team

Can Dutch hockey star Ellen Hoog help a team who doesn’t score win? | The Z Team

(THE Z TEAM) (DELFT, NETHERLANDS) Hockey is the number one
women’s sport in the Netherlands, and in the town of Delft
Ring Pass one of its most established clubs. For the past eight years
its girls under-18 first team has played in the top division
and even gained promotion to the national league by winning the regional title
last season. But in a few months
all that has changed. A string of heavy defeats, two successive relegations and a team that’s running out
of time to save their season. We lost 7-1. We lost 7-0. We lost 7-1. We lost 5-1. We lost 4-0. We lost 9-0. We lost 3-1. It was high scores every time.
We’ve conceded a lot of goals. I’ve known these girls
for a very long time and I know their strengths. It’s a real shame they
haven’t been able to show what they can do so far. It’s hurt me, but it’s
really hurt the girls a lot. As a coach, I know how much
time I’ve invested into this but that doesn’t matter
if the girls are unhappy. Because then I’m unhappy too.
It certainly hurts me. But help is on its way, in the
form of Dutch hockey icon Ellen Hoog. Can she turn around the
fortunes of this once successful team and return them
to winning ways? (ELLEN HOOG
DOUBLE OLYMPIC GOLD) In a career spanning 12 years, Ellen Hoog won two Olympic
gold medals and a silver as an integral part of
the Netherland’s all-conquering women’s national hockey team. With over 200 appearances
and 60 goals to her name, her high-energy attacking style
helped make her one of her country’s most
effective players. Ellen Hoog! There’s probably no female
hockey player with a higher profile in the game. I want to work in
a positive way with the girls, I think I want to inspire
them and tell them my story and my experience and then hopefully they will
get motivated and get inspired. (DAY 1) As the evening training session
begins, team coach Aly Beijer has a little surprise for
the girls. – Hello, were you expecting me?
– No! I am going to work
with you this week. I hear that things have
not been going so well. – Is that right?
– Yes! What’s been going wrong, then?
Tell me! The morale in the team is
pretty bad right now. We’ve lost so many matches.
We just have to find a way out of this. If we go 2-0 behind,
we can keep it together, but when it goes to 3-0,
4-0, we just fall apart. Our heads drop… And then we start
shouting at each other. We are going
to work on this, this week. – I hope you’re up for it?
– Yes! We have to win this game
at the end of the week and right here is where
it starts. OK, let’s go! Ellen has just one week
to transform the team from one that has begun
to see losing as a way of life, into the winning machine that will be fighting
for promotion, not trying to avoid relegation this
season. Are you being critical?
Don’t worry about it! Stop! Stop! Stop!
Don’t say sorry! Saying sorry is negative. Don’t apologise when
you’ve done something wrong. And this first exercise is all
about the girls rediscovering their love for the game. Yeah, the vibe is very good. The enthusiasm is very high and
they are very happy, I think. It’s a nice group of girls
and I think they really want to learn.
So far, so good. In just five days,
it will be hard to improve the technical skills of
the team, but mental strength, or lack
of it, is Ellen’s main target. You are all going
to make mistakes! I hear you trying not to
swear… instead
you often shout “Oh!” But saying, “Oh!”
has negative associations. You wouldn’t say, “Oh!”
if you scored a great goal or made a fantastic pass,
would you? So I don’t want to hear you
saying it again! All right? When they first saw her arrive,
they were pretty nervous. But once she started
working with them, it was like
a switch had been flicked. And it’s because she’s here
that they really want to put in 100%.
They are so excited! (LISE, CAPTAIN) This is captain Lise
Bom’s second season with the under-18s and it’s been a roller-coaster
journey from last year’s triumphs to leading a team in trouble. I spend a lot of time
with Daphne and Tamée. We all love our sport,
but I think it’s good to spend time together
outside of hockey too. That way you get
to know each other better. As captain it’s been
especially tough for Lise, adjusting to her new
responsibilities and no longer just one of the team. At times it feels like
you have the whole team on your shoulders. You really feel
the pressure to get it right and that can be very stressful. (DAY 2) So this all looks
pretty familiar, I hope? We are going to carry on from
where we left off yesterday. Slap pass to the right of
the cone, receive the pass, go round the cone and then
push it to the player there. If you’re the first
player to the top of the “D”, you shoot for two points. If you’re the second,
you shoot for one point. I want this exercise to be done
at speed, but once you get the ball,
take the time to aim and shoot. OK. So let’s split up! (SLAP PASS AND SCORE) Fast movement and effective
passing is the foundation for any successful attack
in hockey. Without it, a team will never get
those vital opportunities in the shooting circle. And delivering accurate passes
under pressure and quickly is something the team
really has to work at. That’s good! Nice and quick! Good pass! Push that one and hit that one. Well passed! When they have the opportunity
to score they really take the time now and they take time in the “D”. It’s getting much better than
yesterday, so I’m very happy now. I think because Ellen
is obviously a big player when she says something, you
take it onboard straight away and go with it. I think the training exercises
have been really useful so far and I’ve enjoyed them all. (DAY 3) Let’s make some teams. I’m going
to hand out the bibs. Let’s have
a seven against seven. For the first five minutes,
no talking! Be very aware
of what you’re doing with your body language too. This sort of thing is very
