BYU Football Sports History Showcase vs Idaho State

BYU Football Sports History Showcase vs Idaho State

Time for the BYU sports history showcase. Presented by the BYU store. Official outfitter for BYU fans everywhere. Go to 2011 and BYU all over the place in a Serres of blowouts in this match-up.>>At first you saw the touchdown catch and now Michael played run back and linebacker and Reilly Nelson taking one in for the touchdown here and it was a route in this one.>>Idaho state coach Mike Kramer not happy.>>You talk about the importance of special teams and you got another one down to the one. Are you seeing some improvement on the special teams?>>Yeah, I see some improvements especially if he wasn’t cheap shotted for the game. I didn’t think that would happen here.>>It was a physical game. There were a couple of shots that probably didn’t need to happen. Now let’s go to 13. There’s Jamaal Williams. We’ll watch them go back to back. But tremendous tag tag team.>>This was a time — people are like how was BYU so good. Because they were on the team. You can have a very average offensive line and receivers and be really good when you have those two. Those two carried this football. And Jamaal Williams has been so

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  1. 42 to 10 with less than 4 minutes to go and byu is still passing the ball………instead of just trying to run out the clock. Interesting.

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