Buddy Murphy reveals Roman Reigns’ alleged attacker: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 6, 2019

Buddy Murphy reveals Roman Reigns’ alleged attacker: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 6, 2019

>>All right, I need everybody out. Everybody get out. No, buddy, you sit down. You ain’t going nowhere. Out. I saw you were there. Now I want to know if you did it.>>Did what?>>Did what? Did you drive the forklift? Were you around it? Were you in that garden? That tried to hit me last night?>>I don’t know what you’re talking about.>>Now, you don’t know. Let’s just put it out there. I saw the footage. I saw you in that hallway. So that makes me assume that you did it,
or you know exactly who did it, so tell me who did it.>>Look man, I’m not lying to you. I promise. I don’t know who did it.>>All right. Perhaps you want more time. If you don’t give me the answer I want,
it’s not going well for you.>>Listen man, I don’t want any trouble. Do not want any trouble at all. I don’t know who did it. But if I did, I still wouldn’t tell you a damn thing.>>[NOISE]
Who did it?>>I don’t know. [NOISE]
>>You sure you don’t wanna tell me? I’m gonna ask you again, who did it? Who did it? Tell me who did it. Who did it? I want a name.>>Roman.>>Who?
>>Roman, Roman did it.>>Who?
>>Roman.>>Roman?>>Yes.>>You’re talking, you’re talking
about Daniel Bryan and Roman?>>I didn’t see Daniel Bryan,
I just saw Roman.>>[COUGH]

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  1. OR he saw another tall wrestler who from behind could resemble rowan. someone bald and ginger, like seamus

  2. murphy – rowan..
    roman – " means daniel bryan and rowan"
    poor erik rowan. didnt have any identity without masters ?.

  3. We are so late in the Summerslam cycle, that it really doesn't matter who Roman fights. Its literally going to be a penciled in match. Zero interest really.

  4. Roman was absolutely pissed about the whole situation and could you blame him he wants to know who's been attacking him

  5. Rr walks into the locker room and tells everyone to get out and they do….damn i wish u could command such respect

  6. I do believe that big cass is gonna make his return at summerslam maybe or wwe planning something else for roman wwe needed to create new talents like apollo black murphy ali ricochet or andrade they are so much talented

  7. I hate wwe why u canceled the roman match in summer slam ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. This is funny, 1 second Murphy's like "I wouldn't tell you a damn thing" 10 seconds later he gets tossed around like a rag doll and says Rowan just to get Roman's elbow out of his cheek

  9. I think it’ll be cool if Rowan gets attacked by Roman then gives out another name. Then same process. Roman attacks, they give another name. Then Roman kinda loses his mind. In the end they reveal it’s Samoa Joe this whole time. Or maybe just some main eventer he hasn’t faced yet. That way, jobbers and mid carders get more exposure.

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