Bollinger B1 100% electric sport utility truck | Fully Charged

Bollinger B1 100% electric sport utility truck | Fully Charged

hello and welcome to another episode of fully charged this time coming from the LA Motor Show where I’ve managed to find a rather unusual car this car I’m sitting in is just amazing it is the bollinger b1 this is a 100% electric proper off-road chunky clunky big tough t rufty-tufty truck it’s absolutely extraordinary have a look [Music] so Jeff first of all Bollinger that’s how it took me a while he pronounces it right so where does that name come from is that the name of the guy this is behind the project yeah so the guy that’s behind the project on top of the project very involved in the project it’s nice because he’s the designer and these in a and he’s the engineer but it’s Robert Bollinger and he’s the designer engineer CEO of the Bulge everyone won’t be one but she’s I mean I have to say it’s that amazing thing where you kind of I get all this press about you know there’s this new car there’s that new car there’s this and you’re gonna and then suddenly Owen what’s that one Jeep they see International Harvester but it really resonates with that kind of classic design the traditional design and I think that’s carried through not just the exterior that being kind of the boxy driver but it’s the interior too so just do the quick sort of basic stats of it it’s all electrical so it’s the first all-electric sport utility truck we call it kind of an su T because it’s more truck than it is kind of like an SUV so it’s all electric we’ve got two different battery pack options there’s a 60 kilowatt battery pack that’s good for a hundred and twenty miles range and there’s also 100 kilowatt battery pack that’s good for about two hundred miles range and it’s kind of a go anywhere do anything purpose-built utilitarian type of a vehicle but it’s also certified for on-road in terms of recharging is it got as it got rapid charging and the capabilities and the way yeah it’s got two and we can go when you do the walk around but it’s it’s got the DC fast charge there’s a chat emotes system right now and then we’ve got the J 1772 Universal but then it’s clearly very off-road capable and it can drive oh yeah yes our engineering team they’re big hardcore off-roaders the racers they built their own race it feels like he’s got that it’s beefy it’s the suspension it’s got hydropneumatic suspension so you can raise and lower between 10 and 20 inches ride travel for off-roading and then it’s also got inboard portal axles and inboard brakes that you’ll see and that just kind of helps with wheel articulation and if you’re out rock crawling right and certainly there’s two motors them one motor driving each axle effectively there’s kind of I mean it’s it’s all computer-controlled now so ECM or the PCM controls where which tire gets the juice that it is depending on driving conditions but there’s two motors one between the front two wheels and one between the that’s what powered by the battery packs right Wow and it’s I mean it’s absolutely built from the ground up as as an electric blue helmet it’s not there wasn’t a petrol version of this or gasoline but it is some people took the LA Auto Show where we’re here showing it for the first time to the public they thought it was just kind of maybe a land rover that we had done something wrong or modified or in some way but it’s really it’s built from the ground up it’s all aluminum chassis that was built designed in-house and then all lumina body panels it’s reconfigurable so you can take a lot of the windows out you can get the doors out just like a jeep or if you’re gonna go off-roading with it you want to turn it into a half cab that’s easy to do right what is the next step for you that I don’t want to say it’s a prototype it’s not a prototype but it is the kind of early model which you’ll see for the production model which this is the in production in tent models so it’s 95 percent therefore what you’re gonna see in production for the people that want to buy it we’ve got about 12,000 pre-orders right now we didn’t know that well we talked about it I know and we just announced it in July so it’s weird a couple months and the interest from hand-raisers people that are really interested in something like this and there’s really like you said are getting close to it it’s all electrified it’s it’s a kind of go anywhere do anything truck so it’s really resonated well with the public and media journalists that are here today on press days that’s fantastic yeah so that’s amazing amount of orders tab but then you’ve got to have a manufacturing facility that can churn that out so is that what is that where you’re going Alexis yeah so hard part is really just beginning but you know design and engineering part was done that’s baked all the CAD cam data’s done we turn that over to a third-party independent engineering firm right in the Metro Detroit area so they can do the piece cost and the building materials so we find out what the pricing is right and then once we get the pricing we’ll start taking orders open up the order book then we start the manufacturing process which will take another 20 to 24 months down the road on to get it into the hands of the of the buyers and the people that are interested in the hand-raisers that are do so in effect then they’re going to be kind of available on the market by its fact thank you it’s good hi we’re not gonna stop never stop they’re interested custom so it’s kind of you’re looking at kind of late 2020 when they’ll be kind of somewhere around there deliveries yeah that’s looking probably more in the 2020 range that’s right and the other thing I know that because it’s gonna be asked a lot by the uk-based viewers of fully-charged is you have a right hand right one yeah so the right hand drive has actually already been engineered he’s always thinking you’ll never do it it’s fairly straightforward and simple design yeah there’s no tunnel there’s no engine to get in the way so there’s a lot of things that aren’t there in electric vehicle so that’s already been done with the intent for after North American sales start to do international sale though I’ve got a number of people those reservation holders I was wrong about are from England are on Norway Germany before we lost raelia guys were out here yesterday and right running around this thing what I’m praying is that wait at some point in the next 18 months two years we can come out and try to understand them anyway thank you very much definitely have you talked to us yeah we’ve got a lot of interest Cheers great stuff thank you well that is pretty amazing to have a look at this truck it’s coming to the UK which I can’t believe in it somewhere around 2020 2021 right-hand-drive amazing it’s just you’ve got to kind of touch this truck to get an idea of how solid and you know it’s like it’s just amazing thing it’s just an amazing piece of machinery anyway that’s what we’ve got time for thanking to Bollinger motors and to Jeff for letting us have a look around this incredible car please subscribe to fully charge please have a look at the patreon link beneath this video and as always if you have been there thank you for watching [Music]

