Braun Strowman & Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens: Raw, April 23, 2018

Braun Strowman & Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens: Raw, April 23, 2018

[SOUND].>>Big Shot from Lashley. Lashley blows through Zayn,
he’s almonst there.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>His place is on the ropes.>>Someone is about to get those hands.>>Here comes Strowman.>>Wait a minute where are you going?>>What a shoulder tackle, he nearly drove
him all the way through a barricade. And now Sami Zayn feels
the wrath of Strowman.>>Where is he going now?>>Where ever he wants.>>God, Bobby had just gotten back to
his feet an he got steamrolled again.>>Wow.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>And now it’s Sami Zayn’s turn.>>God it’s like Strowman is swinging
a redwood with those clotheslines.>>Turn him inside out,
Kevin don’t get up.>>That’s them hands man.>>Don’t get up Kevin, drop kick,
here it’s drop kick from Braun Strowman.>>You’ve gotta be kidding me, Booker just
threw his pencil up 40 feet into the air.>>[LAUGH]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Give him those hands.>>Yeah the primal concrete
sledge of Strowman right through the heart of Sami. [SOUND] And again they Chant.>>DDK DDK DDK DDK.>>Filling the arena here in Saint Louis.>>DDK DDK DDK.>>You saw the little smirk cross
the face of Bobby Lashley for a minute, Sami is trapped.>>I’d love to know what
Lashley is thinking right now, I got this guy as my partner, tag.>>[LAUGH]
>>We can have a Sami Zayn throwing contest.>>No, and now to stopwatches.>>Vertical supplex.>>Wow.>>The power of the dominator.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>One handed.>>Listen to this place
>>[APPLAUSE]>>[LAUGH] We’re gonna be off the air by the time Lashley sends him down.>>Incredible.>>Wow.
>>Wow. [SOUND]
>>And here comes Strowman.>>Sami Zayn has no idea where he is. All the blood just rest to his face. [INAUDIBLE]
I think it’s probably in Sandy’s best interest not to open
his eyes now, cause it only gets worse.>>Ronny Powell slam!>>Wow!
That’s it.>>Bye, bye, Sandy!>>[SOUND] [APPLAUSE]
>>Here are your winners, Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman.>>Well, I’m sure Kurt Angle enjoyed that, what essentially became a handicap
match against Sami Zayn.

100 Replies to “Braun Strowman & Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens: Raw, April 23, 2018”

  1. Give Bobby his dominator back! Or let him have the jackhammer! Give Braun the chokeslam and we're all happy I'd even like to see him bust out guys elevated triangle hold every so often!

  2. Strowman trucking Kevin Owens 100 times would be entertaining, it is just the way Kevin Owens sells it and the fact that there is a match in the ring LOL

  3. That was very mess up that happen to Kevin Owen and Sami they don't need to be in that match at all

  4. horrible matc.. sami zayn just took a beating the whole damn match like a jobber. i don't see him doing any move at all and i'm so tired of brauuunn and reigns…lashley ? why u even come back?

  5. Bobby Lashley is a killer but I'm unsure what WWE are going to do with him, I have an idea though, check out my latest vid. I'm calling the storyline…. Black Civil War. let me know what you think guys.

  6. I don't think Kevin sold that at all…cuz he didn't need to lmao boi straight up got BODIED xDDD

  7. I have to be honest, because of how great the booking was in NXT, I thought Sami Zayn, Neville, and Owens would all be top guys by now. But the main roaster isn’t as well ran. Number two, The thumbs up Thumbs down thing Braun did was something Batista use to do. Braun has a cool gimmick, why couldn’t WWE come up with something for Braun to do on his own? It’s tough watching talent being misused.

  8. Lashley will heel turn on strowman to anticipate the most powerful match of all time. Lashley vs Strowman

  9. hhhhh….I think this two man deserve to have a kick from Braun Strowman because of their mouth running on Daniel, even Daniel defended them not to fire. Humans are ungrateful. well done Braun Strowman.

  10. It's amazing WWE had to make Strowman a baby face cuz when he was a heel the fans kept cheering him cuz they kept him feuding him with Roman Reigns. ?

  11. Wrestling is a play deciding who wins and who loses – If I were a Sami place I would not let wwe make my doll

  12. I love to drink water because it helps me sing better, it's healthy for everybody and it cleans my skin

  13. Dhyh Bev hj Hudgens shredding cheek so sky theft check CBC Chuck Church chub FH hj nd ja he grew cw be me me me ha ga new he he

  14. I don't know why but, Braun working together successfully with Bobby makes him so much more likeable to me.

  15. Frank from Sydney Australia, I'm wondering why the wrestling is taking place only in Melbourne and not Sydney or anywhere else in Australia so ask why ??

  16. This match is way past unnecessary mainly cause Zayn can't handle Lashly and Strowman as well as Owens but Owens can't handle them both either

  17. Braun strowman should be universal champion. Crowd went nuts when he got the tag.. he’s the future he is the monster among men

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