Bodybuilding Motivation – SUFFER TO GROW STRONG

Bodybuilding Motivation – SUFFER TO GROW STRONG

You have to fall in love with the grind.. You have to actually find enjoyment out of suffering. You have to fall in love with the grind to that part where it’s not easy anymore It’s just the daily battles Exhausted.. You still gotta push and find energy. I that’s what I think the main motivation is. Progressing. Bodybuilding is hard Bodybuilding is hard like no other because you’re repeating the same thing over and over. You have to DIG DEEP and BRING OUT. You don’t want no less from any training session. I’m willing to DIE for what I want.. I love this so much I’m willing to die I don’t care if it kills me This is the same mindset Ronnie Coleman has. The same mindset ANY champion has THEY’RE WILLING TO DIE FOR THEIR CRAFT. To take it to the next level it was just a no-brainer It kinda fell into place and it was my passion and my calling. We have nothing but the time to train. So NO EXCUSES. You always come in and work up to your fullest potential. Always CHALLENGE and PUSH yourself.. That´s the only way to get in shape and guarantee that your body don´t have any choice but to do what you want it to do. There´s never an ending.. It´s all in the mind. The body can always overcome anything. Have an idea that you want to REPRESENT and work to see it realized in your life every day. And if you´re true enough And if you believe enough And you´re willing to work hard enough.. You can create the reality that you want. You either PAY NOW or PAY LATER And people that choose the easy road now will be met with something thats a lot difficult later in life. You gotta keep going This is it.. This is the OUTCOME. DO WHATEVER YOU WANNA DO WHENEVER YOU WANNA DO IT.. HOWEVER YOU WANNA DO IT… AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANNA DO IT…. DO IT FOR AS LONG AS YOU WANNA DO IT….. NEVER HAVE TO ASK ANYBODY TO START DOING IT…… AND STOP WHEN YOU´RE FINISHED DOING IT!!

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  1. ''When you have progress in whatever it is in life.. When you're progressing it's very fulfilling. When you're not progressing or even regressing that's when people get depressed and upset. You have to fall in love with the grind.. You actually have to find enjoyment out of suffering. Fall in love with the grind to that point where it's not easy anymore, where it's just the daily battles. I think that's what the main motivation is.. Progressing.'' #EmbraceThePain #TimeToGrow

  2. You're one of the few editors who can pump me up within only 30 seconds of watching a video. You're a legend. Absolutely sick work again!!

  3. You wanna be like them take the heavy weight as possible and every rep, do half rep and don't squeez the muscle ????

  4. Such great motivation. This Video is not overdone. The mix between speeches and background music is perfectly balanced

  5. Your videos are brilliant and always pump me up real good before heading to the gym. But i've got question for you Nick, why tf do you include Dallas McCarver in every video? Getting a little irritated, because he has no sense of aesthetics, symmetry and he just looks so unhealthy? How can anybody get motivated by him? No offense, he is probably a hard worker like anybody else, but still

  6. OH MY GOD!!! this is overwhelmingly motivation!!! one of your best!!! looking forward to hear it while training tomorrow!!

  7. i watched several of your videos before my fourth abitur examen (important exam in germany)…it's a 1+ (A+) xD

  8. You have to LOVE Bodybuilding and You have to make a LOT of Sacrifices Thats what 18 year olds dont get: Lifting weights for 1 hour every 2 days. A Strict and boring Diet for YEARS. And No Parties no alcohol no chocolate no cakes. And you have to enjoy the Pain. If Your muscles are not in Pain 7 hours after the workout you didnt lift heavy enough.

  9. And no rock climbing and other stupidities. You train this hard parts of the body are always in a state of healing and sensitive. Be smart. Avoid risk and injury. Stick to training and stuff that helps with recovery- massage, stretching, etc

  10. Hey guys in the bodybuilding my opinion is that my favourite bodybuilder is sangram chaugle and Kai Greene and jay cutler!! and yours?

  11. You know, I looked at my face in the mirror this morning, and I
    like being old. My face has more content and when I train in the
    gym now, I am not training to be strong or handsome – just
    better than I was yesterday. These days the race is just against

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