BMX vs. MTB Challenge – What’s Up with the Godziek Brothers – Ep 3

BMX vs. MTB Challenge – What’s Up with the Godziek Brothers – Ep 3

It’s the middle of October, the boring end of the season. I invited my brother to see how he deals with MTB in the forest. But I agreed only on one condition – that we will see how Szymon handles a BMX bike. So, we’re going to go ride at the skatepark now. The first half of the season was pretty unlucky for me because I had a few injuries. But since the holidays I’ve been getting better. My biggest success was first place in the Austrian King of Dirt competition, and later fourth place in the Lords of Dirt competition in France, and then third place at the Rebel Jam in Spain. Basically, I like riding BMX at a skatepark, rather than MTB. It’s the other way around on dirt jumps, but generally I prefer MTB, and I’m happy that tomorrow we are going to ride on cones. My recent season was quite good, I traveled a lot around Europe and the US. I participated in competitions that I wanted to, and most importantly I didn’t have any injuries, which makes me really happy. I enjoyed my trip to Woodward in California with my brother, and the best event was the Claymore Challenge in the US, where I spent a week riding and training with friends. And finally, I scored 7th place in the competition. OK, we will see how you deal with riding on cones. Ready? Ready. So, follow me and chase me. So, how was it? Cool? Good, it was pretty cool. But I still prefer BMX.

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  1. I'm a bmxer but i gotta admit, mtb'ing looks so sick in this video, whats a good mtb bike brand? That could work for street too? (I dont know much about mtb..)

  2. Sorry honey, but days was right. The apostrophe in day's indicates either possesion, (Michael Day's bike) or concatenation (day is).

    Also, off**

  3. How the fuck do you know when you probably don't even rides any of them, just saying MTB is more manly just becouse you think it looks cooler.

  4. i have the best of both worlds with my bike i made a custom 20" bmx mountain bike that can handle street and offroad

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