BROTHERS! Powerful! – Sport Motivation! – Football Motivation

BROTHERS! Powerful! – Sport Motivation! – Football Motivation

today before you go out on that field I want you to do two things first I want you to take a good look in the mirror who you will see looking back at you as the only person that can make you a winner or loser today because only you decide if you will leave your all on that field today I can’t do it for you your mom or dad can’t your brothers can’t no one can but you it’s up to you you must decide every time you set foot on that field that you will give everything you have inside of you as a matter of personal pride and integrity if you don’t give your heart and soul for the cause you should be ashamed it’s integrity it’s you versus you it’s self pride I don’t care if you win or lose the game sometimes sport is cruel but if I see any of you give anything less than a hundred percent you’ve lost respect for me and you should lose it from yourself you’ll give everything leave no regrets out there not an ounce of effort that is what a real champion is made of second I want you to take a look around the room before you go up these are just your teammates they are your fellow warriors they are your brothers they are family you are family you die for your family you sacrifice for your family you give your heart to your family if you see one of your brothers need help go help your brother if you care for your brothers you will give everything to your brothers now go up there and give everything you have for yourself you’re for your brothers stay it with me today I will give my twin news there is no real defeat unless I look at that mirror what we’re I will give ma Oh let’s go let’s go [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  1. Today I will give 110% leaving no regrets; effort; & be proud; respect my self; I chose to fight not to stay!

  2. feeling like im free from cptsd by listening to this. it is also might be in the right time. for boosting me to give it all again. To remind me how to live with no "cptsd" anxiety in my mind. LOL. To give me confidence about life again. Ive been feed with too much of toxicity. Its time to detox!! Hahahaha

  3. When I'm Looking At The Mirror ,. Then i See a Person Who Has Lot Of Regrets ..Then i Think Myself With Shame , But. After a Few Seconds Later Somehow i Remember Your Speech " No More Regrets " Nd … it's Came On My Mind Somehow , I Don't Know How …. And Then i Take a Decision " : Today is The Day : i Take All Things in My Life To Another Level " ….. That Happens All Times Because Of You Team Fearless , Nd I'm Thankful For That … ?

  4. Please make one on study ,what to do and what not .while studying I think very much and waste hours on eating while studying .I end up with nothin' . I need your help please.

  5. Everyday I decide to wake up early between 4-5 o' clock. But at dawn don't know why but I just lost my control on me and snooze it 5-9 times this happens everyday

  6. I am a student of 9th final exams are in 10 – 12 days . help me because you are the only one on who I believe a lot .help me in focusing on my studies instead of wasting hours .if possible could you please mention my name in your helpful video . its 'Akshay Dhadwe' thnx

  7. Awesome……Really inspiring. I really wish you to release many videos day by day faster than now……Love you #teamfearless

  8. I shall consume this before breakfast everyday from now on.
    Can imagine the booster I will get in the morning.
    Thank you Team guys are awesome !

  9. Wonderful words about to decide to win, with heart and soul to don t lose the game to give all to BE YOU and to sacrifice for your family to don t lose hope , to fight to heart and soul to win.

  10. Hey!
    Please make a video off motivation for all that peoples who are thinking that they've nothing inside them.
    My friend tried to suicide today.
    So please make a video as soon as possible. ?

  11. WE the human race are a TEAM! Our world is to be a TEAM the planet needs you. Life is a game YOU can win. Give all you can. Fight for your mind to be free!

  12. love this video brother thank you saved me from killing my self thank you so much you helped me you saved me brother I will never forget it you are in my heart forever peace and love to you forever you are my family

  13. Peace brother what is wrong from right I believe in myself I believe in others and I trust my brothers and sisters I'm here because of you you saved me I feel sometimes like its been planned for me to fail I'm tired brother tried of being a failure to everyone else just because I have no money I'm going to keep going peace and love to you brother God bless you

  14. I seriously doubt this is about soccer. Only one sport that is defined as being a brother in the field of battle. And thats football. Only one sport were you NEED every one of your brothers to win. Im sorry this isnt about soccer. To those who fancy that sport…this ones not for you.

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