Bloopers That Got These Reporters Fired

Bloopers That Got These Reporters Fired

We all make little blunders at work, and usually,
it’s not that big of a deal. But for those who read and report the news,
the public nature of their screw-ups can not only result in widespread internet mockery,
it can sometimes earn them a pink slip, as fans of Anchorman know all too well. “From the entire Channel Four news team, I’m
Veronica Corningstone.” “And I’m Ron Burgundy. Go F— yourself, San Diego.” It doesn’t just happen in the movies, though. Here’s a look at some bloopers that got these
real-life reporters fired. Pensive performance If you’ve ever been caught goofing off at
work, daydreaming or picking your nose or whatever, you probably just got treated to
the gentle suggestion that you remove your head from your rectum and carry on with your
job. Not so for poor Australian newscaster Natasha
Exelby, who was fired after going to her happy place and not coming back until the cameras
were already rolling. “ABC News, Mount Sylvia. Now to sports with Meredith…” News director Gavin Morris later backtracked
on the anchor’s dismissal, saying Exelby was just being taken off the air but not actually
let go. For her part, Exelby sent out a tweet blaming
her “mesmerizing pen.” How do you measure success? Is there anything that matters more to a professional
athlete than winning the playoffs? Not according to Comcast Sportsnet reporter
Susannah Collins, who insisted that the Chicago Blackhawks were totally focused on the postseason
despite some serious distractions. “All-season-long they have been saying that
this is the season that matters. And despite the fact that they’ve had such
a tremendous amount of sex—errr success during the regular season…” Three days later Collins was fired, supposedly
for unrelated reasons, but it was pretty obvious to everyone that her bosses weren’t comfortable
discussing Patrick Kane’s love life. When in Rome… Most on-air mistakes are simple slips of the
tongue. But one reader for India’s state media agency
Doordarshan had a much larger problem. While reporting on the visit of Chinese president
Xi Jinping in 2014, she misinterpreted his name…and read them as Roman numerals. As far as international incidents go, this
would seem pretty minor, but it was still enough to get her fired, even though plenty
of other news anchors around the globe have struggled to figure out his name too. (Various attempts at trying to say “Xi Jinping”) Celebrating an assassin When Lebanese politician Walid Eido was assassinated
in Beirut in 2007, not everybody was torn up about it. Least of all National Broadcasting Network
anchor Sawsan Darwish. “The anchorwoman then says… “So why did it take them so long to kill him?” “She cracks up laughing and her colleague
joins in.” Then she doubled down by suggesting some new
targets. “Then the anchor says in reference to Anti-Syrian
Parliament member Ahmed Fetfet.” “Fetfet should be next. I’m counting them down.” Viewers were outraged, and Darwish was immediately
fired … for three months. Then NBN reinstated her, and she issued an
on-air apology. Here’s hoping she doesn’t try to incite and
future assassinations. Farewell, foulmouth As the late local news broadcast wound down
on KSN in Wichita, Kansas, on Saturday night in December, 2013, anchor Justin Kraemer signed
off with a version of the same closing tag that pretty much every late night news anchor
uses. The end-of-broadcast music was playing, the
cameras had cut away to a lovely view of the city at night, and viewers were settling in
for Saturday Night Live. But then he pulled a move straight out of
Ron Burgundy’s playbook. “Let’s get the f— out of here.” “Oh! Great Odin’s Raven!” Kraemer lost his job two days after the Saturday
night broadcast, getting the news first-thing Monday morning. For his part, he took his firing in stride,
saying “I did something extraordinarily unprofessional. It’s something that’s drilled into you from
the minute you start in this business to always consider the microphones hot.” “Tony did I just curse? Are you kidding me? S—! I mean s—! Shoot!” Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
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  2. Why don't they fire newscasters anymore. These were accidents. "The enemy of the people" (MSM) does shitty stuff on purpose and are considered heroes to their brainwashed legion of drooling gawkers on the left.

