Cable Park Womping and Barefoot Disasters | Who is JOB 8.0 S7E4

Cable Park Womping and Barefoot Disasters | Who is JOB 8.0 S7E4

[Music] [Music] [Music] I’m James Duncan O’Brien and this is just the beginning Scottie got hurt and he’s been watching us ride the wave Paul freaking out so I’ve got an idea that I stole from my dad there’s always a way to get barreled here in Texas it just requires a red-hot sticky it’s God he’s gonna look like an alien right now watch this you look good boys better watch how they do airs over there there heads today perfect [Music] [Music] we’re testing out the wave it’s about halfway full at the moment about half the power so they could really crank this thing up a lot more I’m struggling I’m taking it too serious and yeah I just gonna go maybe try something different mix it up have fun [Music] [Music] [Music] oh my god it’s so sick oh yeah I’m sorry this place is [Music] I’m gonna go try this boogie board speeder closest thing to a boogie board we got [Music] no clash [Music] [Music] [Applause] get ready demo we’re going to powder mountain right now just loading it up so I could launch it in your face where you’re sleeping I’m going to tell you [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] we brought the whoppers we brought the boys we got the skis we got the toys it’s gonna be an epic day and we’re gonna send it all day long I’m feeling great about this first time on the water skis with no fins I’m going to cymbal all these jumps and do some grabs three sixties backflips [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I was trying to hit it I’m gonna get up for you this time [Applause] [Applause] [Music] get on that backflip but I’ll get it you try to hit the kicker with the Whomper is and just face pain right on the ramp [Music] and you made this a sport I think we’re getting it down now I’m gonna go huge on this next one it’s on yeah we’re just getting this cable park wired right now little airs off here gonna stick it off the big corner [Music] I’m stuck do the skis we’re good really smooth I’m gonna stick some 60 today hysteria [Music] probably goes to show these guys what to do down here in the south [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I didn’t do that good enough I’m gonna try again my excuse is waxed [Music] [Applause] [Music] it’s got knotted but honest I don’t have to make excuses [Music] [Applause] all right [Laughter] – see that right there – that’s why I don’t play golf we’re going barefoot skiing with one of the chaps here we’re literally gonna be going 50 miles an hour tomahawks tomahawks and more tomahawks and you won’t see the enemas I’m gonna attempt to teach these guys how to barefoot ski what do you think about these feet they look like they’re good barefoot perfect yeah you got the perfect feet yeah I’m gonna show you guys how it’s done hopefully I don’t uh tomahawk just like usual I think hoops is gonna do really good right off the bat this is gonna hurt tomahawk session going down [Music] oh my god laughs as hard as I love this whole trip this guy’s out of control he was on his feet and then he was just Swan diving doing like 40 50 mile-an-hour [Music] at least we got a mental tomahawk and then you just killed he went one foot yeah guys they’re clapping just like walking dude wish me luck [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh my god whatever you do don’t like anti-gravity feet you’d like it look at my feet is they’re all purple that’s completely insane this this Lake right here is like sheet glass and we’re just painting it that’s so fun [Music] [Music] [Music] well this trick out of my sceeto real quick turn [Music] I’ll show the boys a little freestyle out here and have some fun [Music] [Music] hey what’s up YouTube thanks for watching our show click the button right here subscribe to Red Bull and thank you for watching and watch more right here hope you enjoy it

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  1. Hello Jamie … you represent the surfer nation and those who would like to be and live like you a huge hug from your friend here from Brazil ….

  2. Great Video! Awesome fun!
    Thanks for the laughs!
    Sending positive vibes your way.??

  3. You guys are the New Surfing/Watermen version of Jackass…Jamie being the equivalent of Johnny Knoxville ofcourse…Gotta Luv It!!

  4. seems to always be half long till its full? this wave pool must be paying ya a fortune cause it looks chat!

  5. I think poopies nuts hit him in the back of his forehead and bloodied his septum. Tomahawks will do that if your in a Speedo.

  6. So I’ve been thinking about getting a surfboard, I ride like 3-6 footers so I was thinking a fish but I have a low budget any ideas?

  7. Gusto nyo ba kumita kahit basa bahay lang? Tulad ko fulltime mom naghahanap bg extra kita kahit nasa bahay chick here

    Para kumita ng 10$ to 300$

  8. I guess all the water in Texas is a nasty grey-brown color… even in the wave pool.

    Wha sup wit dat ??

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