Brian Orser and Katarina Witt Interview 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics [ENG SUB]

Brian Orser and Katarina Witt Interview 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics [ENG SUB]

And I’m honored to welcome “the best of ice-skating” here on our couch at the ARD Studio First of all Katarina Witt – ladies first of course – and Brian Orser One of the best ice-skaters worldwide, world-champion in 1987 BO: Thank you! Host: Nice to have you here! Welcome Brian Orser! Welcome Katarina! And you two know eachother well, don’t you ? BO: Yeah we go way back …35…35..maybe even close to 40 years KW: No, don’t even mention it BO: We were babies KW: I wouldn’t put that much of an importance on it – how long (we knew eachother) BO: We were babies KW: Yes we were young KW: I have always looked up to him as an athlete. He was always a great competitor And now there’s even more admiration for him as a coach because he succesfully took-off as a coach many years ago And I am happy that I didn’t have to persuade him a lot when I called to ask if he wanted to come to the Studio and that it was friendship over many many years why he -with gratitude – came today to finally explain to us how coaching really works Host: I would first like to know from you Katarina Were you there at the arena in 1984 when Brain showed the triple axel as the first ice-skater at Olympia? Historical! KW: No,I unfortunately wasn’t at the arena at that time. In 84′ everybody was concentrating on their own competition but in 88′ I witnessed live in the arena -at that time we really became friends – And I, a big admirer of Brian Orser, -honestly Brian Boitano only later – we always had a closer friendship , maybe because he had more experience in the ice-skating industry but that’s when (88′) I saw him do an amazing performance live in Calgary in front of his home crowd Host: We really want to hear alot more from you (Katarina) Brian, now a really successful coach. He trains 5 different nations, some of which are olympic winners Insane! But there’s first a potrait about you from our correspondent Linda Striebing to explain who you are, what you do and where you will be going He is the goldsmith of the ice-skating world: Brian Orser An amazing coach who generates the high-flyers from tomorrow His achievements speak volumes Only three days ago two of his recent proteges fullfilled their olympic dream Particularly Yuzuru Hanyu , the Japanese idol The gold medalist with strong nerves was able to stand up to the high expectations of his country And won his second gold medal after Sochi Brian also always watches over him : Javier Fernandez With a fantastic free skate, the Spanish danced and jumped towards his first olympic medal in Pyeongchang: A bronze medal He as an athlete never gets Olympic Gold, he is always known as the silver boy Brian Orser wins Olympic silver in Sarajevo 1984 , 4 years later he became the tragic hero of Calgary Orser lost the battle of the Brians for the gold medal in front of his home crowd Out of all people he lost against US-star Brian Boitano Fans worldwide only talked about ‘the battle of the Brians’ He ended his career in 1988 and toured with Stars On Ice many years through world history He even took part in the movie ‘Carmen On Ice’ Next to Boitano and Katarina Witt and for that everyone got the TV Award ‘Emmy’ Even though he never wanted to stand next to the rink as a coach , he accepted this challenge in 2006 He trains Yuna Kim and fullfills his dream of Olympic Gold with the then 19-year old South Korean skater Yuna Kim became the first South Korean gold medalist in Vancouver and an idol for an entire generation His collaboration with South Korea’s hero seems unfinished for some people They part ways after her win in Vancouver She then got silver in Sochi She helped bringing the winter games to Pyeongchang after that and got the honor to start the Olympic flame This was probably also -in a way- an emotional moment for Brian Orser The man with a certain sense for gold Host: And Brian Orser can experience alot of emotional moments here in Pyeongchang because he can already celebrate accomplishments with the Japanese Hanyu, gold in the single men’s event Javier Fernandez won bronze You train 5 different athletes from 5 different nations that participate in this event How does that work? BO: I have a very large wardrobe cause’ I have the outfits from every country But you got to treat each athlete as an individual I have to conform to the cultures, to the personalities We have to work as adults and it has been a really great ride And with Yuzuru and Javier I have been with them for 7 years now so it has been quite the journey to watch them grow And become young men, fulfill their dreams this is Yuzuru’s second gold medal, as you know how that feels and how challenging that is It is difficult. He is the first man since Dick Buttons, it was 66 years ago It is great for me and my team to be part of that journey I loved to ice-skate. I loved it as an athlete, I loved it as a professional I loved it when there were shows, TV specials like the one we did together And now i’m a coach. I never saw myself as a coach. But I guess it fits I work with some great people and we work as a team and that’s the only way you can do it Host: But the challenge is not in changing the jacket for the different countries, like we just saw After Japan then putting on Spain because you are a coach for different nations How does that go ? Firstly I can imagine that there’s is jealousy between one another because you also claim a coach for yourself Secondly you don’t go to the athletes but the athletes come to you BO: Well we run a center in Toronto and it is an old historical skating club so it has been around for 100 years and there’s something Special about that So the athletes come to Toronto Toronto is a great city of different cultures So if we have a Korean athlete they can find a part in Toronto that is very Korean Same with the Japanese, same with someone from Kazachstan or Spain So they feel kind of feel at home when they are in Toronto And the thing that is special with our club We try to create a community that is safe for them Everybody is inclusive whether it is the other skaters or the parents or the adults To learn to skate kids. It is a private club so they are protected but it is a community. It is like living in a small town And everybody is supporting eachother like have eachother’s back And you are a bigger team with Tracy Wilson who is a famous ice-dancer in Canada, you two are also friends How did you two find eachother to say that you are going to start this ice-skating school together? Because she is an ice-dancer so i assume she can teach the students more about some skating skills and you bring in the technical things So you are a rather big team I think it is the chemistry that I have with Tracy We grew up together in this sport There are so many things that Tracy has offer which are more on the psychology side She has that nuturing motherly … Well yes she is a mom There will be times when I’ll would be saying: “How