  3. The jinping deal is understandable! It literally takes one minute to type in his name and do a small amount of research! It's not that hard! Your job is one of the easiest jobs in the world! BUT! Typical spoiled rotten brat, you just expect to show up and read a teleprompter without proof reading it beforehand and get paid! If you really cared about your job just a little bit, you would know how to correctly pronounce his whole families names before the camera turned on! You deserved to lose your job! It was a huge story, your channel spent ALOT of money to send you and the crew overseas, and on a twenty four hour flight, sitting in first class, you couldn't look up a few videos on how to correctly say this man's name!!!? I would've fired everybody that was there with you to! Everybody on that trip was responsible for that! There should've been several hours of discussion about this while in the air! Ya, instead of getting drunk and enjoying yourselves, you should've done your homework first, it wouldn't have taken up much of your time! WORK BEFORE PLAY! Well, I hope that it was worth it…… There's alot of us reporters working for tiny hometown news stations that work our butts off! We put our hearts and souls into every single little story that we do! And we get paid next to nothing for our work! We do it because we dream of being where you were! Everybody wants to make it big in the news world! And if I ever get my one shot, I'll be more than prepared! Do you know why? Because I do my homework before that camera turns on! Right when I get my agendas, I start my research on every single topic until I know them inside and out! Remember this, we get paid a salary! In my world, I look at it like I'm on the clock 24/7! If you want to be the best, you have to work harder than everyone else! I devote my life to this! I live paycheck to paycheck! I keep at it because I know that all of my hard work will eventually pay off! If you don't have that kind of work ethic, you should not be a reporter! And it's ridiculous how many reporters have no clue what they're talking about! They just show up and read whatever the screen says! Watch the news very closely! Pay attention to the small details. Face movements, words, punctuation said strangely! Commas are pretty confusing to the reporters that don't preread what they have to read off the teleprompter. Enjoy the news, and stay safe! I love you all, and I'll see you later! Good bye.

  4. Firing them for making it mistake is wrong. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes,it’s human nature. Unless you were Jesus, aren’t you glad that you’re not his sibling. Parents always saying why can’t you be more like your brother lol??.???

  5. Why are these people getting fired for these bloopers? Accept for the reporter who was happy about an assassination.

  6. In late 1997 early 1998 a news anchor on channel 10 in queensland said 'by his testicles' under his breath after his partner finished reading the line that finished with 'hung him'. I heard it clearly and my mum too. The next day the bloke wasn't on the tv he was really well known and I can't remember his name. Funny as though at the time.

  7. There's the problem. Viewers were settling in to watch SNL. The only show in existence that stopped being funny at least 25 years ago and yet still exists. It says a lot about the original cast members, skits and routines.Today you get Trump bashing for an hour. I can get that from every Democrats speeches and they're funnier.

  8. So let me get this straight: the majority of these anchors were fired and NOT rehired for making honest mistakes (in fact, some of these flubs could've been handled with a weeks suspension). But an anchor actually celebrates an assassin and gives ideas who should be the next target. But she's fired and REHIRED??? As they say, journalism is dead but then again that"flub" took place in the Middle East where suicide bombings and assassinations are celebrated,encouraged and condoned, so why am I surprised.

  9. The first flub reminds me of a skit from the Benny Hill show in which Benny Hill is playing a news anchor. The camera cuts away to the news story and then cuts back to Benny Hill, to which he's doing something totally out of character or silly. LOL!

  10. He got fired for saying fuck on the air that's fucken stupid so what if he said fuck that's a dumbass reason to fire someone

  11. My boy Patrick Kane making that reporters pussy and moist thinking about Patrick laying that pipe on that b** and then she gets fired go Blackhawks even though we suck this year three Stanley Cups within a matter of six years I waited 40 years for that s*** that happened yeah buddy

  12. Xi Jinping's name could be mispronounced… but calling it with numeric no is not a small mistake…. "eleven jinping" doesn't make any sense to anybody…….

  13. At 2:26 minutes: This anchorwoman, celebrates a man's death, incites other acts of violence on television — *AND SHE GETS HER JOB BACK!" Others are fired; albeit, in different parts of the world, for a slight mispronunciation or a parapraxis (slip of the tongue).

