Can 4 Guys Beat A Blindfolded Chess Master? • The Try Guys: 4 Vs. 1

Can 4 Guys Beat A Blindfolded Chess Master? • The Try Guys: 4 Vs. 1

– This is probably the
most intense Try Guys video we have ever done. – [Zach] So you’re a chess master, do you think you could
beat any of us at chess? – I do. – Not that your cocky but
you think you could beat all of us at chess at the same time? – [Kurt] I think I could. – What about blindfolded? (laughing) – There’s only one way to find out. (dramatic music) – What, what? – He is going down starting now! – How is he gonna do it, how is he? So he’s really just
gonna remember everything with a blindfold on? That’s crazy! – You better check yourself
before I mate myself, hmm. Can four regular guys beat
a master in their own craft? – [Keith] All it takes
is for one of us to win. – [Ned] Oh, wow. – [Eugene] This is Try Guys 4 VS 1. – Today, the Try Guys are
taking on a chess master. – What’s up, my name is Kurt Schneider. I make music on YouTube but
I am also a chess master. – Oo.
– Master? – Whoa, a chess master? We’re playing against Kurt Hugo Schneider. He is a musician, he’s a YouTuber and a college friend of mine. – Do you have any songs about chess? – I don’t, in fact I’m not even aware of any songs about chess. – But he also, apparently,
is a chess master, which is crazy. One of those hidden talents
you don’t know about. Just like how Keith has two dicks. (chuckling) – How do you get the title of master? – So chess, there’s a rating system and basically if you win
you gain rating points, if you lose, you lose rating points. And master it’s basically just
2200 rating points, then– – You’re over 2200 in rating? – I don’t know if that’s
impressive or not, I assume it is. – I might be the Try Guy that
has played the most chess, I’m a casual chess player. In elementary school,
I went to a chess camp. But I’ve never played in
an actual tournament game. Keith has won a chess tournament. – You’re looking at the
Carthage Elementary School sixth grade chess champion right here and that’s about when I
stopped playing chess. I think I got like $10 bucks
to Pizza Hut, pretty dope. I think Pizza Hut was the prize for everything in elementary school. – I started playing chess in first grade in New York public schools,
they teach you in class, it was really fun as a kid. I’m definitely not the worst at this game, so my goal today is to not
be the first person out. – I don’t play chest. (laughing) I said chest. How do you play chess? – Well– – Eugene said I’ve never played chess in like a competitive game where there’s a winner and a loser. And I’m like, that’s chess. – I know the basics. I learned at the very
least what each piece does and how it moves. The horse heads, the building, the little knobby top, the Jesus top. – Basically, the goal is
to get the opponent’s king. If you attack the opponent’s
king, that’s called check. And if you attack the opponent’s king and there’s no way that
they can get out of it, that’s checkmate, that’s game over. – The only thing that
is stupid about chess is you never actually take the king. Sometimes in movies for dramatic effect, you see somebody like
knocking over a king piece but you never actually do that, you just capture him, you don’t kill him. (frustrated sighing) That’s why I like wizard chess. – [Zach] You wanna talk us through, what are those little pieces all do? – [Kurt] So the pawn’s a little
different from other pieces because it captures
differently than it moves. You have to take by moving diagonally. If a pawn hasn’t moved yet,
it can go up two squares and otherwise, it can
always move up one square. – I’ve always loved the pawn, it just feels so good to take an important piece with a pawn. – [Kurt] The rook just
moves in a straight line. – [Ned] Okay. – [Kurt] Horizontally or vertically, it can move as far as you want
until it hits another piece. – My favorite piece has
always been the rook. ‘Cause he’s like a fun, little tower. – [Kurt] The bishop is similar in that they can move as far as they
want but only diagonally. – My favorite piece is the knight, they’re strong, they’re tricky, very much like myself. – [Kurt] The knights can
move two in one direction and then one in another. – [Zach] Just drawing big
Ls all over the place. – [Kurt] Yeah. – Big Ls get you the W. – They’re the only piece that
can hop over other pieces. – My favorite chess piece, for
reason other than the name, is the queen, obviously! – [Kurt] The queen’s
the most powerful piece. Queen can go in any direction
for as far as you want. The king is like the queen that can only move one square at a time. – It’s just classic, the
queen does all the work, the king takes all the credit. – [Kurt] Yeah. – Such a patriarchal game. (laughing) Do you think four of us working together at the same time can
beat one chess master? – Honestly, I don’t think so. – Okay.
