Brutal barricade attacks: WWE Top 10, May 12, 2018

Brutal barricade attacks: WWE Top 10, May 12, 2018

[MUSIC] [NOISE]>>Balor’s now driven into the barricade. [NOISE]
>>Launching him with that Powerbomb into the barricade by Rollins. [NOISE]
>>Get back!>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>What’s he gonna do now?>>Slam him on the floor!>>No, no, no! From the [INAUDIBLE]. Look!
Ooh!>>Whoa! Good night, nurse!>>The same thing happened
in the Savage/Crush summit.>>One, two, three.>>Whoa!>>You believe that?>>Yes! [SOUND]
>>I see, this is why it was dangerous.>>My god look out.>>Did you hear that.>>And look at this. My god.>>Wow. [NOISE] [APPLAUSE]>>What is Nevile doing here. A balancing act in the barricade.>>[INAUDIBLE] the leap work.>>And Nevile.>>[NOISE]
>>Wow!>>That is awesome.>>Are you kidding me?>>That is unbelievable. [SOUND]
>>[INAUDIBLE]>>My god not up the barricade. Not up the barricade. Somebody stop Orton!>>No!>>No!>>Randy, no, Randy!>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Blackman reversal, Jeff Hardy up over the steps,
landed on the barricade!>>Here’s Blackman as well. Look at this! Back Body Drop off the barricade!>>Yeah!>>[APPLAUSE]
[SOUND]>>The Rage has delivered how many Superman Punches and
Strowman’s still standing?>>Spear!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>A spear, a spear through the barricade. Rage has speared Strommond
through the barricade.>>My god.
>>No.>>My god outside, look at this,
in [CROSSTALK] off the barricade!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>No, no, please, not another one!>>[NOISE]
>>Again!>>No more, no more, you got it.>>That is enough.>>Nobody can. [SOUND]>>Cesaro once again attacking Miz,>>Miz just blast, look out!>>Man! Swing him around like a baseball bat.>>What in the world?>>In to the barricade. How strong is this guy? Somebody has got to stop him.>>Misses the entire body
colliding with the barricade. [SOUND]
>>Daniel behind there launching himself through the rope. No way, he caught him!>>Sister Abigail! Sister Abigail! Head first off the barricade!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>He’s out. [MUSIC]

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  1. Wwe why don't u make wwe channel on TV name wwe channel only raw episodes all old and new samcdown live vintage episode

  2. Bring back hardcore wrestling. If you an issue with it being on the main show then make get rid of 205 live and make it a hardcore wrestling program

  3. La de Jeff fue mejor que la uno. Y ademas la mejor fue cuando Goldberg la rompio com rosey el hermano de roman.

  4. Where is Goldberg spearing Rosey and Goldberg spearing Lesnar through a barricade? are you kidding to me?

  5. I like how the cameraman from the Finn vs Rollins one goes away from Finn when he gets what has happened and then back to Finn when he is finished relocating his arm. For the ones that don't know what I mean, in that spot , when Finn landed on the baricade with the shoulder, it got dislocated and the moment the camera goes away from Finn, he set it back. And went on to win the championship with a just dislocated and relocated arm. And the WWE never gave him his rematch. And Brock "2 moves" Lesnar is still the Universal Champ…

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