Bus Simulator – Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

Bus Simulator – Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

MIRA: Oh, gee.
Are we in such a hurry? JULIAN: Yes, we are. MIRA: You’ll have punctuality
problems with that approach. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] KRISTEN: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. You got Kristen here, and I’m joined by Julian
from Stillalive Studios. We’re here playing Bus
Simulator on a PS4 Pro. Julian is the founder and
lead developer on the game. We’re super excited
to have you join us. JULIAN: Thank you
very much for having me. KRISTEN: All right. So we are
about to make our bus driver. I’m super excited to
play this game actually. JULIAN: Should be.
It’s amazing. KRISTEN: So it’s the first time
that it is coming to console, spring this year I believe. JULIAN: Yes, it is. KRISTEN: So let’s get started. Let’s go ahead and
start customizing. JULIAN: Yeah. We are here to customize
our character avatar because, of course, you’re
not only a bus driver, you’re actually also the CEO
of a huge, upcoming bus — KRISTEN: Bus company. JULIAN: Bus empire actually.
So it’s even beyond that. KRISTEN: So there’s high stakes
here in who we end up creating. JULIAN: Exactly.
It’s huge stakes. And, of course, you want to look
as dashing as you possibly can. KRISTEN: I love that. JULIAN: So I think green
trousers will do the trick — KRISTEN: Absolutely. JULIAN: — mixed a
little bit with bright red. That’s always a
good fashion choice. So, I mean, we can
go even crazier. KRISTEN: Oh, I love that. JULIAN: And the
hair, I mean, the hair. KRISTEN: Even better. What color hair do
we want to give him? JULIAN: I mean, I can
give you the choices. KRISTEN: I think I’m feeling,
ooh, that dark blue. There it is.
There it is. We’re getting a little
bit of everything today. We want our bus
empire to stand out. The head of the company needs
to be somebody recognizable. JULIAN: Yes. KRISTEN: Perfect. JULIAN: Absolutely.
Maybe make him a little darker so it’s almost tone in tone
with his shirt. KRISTEN: Beautiful. Awesome. All right.
Well, let’s get going then. Let’s see where
this will take us. JULIAN: So I’ll start here at
the beginning where you are presented with your
first bus basically, right? And this is Mira. Mira is this amazing
character in the game. She’s actually quite
famous already on YouTube and everything. People are just getting
all excited about her. KRISTEN: There’s a massive fan
base for these simulator games and for Bus Simulator. JULIAN: And especially for Mira because she’s super
excited about everything. KRISTEN: As she should be. JULIAN: Yeah. So look forward
to her in action. KRISTEN: Nice. JULIAN: So, yeah. So there are bus geeks. And, of course, we are too. And every single bus we
have in the game is originally Dyson’s bus. So this is a Mercedes RK. We actually have proper
contracts with the individual developers, like
manufacturers of those buses. So they have to check off
every single one of them. KRISTEN: Oh my gosh. So they are fully
approved, completely realistic. JULIAN: This is
how they look like. And this is also the
buses that we have in Europe, so currently all
European buses with Mercedes
and all that stuff. So here we know. KRISTEN: Oh, man.
We’re in the driver seat. JULIAN: Yes. KRISTEN: This is so fun. Oh, I love how she’s
sitting right in front. She’s ready to go. JULIAN: Yeah, yeah. She’s ready to go, telling
me how to get my ropes here. So there’s different
perspectives that I can play with, like the
third-person perspective. KRISTEN: I was going to
say, walk us through all the different
mechanics of how to drive. JULIAN: So the third-person
perspective is especially interesting if you’re more of
on the arcade side of things. You get a very
nice overview here. If you’re purely
into simulation, then those guys usually
play with this perspective. Actually, they even
turn off the UI mirrors so you have to
actually look. KRISTEN: Oh my god. JULIAN: There’s a
passenger mirror; there’s a side mirror. KRISTEN: That’s when
you’re the advanced bus driver. JULIAN: Exactly. KRISTEN: You hit the
streets enough that you know
what you’re doing. JULIAN: Actually, there’s
even peripherals for — I mean, obviously, like a
steering wheel and stuff, right? So all of that
supported obviously. In NPC we can go even one step
beyond because there you have to basically track so people
don’t have to move around the camera with the
right stick anymore. KRISTEN: Got it. So I’m seeing down here
that you can choose “select your ticket type.” So is that when folks get on, you can give them different
tickets and everything? JULIAN: We’ll get to that. First off, we have to
get on the bus — KRISTEN: Let’s not get
ahead of ourselves. JULIAN: — because right
now no engine is running, nothing is running. So what I can do is
basically turn the ignition key. So it’s on now. The engine is running,
right, and then I can start. KRISTEN: Setting
all of our lights up, getting yourself comfortable. JULIAN: Lights on and
the ticket machine lights, cashier lights, cockpit lights. And, yeah, basically. KRISTEN: This is so detailed. JULIAN: Turn, close the doors.
