Boris Johnson trips child during football match

Boris Johnson trips child during football match

Oh shit, sorry. I’m so sorry. Yay!

17 Replies to “Boris Johnson trips child during football match”

  1. grown men in suits should not try to play soccer with kids. .. what is wrong with them?.. sit on the sidelines and have a beer..

  2. I don't think it was a foul, there was no intent and it wasn't dangerous.
    I do think Boris Johnson is an incompetent liar who robs the country blind with his mates
    On balance the latter is probably more important when assessing whether someone should be in government

  3. "Oooh,look at me,I'm big,bungling Boris Johnson,perfectly harmless,getting down wiv da kids.Please make me Prime Minister".
    Jog on,Boris,you're a liability.

  4. Don't see the point of the video, a non story really, He tried to go for the ball and then accidentally tripped the kid who actually didn't give a shit

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