Camille Kostek Is Ready To Dance With Gronk After Snagging Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover | Acces

Camille Kostek Is Ready To Dance With Gronk After Snagging Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover | Acces

“Sports illustrated” swimsuit issue is out today.>>Look at this.>>Tyra banks, soccer star Alex Morgan and Camille Kostek each landed covers. Camille just made the cover after two years of being discovered.>>That’s a big deal if you’re a rookie.>>This is how she found out. ♪>>Oh, my goodness.>>It’s so cute. Congratulations. Camille joins us now from new>>Hi, guys.>>On the cover, that’s how I feel like I look in my mind.>>This is my first time talking with you guys but I am one that’s full of words. I am the blabbermouth in the room. That truly was the first time my shock level was on a hundred. I could barely catch my breath. I tell them they are the queen of surprising. I love surprising people. I was so stunned. I hoped and dreamed that cover would one day come. But I have just kind of ooachieved it as a rookie. I’m letting that soak in. This cover news has been mind blowing for me.>>27 years old. The cool thing about “Sports illustrated,” everyone shoots. You have no idea where it’s going to go in the magazine. And they also don’t tell you until they reveal the cover. You had no idea. What was going through your mind as you’re watching the package –>>Looking good there.>>I was actually the first model to start off the shoot for 2019. So I’m talking — I shot back in Australia in — around Halloween time. Watching that video was giving me all the feels, we’re in may, it usually falls around February. They told me, I was expecting to watch the video, after we do a bunch of interviews, we’re going to let you watch the video and tell you how we felt in these moments. It’s more than being a beautiful face and a body, but it’s about our personality and messages. I was walking the audience through what was going through my mind in thatoment in time. And little did I know, I was in all the feels, and boom, on that monitor was that cover. And no one said anything. They just showed it to me –>>And you lost it?>>It was — for me to react there. And I couldn’t speak.>>We are so happy for you. Please tell us there’s going to be a dance party with you and Gronk, your boyfriend Gronk. Nobody does the whip arm better.>>Yeah, yeah.>>They do have moves.>>We actually are continuing launch in Miami so we will charter off to Miami tomorrow to finish off the launch celebration. He’s already down there. He’s waiting for me to party and get together and dance. And really exciting news, you can come to the party too. Come dance with rob and I and the rest of the beautiful women, you can get tickets now at>>Congratulations. Really awesome. Keep it going.>>The “Sports illustrated” issue is available today.

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  1. This is the most retarded shit ever, who cares about camele or tyra? I aont saying she aint a great model, but really why yall giving her and tyra way more attention then Alex Morgan?

  2. Im not even a huge soccer fan, but wow THEY HAVENT EVEN DONE ANYTHING THAT GREAT, they just kinda good models, thats cool i guess, but the fact is no one gives a shyt, but hey SEX SELLS! pfft, Morgan is the only respectable woman here whos actually done something, shes talented, hard working, dedicated, the greatest athelte in the world probably, WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT RANDOM HOT GIRLS!?!

  3. Seriously what a fucked up world all we care about women is looks, but the actual brilliant woman mind(Alex Morgan) isnt getting as much attention as tyra and this random? Sad egotistic generation only cares about womens looks lol like thats the highest achievement for women?fuck outta here

  4. She's gonna dump Gronk once she gets more fame riding him. Gronk should not sacraface his career for this tramp. She reminds me of Aaron Rodger's ex gf.

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