Right? So they’re closed now. And then I’ll just go once I
release the parking break. I just used the shortcut, but you can use
this one here as well. KRISTEN: What’s the shortcut?
Down on the D-pad? JULIAN: Down on the D-pad.
Yes. KRISTEN: All right. And off we go. JULIAN: So here we
are in Seaside Valley. KRISTEN: Ooh, and what is that? JULIAN: Seaside Valley
is a European city. KRISTEN: Our beautiful home
where we’re about to take over. JULIAN: Exactly. And there’s no public
transportation as of now, and that’s where we come in. KRISTEN: I love it. JULIAN: And basically this whole
city has various districts that you can unlock over
the course of the game. So you initially start out
with the business district. We’ll go there later. KRISTEN: Do you
unlock the districts just by driving out to them, or do you have to build out bus
stops and things like that? JULIAN: Exactly. You build our route
network, you hire new drivers, you buy new buses. And you constantly drive
them yourself as well. And you get missions. And every mission then unlocks
new parts of the game like new buses, new bus
stops, and whatnot. KRISTEN: This is such
a huge open world too. It looks quite phenomenal. JULIAN: It’s quite extensive. KRISTEN: Look at that.
Oh my gosh. So this is — is this
what we’ve unlocked so far? JULIAN: This is
our current route. This is our current route. This up there is the Astro Park. It’s the business park. Then you have down
here the harbor area, cultural zone, and then
down there the Steineck and Westfield, which is
basically some smaller villages. And then a major city
there with the Old Town, some urbans,
residential districts, so all of it is there. KRISTEN: Awesome. JULIAN: So let’s
continue our drive. I can enable the
speed limits here. So that’s basically a driving
aid that automatically scans your surroundings and
basically limits the speed to what is allowed. KRISTEN: Got it. JULIAN: Because, of course, there are these
speeding cameras. KRISTEN: That can catch you. JULIAN: They can catch you. KRISTEN: I was about to say, could you completely ignore it
and floor it? JULIAN: You can.
We can actually do that now. I’m not going to enable
the speed limit here. KRISTEN: So what happens
if the cameras catch you? Do you get a ticket.
Does it affect the company? JULIAN: Exactly.
You have to pay the penalty fee. KRISTEN: Amazing.
They thought of everything. JULIAN: Also not hitting
the curb and stuff like that. KRISTEN: Not hitting other cars. JULIAN: Oh yeah.
That’s a big one too. KRISTEN: People. JULIAN: People is also a
good thing to not kill them. So, yeah. I’m opening the doors, and there’s the
first guys coming in. KRISTEN: Mira knows everyone. JULIAN: Yeah. Mira is very
popular in this city. We’ll get to love her. So if we put on our
indicator lights, then also the cars
coming from the rear know that we want to go out and,
therefore, stop and let us because everybody in
the city is super nice. So this was also our goal
actually because we wanted to have a nice experience, an
experience that you can enjoy and that you don’t have to — KRISTEN: Be
worried about conflict. JULIAN: — relive real life. KRISTEN: People’s in
real life bus experiences might not be as
calm and soothing. JULIAN: Exactly. They’re very friendly and
always saying thank you. And that’s important. I can also run this red light. So it’s a complete open world. KRISTEN: Are we gonna do it?
Should we do it? Everyone is like, “why?” JULIAN: I think it
just went on green, so we didn’t get
penalized for it. KRISTEN: We made it work. JULIAN: We were lucky. KRISTEN: These games have such
a huge community behind them. And I think it’s exactly
sort of what you were saying, they’re just
relaxing, really calm, positive games that you
sometimes just want to sit down and have a not huge,
major conflict happening that you’re stressing over. JULIAN: Exactly. And also about the
experience of how is life for a real bus driver, right? KRISTEN: They really are — they meet so many people
every single day. They have repeat customers. They probably would be just
like Mira just being like, “How’s your kid? How are you doing?” JULIAN: This is also an
important part of the game. We try to simulate, also, the
aspects that a bus driver has to deal with beyond just
driving the bus because passengers are a
huge thing obviously, right? KRISTEN: That’s true. JULIAN: So there is lots of
events that — KRISTEN: Happen on the bus. JULIAN: Exactly. Right. Somebody forgetting their
purse, and you can bring it, or garbage in the bus. KRISTEN: Or if
somebody gets rowdy or loud. JULIAN: Yeah. Or somebody is
standing in the door, and it’s not closing
because that’s what people do. KRISTEN: So, now, we’re
playing the single-player mode, but this also has an
online multiplayer for up to four people? JULIAN: Four
people, multiplayer, and that’s where
the true fun begins. KRISTEN: I was gonna say, so for
multiplayer is it multiple buses or everybody on the
same bus working together? JULIAN: Whatever you want.
