Breathtaking high altitude acrobatic skydiving – Red Bull Skycombo

Breathtaking high altitude acrobatic skydiving – Red Bull Skycombo

It’s a bit rough up there. Yes, very rough indeed.

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  1. Now take it up to 12K!!
    When they made a Drop ride on the side of our Superman 400ft. rollercoaster i said "Why doesn't it go all the way to the top?" and people said i was being a troll…….

  2. This was actually amazing!
    I'm 16 years old and I want to be like this two guys. I did my first parachute jump with my dad last year and I'm addicted to this… I'm
    working hard to save money for my skydiving license
    Cause I want to be a basejumper ♡

  3. I'm wondering, how did they capture it? I mean the 'third person' shooting, you can see the 2 skydivers being followed by this 3rd person. But a look from a distance just shows 2 persons doing some crazy stuff :p

  4. humans have wanted to to this for thousands of years, to sort of fly through the sky and we have finally been able to do it… amazing.

  5. PLZ someone reply. I really want to go skydiving for my birthday on FEB.21,2015 but a dilemma I have is that I have a heart condition( congenial, Transposition of the great arteries). I feel im in good shape and would be able to handle the stress  of it. For ex ive done bungee jumping and rollercoasters area "cake walk". I never tense up or anything. You think it would be possible to skydive with those conditions?

  6. I think you have to be at least a little nuts for redbull to sponsor you. This is over the top insane which is exactly what I like when I'm youtubin

  7. Yes, i understand these guys have thousands of jumps on their logbook, but thats just plain crazy 😀

  8. redbull is awesome at everything and make soo badass execpt making an energy drink
    I wonder how badass they would be if they created a military

  9. Bullshit, the atmosphere does not "end" at 12 km, it merely continues to get exponentially thinner. That's merely where even pure oxygen can't keep you fully functional and you would need a pressure suit to go higher.

  10. Hey Red Bull can i include this clip in my video? I will ofc give full credit and link the video aswell. Thanks and have a nice day 🙂

  11. wait…did you see the Words On the guy's Protiction Head It says "Red Bull" that is a drink That some people Drink it, dont drink it too much maybe this drink will kill you it has really dangerous things in it be careful do not drink all day or all the time it MAYBE loose your life.

  12. I wish I could jump and try even for one day in my life. Ask Ko Pro and Red Bull to help me achieve my wish. I am a young man from Iraq. I'm 22 years old. Please.

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