Borderlands 3 – Official Amara the Siren Early Game Gameplay Reveal Demo

Borderlands 3 – Official Amara the Siren Early Game Gameplay Reveal Demo

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  1. what has the world come to, i mean i love the new tomb raider games like i get super excited but i could never see myself sitting in a colt like convention watching a guy play a game he made while getting excited enough to scream out and then someone pointed out that its a whopping 30 hours long. i just dont get it personally and after seeing this i am actually less ashamed of anthem

  2. I love how the game plays but I feel like what made borderlands 2 so funny is kinda missing claptrap didn’t really make to many jokes and the story isn’t as comedic

  3. Неперевершено , Україна ставить ВПОДОБАЙКУ 👍👍👍

  4. Anyone else hates that Lilith is still a main character after she proved herself to be a thundercunt in presequel?

  5. Look, if you're going to take elements of my favorite characters…the slugfest of Brick, the mystical powers of Maya…and merge them into a single character…Amara…you're telling me there's only one class for me.

    And I'm alright with that. I'm going to wreak elemental chaos with this buff lady!

  6. claptrap sounds fucking dumb now!!!! God gearbox needs to pay the damn voice actors what they deserve and not fuck over their own ip

  7. This is the worst gameplay thing when the game just takes your hand and lead to the point with map markers on your way. Why don't you just add the arrow up the screen? Or maybe highlight whole route on the map to make player totally relax and do not seek the way to achieve goals. Stupid! Oh, and place markers with secrets, containers and others on map to make gamers know do they need to go somewhere or not.

  8. uffff….claptrap again talking me into the ground…..nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……..cant tell u how many times my action skill ran out coz of that motormouth…it is def. a hate/love with that little pisser…..xd

  9. There's so much horror in Claptrap's voice at the idea of being Shiv's chamberpot!! I'd save my worst enemy if they sounded that terrified!!

  10. they got a new claptrap voice actor because they didn't wanna pay the old one what he wanted. Say, Randy, how much was that raise again?

  11. I dont care if it is a demo i dont care if my computer is kinda slow and i dont care cuz it can even run borderlands 2 and 1 of course and pre sequel anyways i gonna play this early game

  12. Ugh the black outlines again we hated them in bl1 and we removed them in bl2 so pls tell me we can change it in bl3

  13. I hope they improve the gun mechanics in this one. I love Borderlands, but the gunplay feels really bad, and the enemy AI is always spastic in their movements. It feels like you can aim right at people and not have shots register, and basically have to wait for them to sit still, or move in a straight line. It's especially bad online when your friend doesn't live near you and there is a bit of lag.

  14. did you know shiv is actually from the scarlet dlc in bl2 the side mission you can pickup from the bounty board on scarlets ship

  15. Im honestly fines with claptraps new actor, it dosent sound exactly right but it has enough similar to the original to sound as if hes aged, his lines are great but hes also not as enthusiastic, which i kinda dont like but I can live with

  16. I like how your character has actual conversations now like in the pre sequel, after i finished that one it felt weird not hearing any dialogue in BL2

  17. I pre ordered borderlands 3 supreme deluxe edition and the game play they release looks great but we've been burned so much recently by other companys that I am a bit worried..

  18. God fucking dammit why is this game so good and such an upgrade from the previous games in terms of mechanics like adding sliding and mantling this is the first time I actually can't wait for a game to come out

  19. Me: Desperately wants to see this, but also doesn't want to spoil the game for myself
    Also Me: Suffering

  20. Less Pitchford, more gameplay. Guy needs to stop bragging on shit literally everyone knows. Also hope we get to focus more on builds, gunplay and diversity rather than just maxing out everything and getting ludicrous damage numbers. I see some good stuff, but I also see some aim assist going on. Me no likey training wheels.

  21. People complaining about claptraps voice just have nothing better to do. It sounds close enough to the original. I couldn't even tell the difference until I went down to the comments and found all these whiners.

  22. At least brick would be able to revive us now. He always took those dam loader bots kills when they were on 1 hp.

  23. It may not be the same voice actor anymore but at least this new one loves his job and I love the voice on claptrap making them sound older even though robots can age their programming can at least in my knowledge

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