So you’re absolutely free. At any point in
time I can say, “Okay.
I want to stop now.” I go out and run
around personally. I can actually start
controlling tickets, right? Okay.
She has a ticket. She has a ticket too. Let’s try her.
Try him. KRISTEN: Everybody
has paid their way. JULIAN: Most of them will. KRISTEN: Most people are nice.
He even takes it out. He’s like, “Yup, right here.” JULIAN: Everybody
has them, so all good. KRISTEN: I love it. So in multiplayer, it could
be like maybe you drive, and I’d be checking. JULIAN: Exactly.
There’s different modes. There’s the convoy mode where
you can drive the same route and then be right
behind one another. Come on. Go, go, go.
I push you. KRISTEN: Can you honk at him? JULIAN: Yes. KRISTEN: Red light.
Oh well. JULIAN: Should we
run this red light? KRISTEN: I’m absolutely the
type of person in real life that would be honking
at them nonstop. Oh. Oh. JULIAN: Come on. KRISTEN: Every time it
knows that we’re gonna do it. JULIAN: We ran a red light. KRISTEN: We just gotta
not hesitate next time. Just live on edge. JULIAN: It’s amazing the thrill
you feel when you do that. So here we are now going more
into the countryside of things. I guess we can
take a slight detour — KRISTEN: Sure. JULIAN: — to look at
a little bit more. KRISTEN: See the sights. JULIAN: Yeah. I’m such a nice driver because I
even set my indicator light to turn left now. KRISTEN: Will the passengers
notice if you go off route? JULIAN: If I stop somewhere
where I shouldn’t, yeah. Absolutely. Oh, that was a speeding camera. KRISTEN: Speeding violation. JULIAN: That’s when you
arrive without speed limited. KRISTEN: We’re living on the
edge here in Bus Simulator. I love it. JULIAN: And what’s super fun to
look at is how people on streams do, like, with multiplayer
role-playing games like where one guy — oh, come on. KRISTEN: Maybe we
should turn it back on. JULIAN: No, no.
I want to go fast. We’re living the dream here. KRISTEN: Oh my gosh. JULIAN: It’s so close. KRISTEN: So folks
will be streaming and just trying a
million different things? JULIAN: Yes. There are so many achievements
to be found in the area around. Oh, come on. 1,300 Euros, so, yeah.
This is quite substantial. KRISTEN: Crime
doesn’t pay, you guys. JULIAN: No.
Not in Bus Simulator at least. KRISTEN: This is so cool. JULIAN: See. There you have
super countrysides. Wait. Let’s go out a little bit, and you’ll see
a little bit more. You see there’s
cows and there’s hay. And you can, of course, go out and explore
this by foot as well. There is also gonna
be — oh, come on. What are you doing?
I didn’t see you there. [LAUGHTER] KRISTEN: She’s so excited. Mira doesn’t mind that
we just hit another car. JULIAN: No, no. So we need to go
to the other side. That will be a challenge. KRISTEN: How do you three-point
turn with a big bus like this? JULIAN: Slowly. KRISTEN: Will we make it? JULIAN: Yes. They have actually a
surprising, awesome turn radius. Come on. Good timing, bad
stopping position. Yeah.
Stopping position matters. KRISTEN: Hey.
This is very realistic. I have absolutely
been behind a bus that stopped at an
angle like this. JULIAN: So he wants a ticket,
and that’s how the ticket machine is
introduced as well, right? So here we are. And he wants a single ticket. Okay.
It’s gonna be a student. And one ticket only.
So this is what he wants. And you need to give the return. So the change is
three Euros twenty. KRISTEN: People are
selling their cars because our bus
empire has grown. JULIAN: Exactly. There is a disabled person,
so we also need the ramp. KRISTEN: Nice.
