Biological boys compete in women’s sports? | Tucker Carlson Interview with Selina Soule

Biological boys compete in women’s sports? | Tucker Carlson Interview with Selina Soule

– Well for decades America’s
been a world leader in providing athletic
opportunities to women and girls on the same footing as boys. But now, opportunities for
women are being shoved aside for a new priority transgender athletes. Biological males who identify as females are entering the competition and dominating their opponents in many sports across the country and the world in fact. The athletic organization USA
Powerlifting, for example, may have to go to court to
protect the right of girls to compete on a fair playing field. JC Cooper, a biological male, was barred from lifting
in a Minnesota competition and has filed a discrimination complaint against the organization. Selina Soule is a Connecticut
high school track athlete. This year she failed to qualify for the New England regionals in the 55 meter dash by two spots. Turns out two of the
competitors who beat her though were biological males who
were able to enter the race because they identify as transgender. Selina joins us along with Alliance Defending Freedom
attorney Christiana Holcomb. Thanks both very much for coming on. So Selina tell us your story. Did we misstate that? You were in a race, two biological males
were allowed to compete and you didn’t make it by two slots is that correct? – Yes it is. I came eighth place,
and the top six qualify for the regional New England meet. And if those two athletes
weren’t competing then I would have been the sixth girl and I would have moved on and advanced. – Did you raise your voice
and say anything about this? – Yes. I have been vocal since
earlier this winter and my mother has been
for about a year now. – And what was the reaction that you got when you said something about it? – I’ve gotten nothing but
support from my teammates and from other athletes, but I have experienced some retaliation from school officials and coaches. – Oh, tell us, what kind of retaliation? – I’ve gotten some very difficult requests for me to complete in practice. And if I don’t fulfill these requests then I can’t compete at all. And this never happened before it only started after my parents met with the school principle. – Huh. Christiana is there any
chance of this being undone? – Absolutely yes. So girls like Selina
should never be forced to be spectators in their own sports. But unfortunately that is
exactly what’s taking place when you allow biological males to compete in sports that have been set aside and specifically designed
for women like Selina. Title IX was designed to ensure that girls have a fair shake at athletics and are not denied the
opportunity to participate at the highest levels of competition. So Alliance Defending
Freedom on behalf of Selina and a couple of other
brave female athletes has filed, or is in the process of filing, a Title IX complaint asking
the Department of Education to step in, to investigate, and to restore a level playing field for Selina. – I mean, Selina, do
other girls on your team feel the way that you do? That opportunities are being taken from you by biological males? – Yes, no one in the state of Connecticut is happy about this. But no one has enough courage to speak up. And I haven’t been the
only one affected by this. There have been countless other female athletes in the
state of Connecticut, as well as my entire indoor track team. We missed out on winning
the state open championship because of the team that the
transgender athlete was on. – And Tucker to underscore
the inequity here I’m gonna highlight the fact, one of these male athletes
now holds 10 records inside the state of Connecticut, that were once held by 10 individual girls and were established over the course of about a 20 year period. So it’s fundamentally unfair to allow biological males
to step into women’s sports. And frankly dominate them,
and take away opportunities not just to medal, but
to be at the podium, to advance at the next
level of competition. And even compete for scholarships for young women like Selina. – Well it’s grotesque, and insane, and it hurts women and girls, and the very people who claim to be defending women and
girls are abetting this, are making it possible,
and they should be ashamed. – You’re exactly right. – You are a brave girl
Selina, for standing up. – Thank you. – In the face of what I’m
sure is very intense pressure to be quiet and obey,
and good for you for not. Thank you both very much, good to see ya.

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  1. This is horrible for women after so many years of fighting for their rights. Well done to this young lady for making a stand, she will go far in life.

  2. Trans is a Mental Dysmorphic Disorder!! How is this even an issue!!
    Identification of ones self is the least accurate of who we are! The school board, hell the world, needs to stop being enabling and damaging peoples lives because dudes can’t come to terms with who they really are!!
    MAGA ????2020????and Beyond!!