(laughing) – But, so I’m gonna play all four of you, at the same time, while I’m blindfolded. (laughing) Now, the way that’s gonna work is I’m gonna tell you where I move and you’ll tell me where you move. So you’ll notice that the boards have these little numbers and letters. So I can say, oh, pawn to E4, and that would be this move. – [Keith] How many
possible moves are there? – I think I read somewhere there’s like more possible chess games than there are atoms in the universe. – You are confident enough
that you can keep track of all of this in your mind? Four amateurs, one expert,
in the battle of the wits. – I just don’t think you could beat us. I don’t care if he’s a chess master, I was a chess master. (chuckling) According to Tennessee public school. And if we beat you, I want you
to sing a song about chess. It can only, it doesn’t
have to be very long. – All right. – You know, a few stanzas. – And if we lose, Keith will
sing a song about chess. – Deal. – He’ll go from person to
person, each making moves, and remembering the entire
board while blindfolded. Uh, I like, holy moly. – Also, we’re gonna dress
like we’re in the Matrix. That’s fun. (dramatic music) – Shall we begin? – Well, let’s get started. – [Ned] Yeah. – Also, while you’re blindfolded,
I’m gonna rob your wallet ’cause I’m dressed for it. (laughing) – You look like Steve Jobs’ hipster son. – Oh, nice. – Yeah, who does magic. (suspenseful magical music) – Everybody, ready. (sighing) – I’m nervous. – I just go, right? – Yeah. – [Keith] Okay, pawn to A4. – [Kurt] All right, pawn to E5. – Oh, shit. – I think I actually
stand to do the best today just because I’m the only one with a track record of doing great. – Uh, shit. One of my sacrificial lambs to E4. – I’ll also play pawn to E5. – Oh fuck. I’d be surprised if we won,
he’s played over, what, 2,000 something games in his life? I don’t think I’ve done anything more than 2,000 times in my life. Well,
(chuckling) one thing. – Pawn to E4. – I’ll play, pawn to E6. – Shit, you’re changing it. I tend to panic when
things aren’t going my way and so I don’t wanna just
be panicking on the defense, I wanna have a plan and stick to it. The only problem is I don’t have a plan. – Uh, uh, knight to F3. – Mm, knight to F6. – I don’t know if I’m
gonna beat Kurt today but I feel like I’m the
best chance we’ve got. – Pawn takes pawn. – Yeah. – He, he, he. – You do? – He got you.
– He got you. – I have the first casualty in the war. – Knobby, knobby head’s the bishop, right? This is the bishop, knobby head? Uh, knobby head bishop to D3. – There are a couple special
rules, like one is castling. If everything is out of the way from in between your king and your rook, then your king can move two square over and the rook hops over two to that side. – Boom! Castling is a TV show. – Yeah.
– Really? Starting Nathan Fillion. – [Zach] Yeah. – That’s Castle. – Knight to H3. – Uh, I’ll just castle. King to G8 and rook to F8. – Oh fuck, can I Nathan Fillion, too? Can I castle this shit? – [Ned] You can Nathan Fillion! – Oo-oo, Nathan Fillion, to ABC. (laughing) – Oh, you can’t do that. – Yeah, can’t move. – Oh, I can’t move them? – My bishop.
– You’d be in check. – My bishop on C5 is attacking G1. – [Zach] Oh, you can’t do it. You can’t Nathan Fillion, dude. – Oh, but if I did that, then
he would of beaten me, right? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – You got canceled by Fox. – Ah! – Got to C5. – Wow, he knew that in his brain. A pawn to 4A. – Bishop on C8 takes knight on H3. (playful music) – What?
(laughing) Holy mother of fucking God,
Jesus Christ in heaven. How the fuck did he do that? – Pawn to A3, what now, bitch. (laughing) – Bishop to C5. – You sound like a serial killer. – Queen to A5, check. – Oh-oh.
– What? – Oh shit, the first check. – Shit. Oh shit. – [Eugene] All ready? – [Ned] Oh boy. – [Zach] Ned! – [Eugene] Ned, you’re our fuckin’– – [Zach] You got this man,
keep your head in the game. – [Eugene] You’re our
first draft pick, Ned. – You got this, man. – Hmm, let’s go with the good ole’ fashion pawn to D4. – Oh, that’s a good move. Pawn takes pawn. – [Eugene] Can my pawn move
over something, the first move? – [Kurt] You could take my
bishop with your pawn on G2. – How does he know that? – But– – You could take the
first hit against him. – Oh yeah, yeah. – [Zach] That might be
what he wants you to do. – Oh, and I’m just thinking
about Nathan Fillion. – Eugene, I would advise
you to take the bishop. – Fuckin’ Protestants win,
’cause killing your bishop is what I’m about to do. (laughing) Is that terminology chess players use? Sorry, pope. – Woo, first blood guys,
we are turning the tide. – [Ned] Ah, yeah! – He’s going down starting know. – [Kurt] All right– – [Keith] Keep that on your side. – Queen to H4, check. It’s mate next move on that board. – Oo. (shocked gasping)
(laughing) – No matter where you move with the king, queen to F2 is my next move,
it’s gonna be checkmate. – Eugene aside, who is
doing the worst right now? – I think, Zach, both you
and Ned are doing not great. Honestly, Keith is doing the best. Keith isn’t down any material. – I am a chess champion, so, it makes sense. – Sixth grade.
