Bless Online Gameplay – 2018 MMORPG

Bless Online Gameplay – 2018 MMORPG

What’s good.. It’s Fevir. Today we’ll be taking a look at some Bless
Online stuff. Going over some gameplay and giving my thoughts
as we look at some different parts of the game. Everything you’re seeing comes from the Japanese
rebuild project I’ve played on and so there will most likely be some differences to what
we are getting next month. I wanted to start us off on a positive note
– so the footage you’re seeing currently is me running around in one of the many cities
in the game on my Mage with the UI hidden. Obviously you can make up your own mind about
how you feel about the graphics .. but I wanted to start this video off with highlighting
my absolute favorite part of the game. The scale of the structures. I find that a lot of games buildings and cities
and stuff.. feel like western pop-up towns.. Like a nice vineer with no real weight behind
it.. even if the areas are massive.. Bless feels different.. even though many of
what I’ve seen is.. generic hamlet or generic castle number 201, they’re executed and put
together well. Sometimes there are some humorous scaling
of specific objects.. but I think the city and town designers did a great job. This next little chunk of gameplay shows off
some light platforming in a pretty cool place thematically.. you can kind of see this ominous
red light in the distance and all these floating crates and barrels with these floating islands
chained up. There is some light combat, fighting a few
vultures that happen to be a level or two higher .. they go down easy. On the way to max level most enemies found
in the world map would die in one or two hits with the gear level the game makes available
to you. In fact I may overlay a different clip – but
a lot of the armor acquisition while leveling is done through a vendor selling you level
locked geared – generally for every 10 levels. I’ll go ahead and be quiet for a minute to
showcase one of the cutscenes the game is littered with throughout it’s main story.. I’ll try not to keep it on long enough for
it to be an actual spoiler though. The bit here shows some pretty basic mob killing
– I’ve swapped my abilities to mainly ice themed attacks to kill these reindeer. The way classes work and will work even in
the NA version is say you’re a mage .. you have a much larger amount of abilities tied
to your class .. that you then choose which will be available in a limited action set
type of way – so specialize may be too strong a term .. but the same class houses the framework
to be a fire mage or a frost mage.. and I know some will be happier than they should..
that the game contains a frostfire bolt spell. Killing these reindeer – you also may notice
I start with no quest .. but after I kill a few a Hunt quest pops up – these are grinding
quests attached to most mob types that appear when you’ve killed enough of them and have
stages with rewards as you kill more. So you may have noticed in that last clip
that the gameplay itself wasn’t super smooth. I don’t want to be a downer.. but performance
has been an issue for the game in the past.. it’s
kind of hit or miss where you experience problems –
what you’re seeing right now is a flight path.. which also suffers badly from performance
issues. You’re taking a scenic route.. but it’s a
little rough unless you basically turn off all draw distance options.. and even then
there are issues – These flight paths are one of the main ways to get around – there
isn’t much in the way of fast travel .. you are walking or taking your mount most of the
time.. this goes along with an autopath system.. but essentially these flight paths are something
you will use a lot. It does give you another look at that scale
of the buildings I like.. and I should mention something.. in other version of Bless you
could buy items with real money to teleport you to dungeon entrance when you use the queuing
feature to avoid running to the dungeon. And a little quirk of the game which is a
bit separate – is a type of phasing the game uses. so areas depending on where you are in a quest
line, what level you are.. etc. Display differently for different people. When you encounter these areas you generally
get a bit of a hiccup followed by this blue pulse.. and then the game adjusts to your
phase or version of the area. This allows them to use like a main city as
a set piece for a quest without impacting everyone else there – making it get overrun
with soliders and NPCs .. and this type of phasing definitely has pros and cons. I’m just letting you know it exists. This area you’re seeing here is one of the
first more instanced dungeons.. I guess you would call it. It’s scaled a little harder than the rest
of whats available.. it’s instanced, it’s linear, there are bosses that drop a higher
quality gear – which on a side note also gives set bonuses. Something cute throughout the dungeon were
these traps .. tripwires that I was able to disarm on my mage.. as well as these spike
pannels that shot me up in the air and kind of lined the area around the first boss fight. The game does have more dungeons.. with higher
difficulty that require a group – but I find that a lot of people enjoy, myself included..
these almost harder solo areas that are story significant. But yeah.. I guess that will do it for now. I know with Bless Online coming out rather
soon that people are interested in seeing what Bless is all about.. but also because
it’s most likely about a month away.. maybe you just want to wait and see because it should
hopefully be different enough. I’m actually going to put one of those youtube
card.. survey things in the top right.. just let me know if you want to see more from Bless
from the rebuild project – I do have a max level character and also a ton of unused footage. I don’t want to talk much about our version
until it’s playable. This video is a bit more casual than what
I tend to do .. to be real .. it’s a strange balancing act to show a game – because it’s
common to want to use the best shots and show the game in it’s best light and cinematic
and official trailers are often used because of this from content creators .. but I’m struggling
a bit with that just not being representative.. but also not wanting to show a game purposely
in it’s worst light. So I tried to just show unedited chunks of
gameplay- warts and all. Any feedback there is appreciated. But that will do it for me. Take it easy guys.

