Black Desert – Pre-Order Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Black Desert – Pre-Order Gameplay Trailer | PS4


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  1. And if we have an account on pc, and for some reason we can't launch it, can we connect to the game on ps4 with the same account ?

  2. I was interested in this game, until I heard about the forced pvp. Google the Guild Wars feature before you download

  3. Xbox one player here just to tell you this. I worked 40-96hrs a week & still reached endgame with a tet liverto & a pen kzrka weapon. The game isn't as grindy as others say. Don't rush enchancments. If it fails stop & try again later. I never knew about Failed stacking until two days ago lol. I still achieved high level end game gear for armor & weapons. 4 days of play time since March. I also didn't play the game every day. There were times I didn't touch it for weeks.

  4. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME UNLESS YOU HAVE A PS4 PRO. Game is literally unplayable on base xbox, only runs properly on Xbox one X. Trust me, it will not look like this trailer it will be a stuttery mess if with a upscale tv

  5. I check the editions and in the descriptions the only one with outfit (including in the oficial page) is the most expensive edition (the ultimate edition) that doesnt show it in the trailer

  6. Black Desert Online releases on 08/22 this year! Be sure to join my community for all news and social events regarding the game!

  7. Don't do it ps4 gamers. Us PC gamers can vouch how toxic and p2w this game is. Stay away you've been warned!!!

  8. Had this on gamepass on Xbox a couple of months now's honestly not worth the pre-order don't waste your money .Unless you like this kind of game .

  9. the performane on ps4 is sooooo broke….. not playable … pls fix an d mage 30 framess and no pop ups player and enemys….. and pls give me all classes !!!…. dont buy this game ………i was to hyped…

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