– Sixth grade! – But you never lose the
first time you ride a bike. (laughing) – That’s right, it’s the old phrase. – Tell me about the balance
of offense and defense. – Like if you have the edge and tempo, like if your pieces are out, usually you kinda wanna
force the pace a little bit. Like, you might wanna
be the one to attack. – All this defense is fun
but I’m playing offense. I’m going bishop to B5. – Check
– Check! – [Kurt] All right. – He said it, you said it
first, that’s less cool. (laughing) Took my moment. – I gotta makes something happen here, I’m gonna take your knight on F6 with my bishop. – Good move. – Nice, good move, dude. – Pawn takes bishop. – [Zach] We just lost two bishops. – But you always have to be mindful of your king safety in chess. You know, you lose your
king, you lose the game. – Well, I know I’m dead, but hear me out. (laughing) What if, ’cause the
king can’t move, right, ’cause he’s in check? – You can, in fact, you
have to move your king. – Now what if, like, the queen
and the king kinda get it on? (laughing) – [Keith] Have another pawn baby. – And then the knight gets
in a little bit on the back and then Nathan Fillion
watches from the side. (laughing) Does that change anything? I’ll move the king forward to E2 just because running into a suicide– – Charge down the board, fearlessly– – Yeah, running into death,
towards death, face first. – [Kurt] I will play queen to F2. So queen to F2 is checkmate. – [Eugene] Yeah, so she– – [Kurt] Because it’s
defended by the bishop. – [Eugene] Mm-hmm. – And he can’t escape to D1 or D3 ’cause it’s unfortunately
blocked by a ton of pieces. So, yeah, that is sadly checking mate. (dramatic music) – [Zach] Okay. – [Keith] So sorry to see you go. – I’m dead, I’m out! First one out. – Fuck! – Big surprise. – How many turns has it been? – 13. (surprised gasping) – You just know that? – Wait, so how many
moves can you see ahead? – It kinda depends on the position. – I’m gonna do knight to B3. – Nice, that’s the best move. (laughing) – Good job, son. – One position you might look at might have similar
patterns to other positions that you’ve seen before. So you kinda rely on
intuition and just like– – [Ned] Like be good at playing chess. – [Kurt] I suppose. – I don’t know much about chess but I know enough to know that there’s some real carnage about to happen. (chuckling)
(exciting dramatic music) – Bishop on D4 takes knight on E5. Bishop takes pawn on G3. Your rook takes pawn on G3. – Pawn to B4, as in before I met you, I thought I was kinda decent at this game. – I’m gonna put my queen on E2. – I think you’re gonna
lose your queen next move. – Oh, cocks. – The bishop takes knight on C3. – Yeah it does. – Bishop takes bishop, queen takes queen. – Yeah, no shit. – [Kurt] I’ll castle, Nathan Fillion. – Yeah, I coined something. – Yeah, I know. – [Ned] Queen takes queen, C6. – [Together] Yas queen! – Rook takes queen. – [Together] Oh no queen. (laughing) – Oh, he’s gonna mate with you next move. – Yeah.
– Dude! – Rook to F1. – [Kurt] Queen takes F1. – [Zach] Checkmate. – [Keith] Oof. – Really makes you wish you
didn’t drop out of Apple school. Should of followed in your
footsteps with your father. (chuckling) Made some iPhones, instead of opening that
art gallery on a submarine. (laughing) ‘Cause you look like a nautical artist. Is there a real game happening with Ned? – [Kurt] Yeah, I think there is. – [Eugene] Oh my God. – He’s technically winning. Wow. – [Kurt] Yeah, hmm, I missed
that, it was very nice move. – Wait, he did something
that you didn’t see coming. – Yes. – You missed it. – Maybe he just didn’t something that he didn’t think Ned would see. – He is blindfolded. (chuckling) – Queen to C6, I guess. – I guess?