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  1. Is this a game that you're looking forward to playing?

    If you want to talk games with weird people come join :

  2. Scale and Weight of the structures are pointless if they are just empty and there is nothing to do,
    only increases the time you need to get where you want to.
    There is nothing worse than a huge city that makes you run thorugh it from A to B to C and Back to A for 20 minutes just because it is so huge.
    I will give it a try , but i have have seen nothing really new and impressive in this video, what does this game different than Terra, WoW or BDO, beside new graphics.

  3. dont know if you already get a question like this but i want to know:
    is there a aggro system and a classic charakter task like being the healer or being the tank or being the damagedealer?

  4. It's going to flop. Hard. It's already flooded with cheating russians promoting cheat groups in the steam Bless posts and on their shitty version of facebook. Regular folk will quit because any PVP related thing is going to be dominated by coordinated russian premade cheatgroups. PVE content, if any, will also be destroyed by them because they will camp resources and other PVE related things en-masse. It'll die off quick.

  5. This fighting/combat system looks so lame and boring… it has no speed in it, like tera or b&s. pretty sad

  6. I just need the game to keep me busy for the summer so I'll probably get it. Though, it honestly looks like a patchwork of FFXIV and GW2. And not in a good way lol.

  7. No videos discussing the racial abilities and showing the physical differences between the 6 races…….no videos discussing the deep lore of both factions… videos showing the different casting animations of every race on both factions… videos going into depth about the classes and all of the roles they can fill… videos showing us how optimization has been improved since the game has failed in 2 regions……no videos covering the pvp aspect of the game… videos telling us in depth why the game failed in Russia and Korea… videos talking about the different prices of the Founder's Packs and what the differences are……all I saw were videos complaining about a $200 Founder's Pack…..for all that time you guys spent with the game you didn't provide me with concrete answers to any of the questions I had. lol

  8. I really want a Monk or pugilist class that's available for every race.
    I wanna be a smol Mascu but Ill punch the daylights outta somethin lol

  9. This IS how Final Fantasy XIV should look. I think i will give this game an oportunity and play as a cute Mascu Guardian

  10. im going to pass on this game, its so generic and so medicore that i wouldnt pick it even as free to play.

  11. Any idea if game play combat system is auto target or manual cause i feel like auto is for kids to spam XD

  12. It has your usual Asian MMO disappointments. HORRIBLE OPTIMIZATION , Pets, incredibly high market tax, overpowered "real money" items like Premium Memberships, "% of this and that" items from the "real money" shop, it just seems like another bloodsucking mmo. The entire monetization scheme seems just like any other "promising" MMO.
    engine seems just as bad as Blade n Souls and will probably have stale and unbalanced endgame. Ill skip on this one.

    Maybe I'm wrong, probably not though.

  13. Watching on Twitch. Looks like all the other MMOs with poor character models and low resolution textures. Cookie cutter MMO. Nothing new. Am I wrong?

  14. More MMOs need to go to a clean interface with limited action sets. WoW fan boys are bitching about pruning in WoW. Having a shit ton of abilities at all times is impossible to balance. Having 100 abilities but only being able to have 10 on your bar is perfect for options and customization and it's so much better for balance.

  15. Does this have an afk button when you need to do some important stuff but stil wanna farm? wasnt paying that much attention

  16. So would you recommend this game, are you picking it up saw your comment on another video of a dude criticising it.

  17. Literally the exact same game as other Korean bullshit games – JUST like Aion… nothing more than a farming game.

  18. What really is happening-Early Access is not a way to crowdfund development of your product.
    You should not use Early Access solely to fund development. If you are counting on selling a specific number of units to complete your game, then you need to think carefully about what it would mean for you or your team if you don't sell that many units. Are you willing to continue developing the game without any sales? Are you willing to seek other forms of investment?
    if you read what they wrote in their letter, u will see that they broke that because that's exactly what they did!
    second rule that they broke is,
    Do not make specific promises about future events. For example, there is no way you can know exactly when the game will be finished, that the game will be finished, or that planned future additions will definitely happen. Do not ask your customers to bet on the future of your game. Customers should be buying your game based on its current state, not on promises of a future that may or may not be realized.

  19. Its so stupid and funny to see them people who complains about a game, but still has a couple of thousand hours into it…………

  20. honestly this makes me really want to play this. I don't like doing quests (i love story but sometimes quests can be boring) i love adventuring and being creative in game.

  21. The combat system looks so fucking shit!! A 3 year old would master this in about 5 mins, It has nothing on Black Desert Online.

  22. i'm sick and tired of asian MMORPG's man. When is the next big western MMORPG coming .-.

    I'm still kinda bummed out that Everquest Next never got off the ground.

  23. Why you would lvl like this is beyond me but even if you do the dungeons after lvl 30 (once your done farming dungeon mats) There is 0 need for kill quests except rewards. If this game got any easyier to lvl in you'de start out max lvl.

  24. Grrr. Video games always the same shit with the same shit items. With the same dog faces and the same camera. The last I could wait is that this be playable.

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