Bottle Flip GOLF! The Best Indoor Golf game for bored friends. Frigame #6

Bottle Flip GOLF! The Best Indoor Golf game for bored friends.  Frigame #6

so this week we’re gonna talk about
bottle flip goal and we came up with where you basically do a bottle flip
like the bottle flip challenge but what you do is you count how many times it
takes you to do it and then you add up your number and at the end of the day
whoever has the highest score loses it’s just like golf right so it’s scored like
golf which is why it’s go well you don’t have to be on a golf course to do it and
do it at home that’s the ideal place to do you want flat surfaces we came out
here to shoot this video but it’s really hard to find a hole because everywhere
is unbalanced and like this bottle is like a club soda bottle it’s super hard
to to actually get flip so you want to you want to you want each hole to take
about five to ten reps each right so if it takes too long if it’s 120 and 30
it’s like so hurt your back and my brother has a slip disc right so you
know you want to rebound for your partner and then keep going and tally up
the score and then each hole is created by one of the people so you know I’ll go
first I’ll say the hole I’ll be like okay you have to stand behind this
branch and then you have to flip it over the tree and land it in that little area
right there so then I go and then I flip until I get it right your partner will
rebound for you and then you keep going but what’s cool about it is you can play
this at home and all you need to right that’s the whole point you get
super creative to say hey it landed between the legs between the legs over
this branch like this BAM right that’s that’s a hole then the
next person chooses the hole it’s kind of like a horse in that way but again
it’s about the score so you try to score as low as possible and you tally up your
scores and at the end of the game you see the wins bottle flip golf baby I’m
gonna roll some footage of us playing and show you guys how to play if you
have any questions for me let me know sometimes you think that you need more
water but you actually less sometimes it’s less that’s more stable alright so the first thing you want to
you want to be sure of is getting a bottle that you can actually flip
because I just tried two attempts and I failed epically because I couldn’t flip
the bottle so make one that you can actually flip and get the right amount
of water in it but the first hole is gonna be from here you got to step
behind the bottle and you got to land it in the carts shadow so there’s a little
shadow right there I’m gonna land this in the shadow that’s the first hole so
I’m gonna cut how many I do and then my partner will go and then go count how
many he does and how long it takes to for all right so it’s certainly for so I
marked that as my score and now you’re gonna go give me this camera so I got
four big ones you got four big ones you guys step behind that bottle though
that’s the rule you just keep going we add yours up all right now it’s your
turn to choose the whole actually give it into the pocket somewhere from them
right there that can’t this game you could play it
we can play wherever we want you don’t have to be on a golf course but since
it’s called you know bottle flip golf we decided to come out here get our get our
outfits on and write so what you give up what does that mean so come up with the
rule yeah so if we give up you add 10 to the number yeah score yeah it’s like go
and there’s certain there’s like five rounds there’s what we’ll do like as
many as we choose so we could do 18 agree to nine we do five
we’re on hole three now yeah you want to go over the next hole sure skip two
lines and land it on the third one over there stay bored

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