Brock Lesnar’s greatest SmackDown moments: WWE Top 10, Sept. 23, 2019

Brock Lesnar’s greatest SmackDown moments: WWE Top 10, Sept. 23, 2019

[MUSIC] [NOISE] John Cena was still out ring side.>>No, no, no, no.>>No, you know what it means.>>An F-5 into the steel post. [SOUND].>>Brock, no!>>I’m gonna make it easy on you. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK]
>>No! Brock!>>No!>>[NOISE] [LAUGH] [SOUND]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Good Lord.>>My good Lord.>>He’s here.>>You gotta keep off.>>Brock, don’t. Stop, stop.>>Don’t do this, don’t do this!>>Brock wants to.>>There’s an RKO, but Lesnar has Orton. F5, F5 from the Beast Incarnate. [SOUND] [NOISE]
>>Lesnar made a mistake, the ankle lock’s locked in. Kurt Angle, desperate time for
the champion.>>We still got ten seconds here, nine seconds, Ankle Lock’s in,
is Brock gonna tap?>>Will Lesnar tap out? Will Lesnar tap out?>>Four, three, two, is he gonna tap?>>Damn it, [SOUND] damn it. Time has run out on Kurt Angle.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Here is your winner and new WWE champion, Brock Lesnar. [MUSIC]>>Would you know what if you
had a few more my attributes and maybe just a little more Mattitude, then you probably would not have suffered
such an unfortunate twist of fate. [SOUND]
>>Kurt Angle’s had enough, the ankle lock.
The ankle lock is locked in, with Brock tapping and
Angle, wait a minute. Lesnar just.>>What the hell is going on?>>F5 to Kurt Angle,
what the hell is going on? What? [NOISE] Wait a minute. [NOISE] My God!>>Come on!>>My God. It’s a damn set up. [NOISE]>>[MUSIC] [NOISE] What is this?>>Look who has possession
of Stone Cold’s ATV. [NOISE] [NOISE] My client Brock Lesnar hereby challenges you to a match at the Friday Night’s SmackDown
premiere on Fox!>>I accept.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My God, my God!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Lesnar, F5 to Kofi!>>[APPLAUSE]
[SOUND]>>And look at this.>>Side bear hug, like a gut wrench.>>Hollywood Hulk Hogan, [CROSSTALK] as Brock Lesnar tries
to suck the life out of him.>>Lesnar’s got those big old hands,
those big arms and lats, squeezing the lungs with
that great grip [INAUDIBLE].>>The arm goes down that time.>>This ain’t pretty, man.>>The arm down a second time, if it goes
down a third time, this match is over. It’s over,
Hollywood Hulk Hogan can’t continue. This monster has squeezed
the life out of Hulk Hogan. [SOUND] [NOISE] Brock Lesnar
to the top rope.>>No.
No top rope of 500 lbs superplex. What the hell? [APPLAUSE]
The ring just imploded. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]

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  1. Probably the most boring person in WWE history "Kofi Kingston" has brought nothing but shame to that title, filling it with pancakes and making it dirty. Kofi Kingston is not a B+ player, he is a C+ player… And there is no doubt that Kofi will retain the WWE like freakin' always… seriously its very boring when I see him on the screen..
    Here comes the Pain back on Smackdown, atleast Brock, a famous and a powerful person will take that title and make it better than ever!

  2. Hi wwe I know this is a big ask but my name is Kaeden and I love wwe 2k19 but my name is not in there i really feel leftout because both of my brothers have there names in there but i dont so can you please make a update with my name in there please i would appreciate it

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    yesterday I met China or Japan English Person in my college after seen myself he suddenly went from college with car.i called him as a sir but he went.

    K.Rajesh from hosur

  4. Brock è stato sempre il mio preferito è lo sarà sempre si se vince che se perde Brock per me anche se non lo è più campione universale ma per me lo è ancora Brock per me è il lottatore di tutti i tempi il Dio della WWE. Forzaaaaa Brock.

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