– I guess. – Okay, Kurt, now I know you
could put me in checkmate but what if I offered a peace treaty between our kingdoms. You’re a king, you’re a wise king, right, you don’t want unnecessary
blood on your hands. I’m gonna let you do whatever you want, I’m gonna move my king
to A1, totally reclusive, far away, no threat to anyone. And what would you like to do? – It’s a tempting offer but I think I’ll play
queen to A2, checkmate. – [Keith] Okay, dang. So, that means we have– – [Eugene] So hey, can we watch her die? – [Keith] Yeah. – [Eugene] Watch them die. – [Keith] Please I, I
just want to love you. I can’t even see you. (shocked gasping)
(laughing) – [Zach] Wasted. – [Eugene] And then there
was one, Ned versus Kurt. It’s a Yale off. – [Together] Yale off! – Bishop to B4. – Whoa! (laughing) – Pawn to B6. – [Keith] Oh fuck, he never
moved that pawn at all. – They both have a rook,
they both have a bishop, Ned has the pawn advantage. Oh my God, oh my God. – Pawn to H5. – Yes, Ned! – What do you call a resale chess store? – What? – A pawn shop. – Nice. – What do you call thinking
while playing chess? – I don’t know, what? – Pawn-tificating. – Ha-ha! – Hey, you see that
Clark Gabble chess movie? Pawn with the Wind? (chuckling) – Ah, they’re getting
worse as we keep going. – Bishop to E3, check. – [Ned] King to B1. – This is where we put
ultra dramatic music, right? To build the tension. Kurt versus Ned, head to head,
pawn to pawn, king to king. – The ultimate Yale off. – Bishop to H6.
(dramatic music) – Pawn to G4. – Good move, dang. – [Zach] At this point, Kurt, do you think taking off the blindfold
would make a difference? – No, not really. – Now he’s focused on one game. – I’m so sorry. – Pawn to F6. – [Ned] Bishop to B6. – Oh, fuck! I know what he’s doing. – Okay, rook to D4. – [Together] Oh! – What is it, what
happens, what’s happening? – [Keith] Now he put it in a situation. – [Ned] Rook takes rook, D4. – [Kurt] Yeah, pawn takes rook. – [Eugene] I hate to see him take church. – Everybody rookless. – Really looks like a rookie now. (mimicking laughing) – Nice.
– Wow! – Wait, The Rookie, another
Nathan Fillion Show. – God, I wish Nathan
Fillion’s watching this. – [Kurt] King to D6. – [Ned] Oo-oo king’s on the run. – I think it will be a draw. (gasping) – How do you, how do
you officially get into, we didn’t even think to ask you that. What causes a draw, how do we know? – Well, he can just see
you in his mind’s eye. – Um, there’s a few ways but, I mean… – Mm-hmm.
– It is. – [Kurt] Mm-hmm. – [Ned] So would you accept a draw? – Sure, it’s drawn, sure. (gasping) – Ah!
(celebratory cheering) – Yes, yes!
(celebratory music) Oh my goodness! – [Keith] Guys, game! – [Kurt] Dude, you play well. – [Ned] Good game, thank you. – [Kurt] You played well. – Thank you, wow! Wow I tied, the most
exciting score in chess! Oh, wow. I just tied a chess master. He was blindfolded and
playing three other games at the same time but pretty cool! – Kurt, that was unbelievable to watch. – Well, thank you so much but I’m actually frustrated with myself. You played F4 here and
then we went like this. And you played here
and then I played here. – What the fuck, why
are we being so casual? You literally just recounted
an entire game from memory. Do all chess masters have
like, recall like that? – Um, yeah actually, probably. – Jesus Christ,
– Yeah. – I did not know that. (chuckling) He essentially proved that he was what a modern day X-Man looks like. – You’re probably
already in a bad position by the third move. – I’m gonna go ahead and
say, by the third move? – [Kurt] Yeah. – He really bated me a lot, he was a master bater. – You actually played quite impressively. – Thank you. (chuckling) – Nothing you could say would
make Ned happier right now. (laughing) This is the greatest moment of his life. (laughing) – Wow, wow! – This has been Try Guys 4 VS 1. Who are we gonna take on next? I hope it’s Nathan Fillion. (thoughtful rock music) ♪ It was a crazy knight ♪ ♪ We made some rookie mistakes ♪ ♪ Pawning all of our valuable players ♪ ♪ In any case ♪ ♪ Tried so hard ♪ ♪ To move across the board ♪ ♪ But we saw no pawns transform ♪ ♪ And now we’re all forlorn ♪ ♪ I lost the chess game ♪ ♪ But at least Ned tied ♪ (chuckling)

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