Biological Male Athletes Dominating in Women’s Sports | Fox News Interview

Biological Male Athletes Dominating in Women’s Sports | Fox News Interview

Even before I get to the track, I already know
that I’m not gonna get first place or maybe even second place and it’s really
hard knowing that because I know that no matter how hard I work, I wouldn’t be able
to have the top spot. That was a Alanna Smith, a rising high school track and
field star. Her dreams of being a college athlete are being shattered because two
teenage boys who identify as girls are allowed to compete against her. It’s a
question at the heart of a new complaint at the US Department of Education Office
of Civil Rights. Sheryl Radachowsky is the concerned mother
of the female athlete you just heard and she joins me now along with her attorney,
Christiana Holcomb, from the Alliance Defending Freedom, which is a fantastic
organization by the way. Cheryl, why do you feel it’s so important for your
daughter, at this moment in time with all the politics of gender issues floating
around, that she compete with only biological females? Girls deserve the
right to compete on a level playing field and forcing female athletes to
compete against biological males isn’t fair and it destroys their athletic
opportunities. This is not a political issue, right? I mean, this is about your daughter
working her tail off and I played, you know, quite a few sports in high school
and some in college and I mean it’s a lot of work and boys are built
differently and all the studies are showing that, Christiana, even if it turns
out someone takes hormones, you’re still stronger, faster, biologically bigger
internal organs, lung capacity. All gives an edge to the biological male
regardless of hormonal treatment. So Christiana, as the lawyer here, what’s the
case you make? As Cheryl said, girls deserve to compete on a level
playing field. Title IX is a federal law that was designed to stop
discrimination against women and to ensure that girls, like Cheryl’s daughter
Alanna, have equal athletic opportunities with boys but when you allow males to
come in and to dominate women’s sports, that destroys these girls’
opportunities and not just their opportunities but potentially their
future athletic careers as well. So Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a
Title IX complaint on behalf of Cheryl’s daughter Alanna, as well as two other
young female athletes in Connecticut. to ask the department to restore fairness and a level playing field to women’s sports. The ACLU has responded, Cheryl, saying the following, “Attacking
two black young women who are simply “participating in the sport they love
because they are transgender is wrong, “it’s dangerous and it distorts Title IX,
which is a law that protects all “students on the basics of sex.” Well, are
you all trying to discriminate against people on the basis of sex or do
you want a sense of fairness on the playing field or in this case on the
track? This is about fairness to women’s sports. My daughter trains countless
hours to shave mere fractions of a second off her race time, yet when she
positions herself at the starting line, she knows the odds are against her and
fairness doesn’t exist. And Cheryl, what’s her mindset now? It’s got to be tough for
her. She’s, I mean, I remember being a high school athlete. I mean, I miss it. I miss
those, you know, those fall afternoons on the field hockey field or spring on the
other softball diamond. I mean, these are just the best times to be a athlete and
a female athlete, especially. There’s a lot of opportunities, but it must be
tough for your daughter given the politically correct push on this
particular issue. How is she doing? She continues to train hard and she’s
motivated to do her best but at the end of the day, fairness doesn’t exist and
she knows that the odds are against her. I mean, this is insanity. If this is where
feminism takes us and gender politics takes us, I mean, it’s not feminism, it’s
gender politics. All feminists across the country should, you know, think
about it again because this will destroy girls sports eventually. Thank you ladies
for being here tonight

8 Replies to “Biological Male Athletes Dominating in Women’s Sports | Fox News Interview”

  1. God made them male and female, He doesn’t make mistakes people pushing this confusion are confused themselves, Jesus knows who you are He made you , Satan distorts and lies about people’s identities.

  2. It's cheating plain and simple!!! Hormone Drug therapy is supposed to be banned, is it not? This disenfranchises women in sports and their athletic careers and records. I'd be hopping mad. As a female who has had to face repeated discrimination and harrassment in the workplace, where I excelled equally or above my male counterpart in both academic and the job field (mental and physical performance) I have to say I am appalled that women's rights activists aren't marching over this.

    Now athletic ability is not needed in my job. But if I had a gender-based job where athletic ability was required, I would be on every vocal outlet possible.

  3. what makes me the most mad about this is on the website it says something like “men who identify as female”. how hard is it to respect the fact that they’re female too. women activists wanna talk about how they’re just as good as men and they can compete until it hurts their “career”. i am actually disgusted at the fact that people are saying this. because they changed themselves to who they were meant to be they can’t play in women’s sports because it’s “unfair”. sounds very childish to me. you want change work harder than them and earn that first place just like they did.

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