Bobby Lashley’s dominant moments: WWE Top 10, April 14, 2018

Bobby Lashley’s dominant moments: WWE Top 10, April 14, 2018

[MUSIC] Looks this gonna dump Reg Lashley.>>Trying to bring him up on his shoulder.>>What the hell is Lashley doing?>>Face first goes. What power. Wow.>>Hook on the leg.>>[INAUDIBLE] [SOUND]
>>[SOUND] [APPLAUSE]>>What a debut for Bobby Lashley on SmackDown.>>Here’s you winner, Bobby Lashley.>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]
>>He’s gotta eliminate, not one, but both of them as. Look at the strength of Lashley.>>My God.
>>You gotta be kidding me.>>Look at the power.>>Look out.>>Nitro and Mercury got eliminated.>>Lashley’s going to WrestleMania. [SOUND]
>>King is gonna be crowned. There it is.>>All hail King Booker, it’s official,
the King of, what the hell?>>Lashley just speared
Booker through the throne.>>[APPLAUSE]
[SOUND]>>Bobby Lashley was disloyal to him. Bobby gonna punish him for
it and that’s what he’s doing.>>Look at this, Lashley, and
he puts Kennedy through the tangle. Kennedy has been eliminated. Now, Lashley is gunning for
Randy Orton from a table. Randy Orton up on the shoulder,
to the table. Bobby Lashley has fucked the odds, Lashley has won the table’s match.>>My God no, no, no.>>Lashley is trying to,
he’s trying to turn that car over. No way. [INAUDIBLE]
>>My God. JBL [INAUDIBLE] boot on the face.>>Watch out, watch out. Lashley.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What a spin. Here’s the hook of the leg. He got it. [SOUND] [INAUDIBLE] Lashley is
the United States Champion. [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>My.>>No way.>>Yes, way.>>[MUSIC]>>Bobby Lashley is back. You’re about to see power on display
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Intensity personified.>>Look at that.>>One arm.>>Look at that.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>This is incredible.>>Lashley might hold
him up there all night. [SOUND]
>>Ducks. Stone Cold. Stunner, stunner in,
[INAUDIBLE] will it be? Will it be? Yes it is. Lashley wins, Lashley wins. Here is your winner, Bobby Lashley.>>And the realization of losing his
hair has just engulfed Mr McMahon.>>And Masters now, those huge arms,
has the grip in place. The master lock is one it’s way. The challenge is underway. Can Bobby last? He’d be the first man to
ever break the masterlock.>>Well, you can see the pain already
on the face of Bobby Lashley. He may have bitten off more
than he can chew here tonight.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Lashley’s gotta reach down and find it somewhere. Is there some more.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, Lashley is the first man,
to break the masterlock.>>[SOUND].>>Here we go one-on-one.>>Man.
>>The spear. Come on. One, two, whoa. [SOUND] [MUSIC] The winner of this match, and
new ECW World Champion, Bobby Lashley. [MUSIC]

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  1. There like totally ruining him now. They took his spear away and gave him Braun Strowmans old finisher. The manager and heel turn is terrible. Don't they know that he really can't play a heel. It's better just not letting him talk much and just destroy people with his power and speed. He's basically a black Goldberg who can actually fight and wrestle. No reason for the extra theatrics. WWE creative is God awful these days. They're better at destroying wrestlers careers than making them now.

  2. When Bobby Lashley returned to WWE Everybody won't mentioned Bobby Lashley accomplishment in his first run and their treated him like the Stripper who's full of Muscles

  3. He should've came to smackdown. He would have been champion. With him we could have had at least one win in the surviver series ?

  4. Cuando Bobby lashey ganó el campeonato de la ECW en la cámara de eliminación y su enfrentamiento con el big show

  5. At 4th you can see what for amazing athletes they are… Holding in this position, you must have body strength, both part of them (Lashley and Elias)

  6. he is pro wrestler comparison of brock lesnar and what wwe doing to him please give a better storyline to him

  7. If promoted properly he would have the same hype as Brock Lesnar have. But he was always put down in B class wrestlers.

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