annoying for your fellow players. But this is very different. It radiates energy, feels
positive. Make sure that
there’s lots of eye contact. So many of the team’s struggles
this season have come down to miscommunication
on the field, so focusing on their own play and
not being too ready to comment on their team-mates’
performance is an important lesson
for the girls to learn. OK, come round. OK, how was it? It was really tricky
and pretty weird! I really wanted to
say something. You do it automatically
without thinking. And you want to say
“here” or “behind you”, but you can’t. Sometimes you
want to switch or warn another player but you can’t. And when you can’t talk,
there’s no time to be annoyed, no time for swear words,
no time for an “oh” or “ah” or “shit”. The group is very, very nice
and happy and enthusiastic, but they talk a lot. But also of course, the
scoring, that’s a tiny problem here in this team. When you score it gives you
a great feeling and they have to experience that and
they’ve got a lot of lost games last season, so I think they
need a little faith and trust. (DAY 5) The final day of training and
24 hours from now the girls will be lining up
for probably the biggest match of their lives. In this exercise four attackers
take on three defenders, working the ball into
the shooting circle and trying to create
the space to give them the best possible chance to score. Play on! Play on! Well played! The scoring position
is really important here. They really have to think
about it, where they have to be to score a goal,
especially with these girls because when it’s not going
really well, then sometimes they hide from the ball. They don’t want the ball
and they get very passive. OK! Gather round! Let’s talk about
attacking positions in the “D”. What’s important during the
match is to make sure you have someone on the back
line free to receive the ball. When you get
near to or in the “D” and there’s an opportunity to
pass, the far post position
is very important. And what is especially
important there? – At the far post?
– Stick down! Often, you’re not quick enough
and it goes straight through. That’s a shame, as those sorts
of goals are easy to score. This is it,
the last training session and I think the girls
are ready for the match. I think we did everything
we could, yeah. I’m happy. (MATCH DAY) The countdown has begun
and there’s no escaping just how important this game
is. Another loss and their chance
of promotion out of this division could be
in the balance. Stay focused on your game-plan. Even if things don’t go
as well as you had hoped, keep that positive
attitude throughout the match. And remember, that positive
attitude can deliver this. I’ll just get
something out of my bag. I’ll pass it round
so you can all have a look. So, I hope it inspires you to
keep going, whatever happens. Because anything is possible. Today is like your Olympics. That’s what it feels like
to me. It’s really like a final. And I want you to give
everything you have to win this final. And most importantly work
together and for each other. I don’t care who they are
and where they come from. We’re going to beat them today!
So come on, girls! Let’s get out there! Tonight is not just about Ring
Pass’s league position, but the very
survival of their team. Can the girls
restore their self-belief? Their opponents, Berkel,
have scored nearly 30 goals this season
compared to Ring Pass’s nine. Come on, Ring Pass! Pressure on! Well done! Good effort! Berkel are a physical,
hard-pressing side. Ring Pass are trying
to soak up the pressure and find a way forward. Good pass! It’s no goal, no goal. The girls’ commitment is clear
early on. They’re fighting for every ball,
determined not to concede an early goal and risk
derailing their confidence. Penalty corner to Ring Pass. A signature drag flick from
Maaike, a great follow-up. And it’s 1-0 to Ring Pass. The dream start for the girls, but they’ve got to keep
the pressure on and maintain focus. Ring Pass are trying to keep
momentum on their side. It’s another penalty corner. Yes! It’s 2-0,
a captain’s goal from Lise. The girls have never been
in this position before. And neither has Berkel’s coach,
finding his team 2-0 down with barely ten minutes
on the clock. Lise again, to make it 3-0. Ring Pass on another level to anything
they’ve done all season. Great job! Great job! The girls have started
well before, only to fade away as their energy drops. Get back! Help them out! Berkel back on the counter. Well done! Now, go! Can the Ring Pass defence keep
their shape? Good save! Berkel is piling on the
pressure. And Ring Pass’s players
are feeling it. Keeper Moise de Koning denies
her opponents a breakthrough. Well saved! In the “D” now and Tamée
looking desperately for a way through the Berkel defence. Fantastic, girls! The girls have not scored four
in a single game all season. (RING PASS 4 – 0 BERKEL) The team maintain the shutout
on Berkel up to the break. But their coach knows
it’s far from over. Ring Pass have been in winning
positions before this season, but lost their
way and suffered defeat. Push it! Push it! But have they got
the mental toughness and physical strength
to stay on top? The game’s been
played at a blistering pace. Berkel surge forward and Ring Pass’s defence left
exposed. This is the real test now –
can they stay strong? (RING PASS 4 – 1 BERKEL) Surely Ring Pass
can’t surrender their lead now? It’s been a relentless
contest without let-up and Ring Pass’s defence resisting Berkel
to the very end. 4-1 Ring Pass, and Ellen and the team
have done it. They’ve finally won, and in style. Every player in every position
giving total commitment. The dream has become
a reality. I’m happy! A happy coach here! They really performed
as a team today and they were very positive, so it looks
like they listened to me! It’s a good feeling. For Ellen it’s time to hand
the team back, and for the girls, the start of
a new chapter in their team’s history.

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