  3. Freaks !!!! All the real girls should boycott the competition. Until they send those freaks either back to the boys or they just need to create a transgender division

  4. This just goes to show and proves that it does not matter what you identify as. You cant expect us to sit back and make as if it is true because it threatenes your sense of reality. If you believe you are female but born a male you cant expect everyone to feel what you feel.

  5. Woman are always asking for equality rights.this person should have complained before not after the race.but she lost and that’s when the complain came.shes just a sore loser.

  6. East germany did it throughout the 60's and 70's turning women into men by overloading them with steroids

  7. How you gonna file a discrimination complain about being a male when you are in fact a male?. We clearly need another plague to come through. People really parading around thinking they’re the opposite sex ???.

  8. … good lord .. its biology people … dudes are dudes, girls are girls … compete in your gender please

  9. This is nonsense. It's a female sport. Males should not be able to compete in a female specified.

  10. Why not just have transgender sports? Or lets not differentiate at all. Everyone can make the team, male, female or transgender. Equality remember? Equal opportuniry… lol

  11. These schools are an embarrassment just for letting these boys who cut their dicks off compete with girls!

  12. They're a factory of conservatives lmao who watches this and thinks she's transphobic? I mean maybe the organisation helping her is idk, never heard of them, but if I was as bullied as her for speaking up and trying to put common sense into this matter I would take almost any help, so much for helping women (EDIT: sorry, "cis-women", pardon me), fucking nuts!

  13. Part of the insanity of the left. Transgenders, just like illegal immigrants, now have preeminence over everyone else. Men competing as women, and illegals getting free college and healthcare over American citizens who deserve it more.

  14. Liberals have already changed the rules in life…nature….and common sense. We cannot discriminate against trans genders….suck it up…girls are getting beat. Bet her parents are democrates.

  15. Non issue, women are physically equal to men that they are able to perform to the same level as men in the military. The military where second place could men death. If not true than women should not serve in combat arms jobs.

  16. This country is so out-of-control boys can’t be boys girls can’t be girls everything has to be mixed matched everything’s a lawsuit everything is racist I’m really tired of this country I wish Donald Trump would get rid of every democrat and leftist

  17. so…..if you are born with a dick and balls, you can become the greatest athlete in both men and female competions. LMAO

  18. I’m sorry, but this madness has to stop, time for the parents to march down to the schools with pitchforks and oust all these brain dead coaches and principles, there are only two genders and you can’t change , sorry but that’s just the way it is.

  19. You ain't never going to be a man you couldn't handle it bitch you couldn't handle all this power

  20. Carlson needs to quit pandering and say it like it is; they're males and pretending, enough with the "biological males" and "identifying."

  21. I thought we were all supposed to be equal,,,wasn't females bitching for so long a out being able to play on male teams ie, PGA can we say YOUR OWN FORCING EQUALITY HAS BACKFIRED.

  22. Feminists protected transgender until it bites you in the ass women we're protecting transgender people you want them on your side now you hate it when the shit hits the fan and you don't like how things are going

  23. Just as women were given their own league in sports, transgenders should be given their own league. The only problem w/ that is, just like most female dominated sports, they wouldn't generate the same revenue as male dominated sports and may actually LOSE money in trying to maintain it… which is interesting bcuz you'd think if so many ppl are supportive of the transgender community, they would support their teams as well if they chose to create a league for transgender athletes. It's unfair. Either allow males and females to play together in ALL sports, or create a league for transgenders to compete equally as they have for women.

  24. This is just stupid. A girly man playing on a girls sports is just wrong. Transgenderism is a study mental disorder that needs to be treated and not accepted as normal behavior.

  25. This is terrorism against women. We can't have our own restrooms or our own sports? BUT we still can't play for the NFL or NBA? Black men were given the right to vote before women could vote.

  26. That's equality. Where is the problema?

    Not native speaker, but this is the out come for yelling "equality"… Dont demand things and after you get it commplain!?

  27. Not a true comparison, but as a smoker ( I know I'm horrible ) when they started banning it everywhere, even outdoors in some areas, I said " you wait….they'll get around to something you like and you'll ask why do they think they can do that" Because you let it happen to appease some people. Now here we are and the same people are saying " why do they think they can do that". When you relinquish your individual rights so easily, why wouldn't they think they can do that? In the words of the late Ralphie May…….everyones a Blank American.