I love that. It really has everything. JULIAN: And then you
open the doors first. KRISTEN: Bus lowers. JULIAN: Open the door. KRISTEN: You can see it in
the mirror starting to go. Welcome aboard. JULIAN: And
retract the ramp again. Oh no.
Wrong button. KRISTEN: We just hopped out.
Don’t mind us. All right.
We’re back on our way. JULIAN: We kind of — I think we
blocked the entire street here. KRISTEN: Just a bit. JULIAN: They’ll start
honking at some point, but we made them very patient. See. There is a pothole, so you
have to be careful about that. KRISTEN: Especially
if you’re speeding. JULIAN: If you’re fast on it,
people will complain about the bumpy ride, so I should
be careful about that. KRISTEN: Nice. JULIAN: There’s another pothole.
You can also just avoid them. KRISTEN: All right. JULIAN: That’s modern art as you
can see in the center of this. KRISTEN: I love
how built out it is. Ooh.
Another violation. JULIAN: Yeah.
I hit the curb of this. KRISTEN: All right. Well, let’s
head to one more bus stop, and then maybe when we’re there,
open that menu back up again so we can see all the
doors that we can open, the ramps and everything that
you can do when you’re helping folks get on the bus. JULIAN: So we are now
entering the business district as you can
see over there. KRISTEN: Nice. So how did you guys go about
designing what the city would look like? Did you take other European
cities and mash things together? JULIAN: Yes.
That’s basically how we started. We’re actually very lucky
because our lead designer on this came from the architecture
visualization side of things. KRISTEN: Got it. JULIAN: So he’s actually
very familiar with how to design urban — KRISTEN: Landscapes. JULIAN: — landscapes and
how to make believable cities. KRISTEN: Yeah. I was going to say, that one
tower in particular, it looks really cool. JULIAN: Yeah. So we try to have
interesting vistas, so the player —
I mean, obviously, the driving is a routine thing. KRISTEN: Yeah. You want to have something
nice to look at if you’re gonna keep doing it. JULIAN: Exactly. Nice stuff to look at,
interesting events that happen throughout the drive,
interesting stories to tell basically because people on the
bus, they constantly talk. In the tutorial it’s strongly
turned down because there’s a lot of other things going on. KRISTEN: It’s teaching you
all the different mechanics. JULIAN: Exactly.
But usually — come on. Oh, yeah. Well, that wasn’t
my prime moment. KRISTEN: In the
world of Bus Simulator, you don’t have to
exchange insurance. JULIAN: No.
You just pay right up. So this is the last
stop of our drive. So I can actually
show you a little bit. So there’s the lights menu. You can tun on the
passenger lights, the cockpit lights,
the cashier lights, the signal slights,
obviously the far light. So I think you
usually don’t see that. Then you have the wipers, the
parking brake, the horn. KRISTEN: I was going to say, so does the environment and the
weather change as well? JULIAN: Yes. You can drive at
night, in rain, windy, speed limits,
that’s all in, radio obviously.
Everybody needs the radio. You can adjust your seat. Like, you can say, “Well, I want
to be a little bit forward over here,” and then maybe
a little up or down. So this is how I want
to have my seat set. And, yeah. KRISTEN: What a detailed world. JULIAN: We need to also
lower the ramp obviously. KRISTEN: We have to let
our one passenger off. JULIAN: See.
He’s now getting off. KRISTEN: Nice. JULIAN: And now we are all set. KRISTEN: We did it. JULIAN: And what we can do now
— in the normal drive we could just end it right
now if you wanted to, or you can always drive
back to the bus depot. KRISTEN: Head back
where we started? JULIAN: In the garage.
No, the garage of the bus. KRISTEN: Ooh, to
see other buses? JULIAN: They’re not there yet. KRISTEN: But
eventually when you have more? JULIAN: But you will
get more and more buses. So I’ll just shorten it a bit
because traffic is quite high right now. KRISTEN: We’ve been
living on edge the whole time, might as well keep doing it. JULIAN: The traffic, of course,
changes depending on — KRISTEN: Ooh, like an
accident we just passed. JULIAN: There’s some
weird clipping going on. MIRA: Are we in such a hurry? JULIAN: Yes, we are. KRISTEN: I love her already. I completely
understand why people love her. All right. Well, we’re gonna
head back to the bus depot. Julian, thank you so much
for showing off Bus Simulator. Again, this is going
to be out this spring, and we’ve been
playing on a PS4 Pro today. We’ll see you guys for the
next episode of PlayStation Underground. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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