  14. 7.374 Million watch this. 7.1 thousand liked it, 3.8 thousand didn't like it, and the difference, 7.363 million decided it wasn't even worth their time to even click dislike or like, which means this video really sucks, I would say over 7,364,653 , all together, really didn't care for this video.

  15. I was at a station in Portland Oregon right before the ten o'clock news and the on air talent had not shown up. 30 seconds before they were to go on the air they arrived, all four obviously drunk. As they were getting set up one of the women says "Let's do the news with no pants on!" So they all removed their pants or skirts. As they were seated at the big counter the viewers wouldn't be able to see it. Unfortunately, they started laughing uncontrollably and were unable to do the news. The station manager apologized and some sort of filler show was put on. Mr. Ed or something like that. Nobody was fired.

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    Sonny Addison’s  Award winning videos shows you
    how safe, cheap, fun and stress free and UNPOLITICAL Thailand can be.

  17. I bet this is total bullshit. If some of these people were fired for doing such basic shit, they'd be no employment at all. Another crap video where viewers are forced to take the word of the uploader.

  18. I got fired once.
    I was a lifeguard and when I went on break, drank a pitcher of beer where my boss could see me.
    Teenager stuff-ungood 🙁

  19. How do you leave this one out, he was fired on his very first day for cursing on air.

  20. nbn is a shiaa terrorist media that supports hezbollah and other ayatollahs terrorists ..they cheer for war criminal assad and are owned by well known war mafia thug Nabih Berri

  21. There are too many intelligent people willing to do these jobs….I'm glad they fire the incompetent. I don't want some idiot telling me the news who doesn't even understand it themselves.

  22. just want to point out woman fucks up… gets fired… gets reduced penalty.  man fucks up ..gets fired… the end

  23. Why are we surprised by this when we have elected politicians who are supposed to act with restraint calling for the over throw of our president and setting members of the supreme court saying that they would like to remove certain rights from the constitution! Yes the modern world sucks and mainstream media is largely responsible along with its leftists liberal foreign bosses!

  24. If it was just mistakes once in awhile, its ridiculous to fire them. It it was obvious unprofessionalism like being happy someone was assisted then yes they should be fired. I think the news executives just want to put control on the anchors by putting pressure on them.

  25. Give me a break at some of these firings. I hope these people went on to do better things and work for better and less idiotic bosses.

  26. 2:25 unfortunately, that would be the same reaction of the leftist media in America if a conservative were killed. And the horrible part would be the anchor would be celebrated by all the other leftist media organizations.

  27. I interned at a radio station in New Orleans when I was in college. The producer let me get on the boards for the host pretty much everyday. One day a caller called in, said his piece, and then we were going to break. I forgot to pipe the main hosts mic all the way down and he said “what the what was that dumbass talking about” ?‍♂️
    The phones rang off the hook. I didn’t lose my internship though. I just got on and said it was me who made the statement!

  28. I would have fired all but the one that mispronounced that weird name. I'd have put that one back in the field chasing storms or whatever to work their way back up the ladder to anchor. They wouldn't mispronounce another name, I'm sure.

  29. In New Zealand, during the 1960’s, golfer Bob Charles was winning every tournament. The TV interviewer asked his wife if she did anything to increase his luck before each tournament. ‘Why yes. Before every tournament I always kiss his balls.’ The male interviewer fell about laughing and was never seen on TV again.

  30. A sky anchor introduced the weather man knowing he got the previous days weather wrong he was off camera and did something while the camera was on the weather man he did the report then thinking the camera was off him he stuck up his middle finger realizing the camera was still on he put his hand over his mouth ,the anchor was nearly pissing him self !

  31. BBC were doing a piece on Blackpoole the Mayor was interviewed and gave a glowing report about the resort thinking the camera was turned off he said and if you believe that croc of old shit you will believe anything !

  32. Wow! How can a simple slip of the tongue or zoning out for a be grounds for termination ? Welp – I guess being human is a horrible and punishable thing ??

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