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  1. OMG! FFF! (Form Follows Function) once again; after all the years of "stylist's" and marketer's flim-flam. Bring back the brick. It should be a world beater, if the price is right.

  2. Simple, Rugged design looks solid, box type body, love it. The Revian/Ford has now a competitor, here we go!

  3. As a child I did love american cars, found them fascinating. Then in my teens i drove one, and since then I hated those oversized american shitboxes. Now I see an american car that I am in love with. No nonsense, absolute practicality and it looks great.

  4. I like it alot except for that dam big ass`d sun roof, i hate sun roofs, would also like to see it with at least a 300 mile range on it.

  5. Awesome, a euro electric.. not a word about historic electrical issues on vehicles coming from that part of the world. Can’t wait for the save the world crowd who will buy these to start figuring out the cost on waste on battery disposal let alone creation. Other than that.. cool.

  6. Rivian or this…. I'd probably go with this one. It's just so Spartan, simple, utilitarian… I like it! 🙂

  7. How safe is it. How does it fare in a crash test….. this is a beautiful piece of work but will my family survive a car crash? What are the safety ratings? Any info on that please?

  8. The B1 4 door will be first to market. We are well into 2019 and "Pricing is expected to start around $60,000. " is all I could find from a 2018 article. Then I find another article and they say $100K "×4-detroit " So it's not really a proposition for many blue collar workers and farmers!

  9. I want one. Great for business and pleasure. What's the price? Keep it simple and the price down and you'll sell millions.

  10. I was excited and then it only has a 200 mile range!? Really… come on guys you gotta do better than that.

  11. basically an electric defender. Land rover have dropped a massive ball on this, they should have done this.

  12. Reminds me of the first iteration of the Mobius truck made and built in Kenya and the Opibus safari vehicles

  13. Users of EVs are much like those who used to drive around in Citroen 2CVs claiming their vehicles are pollution free when the reality is very different.

  14. Looks like a Tonka prototype built out of Lego bricks. Quite possibly the illegitimate love child of a Scion XB and a surplus 1943 Willys.

  15. No deliveries in 2020… This truck is already dead in the water…. Audi, bmw, Porsche, Mercedes..are already eating up market share. Now Range Rover has an EV offroader… Nobody is going to buy these.

  16. Very cool, wide enough to carry full sheets of plywood or sheet rock, and the full pass through from front to rear for long items like 20' long studs or boards. It would be great if you could get a 200KWH battery pack with a range of 400 miles and be able to fully charge in a few hours.


  18. Does it cost $75000 like that stupid meme truck with the derpy headlights that is all over my youtube feed?

  19. Cute. Looks like my neighbor's scout. Dig the simplicity the way off road should be: hose it downable

  20. Where do I put my whitewater kayaks and mountain bikes? Without a roof rack this vehicle is as useless to me as the Tesla “SUV” with gulling doors. And how is it in deep water crossings?

  21. idk how i found this but i was just looking at the rivian and was thinking they couldve made the front dropdown so you can load shit into the front. this guy has the right idea plus more

  22. What happened to them? No seed money backing them and it doesn't look like it is road worthy as they would need all the safety roll cages and other driving aids

  23. Way better than all the other ones. The futuristic look and curves on the other e-trucks is ugly. This one is super cool looking

  24. Two best cars ever!! Model T and VW beetle… reason simplicity… that’s what we need, not a fancy Tesla for rich people… keep it simple stupid

  25. I like this better than the Rivian, which is a stunning vehicle.. For off roading I don't want back massagers and butt warmers and a butler in my truck serving Cristal champagne and crème da le crème lol… Just give me something that does what I need and goes absolutely anywhere, while being simple 🙂

  26. One potential drawback I see is the adverse health effects of sitting over/on a battery…the electro magnetic frequencies.

  27. "go anywhere, do anything vehicle" with 200 mile range lol. also 200 miles out of 100kw is very inefficient compared to other EVs. Good effort though.

  28. Bollinger……. as in Bollinger and Mabillard? The Swiss coaster manufacturer? The Creators of Leviathan, Intimidator, Batman The Ride, Oblivion, and others?

  29. make it aerodynamic just because some idiots think boxy is cool….

    shows how companies have to follow the idiots belive rather than built something good

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