can Javier be late for a noon session ?” And I would start to get mad and she’ll say like ” Brian, I have a 19-year old son. They sleep all day. Get over it” KW: So she is more of like your coach to calm you down She is my voice of reason and she always has been my voice of reason I am really grateful and it is a great chemistry Sometimes when we do good cop bad cop and sometimes where it’s just like “You’re at. You take over” and vice-versa I’m very lucky that there is a nice flow And that is the system that works well and that you can see alot of accomplishments from as we can see from the Olympic games You also train South Korean athletes and this(ice-skating) is real hype here Martin Malbücher will show us just how big the ice-skating hype is in South Korea The anticipation is enormous. The waiting lines for the ticket booth are long daily The hope to get one or maybe even two of the popular tickets is big Because if the Gangneung Arena fills up that just gives the perfect frame for magical Olympic moments Just like at the gold free skate of the Japanese skater Yuzuru Hanyu Empty rows? Olympia tristesse? No rather loud cheers on the loop and an almost 2 minute stuffed animal rain But why are Koreans so thrilled about the art on the ice ? Woman: We were always skating on ice when were were children with our parents And there are many fields as you can see and that was something that the entire family could do without alot of equipment And there is always one name that pops up…. Yuna Kim. She is very famous and made us all interested in this Sport I think because of Yuna Kim she is known worldwide Yuna Kim made us all in interested in this sport and even though she is not active anymore we hope that there will be someone who will be as good as she was Yuna Kim or Kim Yuna She is a superstar in Korea Gold in Vancouver in 2010, silver in Sochi in 2014 Even after her career she takes center stage And to show how big the admiration is you can see the opening ceremony where Yuna got the honour to start the Olympic flame The artists on the ice appeal to the Korean audience But because of the high demand a fan has to pay alot – a ticket on a finale night on the best seats can cost 450€ Host: Well that is something that you have to be able to afford and Kim Yuna is also someone wh trained with Brian Orser We really have a successful coach here today together with Katarina Witt How is it for you two- you were both worldwide famous ice-skaters – are you still famous here ? Do people recognize you? KW: Well people still recognize us but i am honestly still in admiration of Brian because he still made it as an coach after his career to shape young people and their ice-skating careers He knows what it’s like to have a dream wanting to be on the podium And to accompany this and to play such an important part in the lives of those young children It will always be a part of him and that is something so special that he achieved there Because that is something not everyone can do – being at the top of the Olympic category and then being a coach Because you have to pull yourself back, as an athlete you are rather egoistic as a coach you always have to take a step back a Little I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it that is why i am always here with you But he really did achieve giving young children the basis for their future and that is really admirable Host: Brian, you also have athletes in the women’s single event that we still have to see Do you still know who,where,when,what,why? KW: What jacket to wear? BO: I will be changing coats but this time i am interested because i will be wearing a Korean jacket So I’m with Gabby Daleman she was third at the championship last year. she is a major Player She was part of the Canadian team that won gold at the beginning of the year And then I have a young girl from Kazachstan And she is something special too. She is coming off an injury But she is something special she is like a feather on the ice So a couple off coats to go. I packed today. I packed my Japanese stuff, I packed my Spanish stuff, my Korean stuff I am really excited. The women are always last at the Olympics It is tough for these girls especially whe they have to do the team events at the beginning and then come back to do the single event at the end It is a long waiting period but i am really excited i am on a roll so i’m going to Keep it going KW: There still one question that i’m really curious about You have so many amazing skaters how do distribute your love and sportsmanship to everyone equally ? BO: Do I have a favorite of my own students ? When I got back in history then yes of course No, I have to stay neutral and I want them to do well and they all have different personalities When you think of Yuzuru Hanyu from Japan and Javier Fernandez from Spain They are the complete opposite Cultures.. Javi lives on his own ,he does his own cooking,his own cleaning. He gets himself to the rink And then Yuzu is still with his mom, he is very much protected and he is very private and not very social So they are opposite But maybe that makes it easier to manage If they have two same personalities it would be difficult They are still like my children My mother and my father always said- i am the youngest of 5 kids- ” We love you all the same” so i will love them all the same Host: Brian Orser, fascinating to hear how you manage all of that We also have a little present for you – it is not an Olympic medal but it is Brian in Korean in calligraphy as a Souvenir and as a thank you that you visited us here today And would probably be happy because the Canadian ice-dancers won Olympic gold And they are not under your training

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  1. First of all ,he should thanks you Yuna much more than Yuzuru and Javier

    Yuna choose him are her coach when Orser is no credit ,no frame and Yuna make more money to him

  2. I studied German for 12 years at school, but then accidentally learned English and forgot all German … Need English subtitles…
    Yuzuru very talented and special, but Brian is one of the best coach. Together – best combination for wins.

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    English sub pleeeaase!!

  4. Wow that korean can speak German so fluently. Here I am still learning German for almost 5 years and only got B1 ?

  5. Orser is just such a nice and positive human being, each season I am not only looking forward to seeing his skaters, but also him. He and Tracy seem to have just the perfect chemistry! :)))
    However, I hope that framed picture she gave him in the end got a nice place above the guest toilet…of someone Brian doesn´t like that much…at least. XD

  6. Katarina Witt is always so kind and loving towards other skaters. What a sweet and humble olympic champion skater ❤

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  8. The moment when you realize it's in German and you don't need subtitles… Just that they speak over Brian's voice is so annoying. Why can't they do subtitles. ?

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