Blair Witch Gameplay Trailer

Blair Witch Gameplay Trailer

Hey. It’s, uh… I didn’t think you’d call. Yeah, well… How’s the search going? This is no longer just a missing person case, Jess. You don’t sound like yourself. You okay? I… No, no, it’s nothing. Bullet, seek! Just… talk to me. Please. You heard the legend, right? About the witch? (sigh) Ellis, you sure you’re doing fine? Jess, I swear… There’s something really messed up
going on in these woods. Calm down. What did you see? It’s… hard to explain. Memories. Bad memories. What the hell?! Jess, you there? I think I’m starting to lose it. Jess? JESS?! [XBOX SOUND]

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  1. 0:46 "There's something really mess up going on in this woods"
    But I won't coming home, I keep going.
    Da fukc

  2. Lol, just like the movies. The main character will die and you will regret buying this game just like you did watching the movies.

  3. i dont need underpowred xbox one x to play this game i can play this game on my pc at max ultra settings upto 120fps

  4. I bet just like in the movies we probably won't ever see the Witch and get killed at the end with the camera facing the wall and the screen going black than dlc will be be released called the Shakey camera ✌

  5. Same ambient sound, same name, same camera situation, and sounds like the same VA as the main protagonist as

    You guessed it. Outlast 2.

  6. Lionsgate games……………lol what are the chances this game will suck even though the trailer looks really good

  7. Tell me this game isnt just for the Xbox ?. August 30th, i just got payed last night, I was looking forward to buying this with Man of Medan today ?

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