  28. So what you are saying is that males and females are different? You get reap what you sow America – equality is a delusion some are just stronger, bigger, smarter, better, faster,…..

  29. There needs to be more women like Selina that say enough's enough.
    If females keep allowing men to compete against them,then it won't stop.

  30. This is exactly what's going to happen in Australia now that they have said the child can choose his sex by not stating on birth certificate what sex they are. Now u can't stop that cs if you do you will be discriminate against them and a court case be open. Common sense left wasn't present at all when making those decisions was made

  31. This whole thing is total B.S. They only try to pull crap like this only because they are afraid to compete with other men. Shame on the parents who aren't putting their foot down and telling them no.

  32. That is really unbelievable… this transgender thing is ridiculous.
    This society is just going stupidly crazy.

  33. Omg, first the boyscouts now sports…now im going to be done with sports too… the first time i see a transgender nfl player im throwing my tv out the window… God bless this young lady for standing up for HER rights being violated by yet again more freaks that cheat the world

  34. I was cut from the basketball team. I’m just gonna put on a wig and tights and just dominate the woman’s basketball league.

  35. Thinking you feel like a girl doesn't negate the fact that the average male has 70% more upper-body strength and 45% more lower-body strength than the average female. But athletes are NOT average. So these inequities are raised by a factor.
    This is essentially stealing titles and opportunities from girls and women to cater to a nonsensical fad.

    What does a man know about how a woman feels? Very little. And does this mean that the only thing that makes a woman a woman, is a feeling? No objective reality, just a feeling. And an imagined feeling? How did such an insult on women become normative?

  36. All the girls need to do is just boycott the races, sit out.. boycott every race a tranny competes in collectively and they will have noone to race. those two boys can run around the field against each other and look like idiots in wigs. Problem solved. The girls need to band together and give those boys no opponents. One girl standing up to the state and administration is going to get hammered hard. I wish her luck.

  37. Pretty soon, the use of steroids among females athletes will become prevalent as they are continued to be forced to compete with biological males.

  38. When you're a man, you are a man… don't go about doing women stuff; leave the ladies alone. trans that's not in your genes: you are male by Birth and genes… Go compete with men, leave the girls alone

  39. she placed EIGHTH not third

    even if the two trans kids weren't eligible to beat her, she STILL wouldn't have gotten a podium spot

    sore loser. why is that anyone else's fault?

  40. Finally adults are standing up for and defending these girls! No adults should ever have allowed this to happen. Stand up! Speak up! Good job! The mental illness of transgenderism should never be encouraged. What a sick thing to do to a human being…telling them their not mentally confused when clearly they are. It's just awful these people need so much help but instead are being used taken advantage of for political votes. The politicians are ABUSING the mentally ill for votes.

  41. Divisiveness and unfair treatment of females, again. We all know and agree that Biological factors ARE used in athletics, such as honest gender, size, weight.. The "Transgender" policy of forcing males to act upon bullying females will only cause division and even more the lawmakers who wrote such absurd policies and laws damn sure knew it!

  42. I identify as a guy with Cerebral Palsy even though there are no signs whatsoever of me having that disability, but all that matters is that I identify as that – now let me participate in the Special Olympics!

  43. If this kind of thing continues United States citizens will lose their country, the country's that have been in existence for thousands of years knows degenerate people lose every time.

  44. Because this is reported on Foxnews, I have very strong doubts that this story is real. Foxnews is known for making headlines where none exists. So I intend to look up court records on this law suit, and I suggest everyone else that watch this video do the same. Don't blindly except this as facts just because Foxnews reported on it. Foxnews is the epitome of Fake News.

  45. It’s all getting out of hand now. In the UK a heterosexual male entered a woman’s wrestling tornamant and WON because he identified as a woman! Lunatics are running the asylum

  46. I’m going for the women’s world record for pushups at the gym today!! Wish me luck guys. I’m getting in the history books bro.

  47. Perfect!
    This is how you shove the demoRAT devils back in their place.
    Do this with every sport until the progressive perverts feel the pain of their idiotic "gender ID" BS.
    Funny how women, the majority of which vote demoRAT, are now crying about this trans issue.
    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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